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Solution Architect at MIMOS Berhad
Reviewed Hortonworks Data Platform: It gives us semantic analysis based…
CEO at Inosense
Reviewed HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric: Enables us to create preview models…
Lead Consultant - Product Development at FIS (http://www.fisglobal.com/)
Reviewed Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop: We use this solution to use big…
Consultant at Exusia
Reviewed Apache Spark: Good performance and resource…
Big Data Analytics Practice head at BSE
Reviewed Spark SQL: An excellent solution that…
Chairman at Athemaster co.,ltd.
Reviewed Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop: Performs cost analysis tasks for…
Sr. Pre-Sales Engineer at Advanced Technology Company
Reviewed IBM Spectrum Computing: Provides stable backup for our…
Cloud Team Leader at TCL
Senior Software Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop: Performs well and the technical…
Director at Nihil Solutions