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    Azure Active Directory provides access to resources in a very secure manner. We can detect which user is logging in to access resources on the cloud. It gives us a comprehensive audit trace in terms of from where a user signed in and whether a sign-in is a risky sign-in or a normal sign-in. So, there is a lot of security around the access to resources, which helps us in realizing that a particular sign-in is not a normal sign-in. If a sign-in is not normal, Azure Active Directory automatically blocks it for us and sends us an email, and unless we allow that user, he or she won't be able to log in. So, the User Identity Protection feature is the most liked feature for me in Azure Active Directory.
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    The product requires very little maintenance. The most valuable features depend on a customer's needs. Our customers generally find multi-factor authentication very useful.
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    The solution is pretty stable and simple to use. The basic concept is most valuable. I like how they have designed the solution. They create an Identity Cube, and then they do all the processes and configuration around the Identity Cube.
  5. I think the first thing that is great is that it gives you a lot of features, like login, and then vaulted passwords and secure LDAP. It becomes easier for the end customer to leverage all those features without going to a higher SKU of G Suite.
  6. The solution's ability to save and manage of all my passwords is great.Ease of integration with AD.
  7. The most valuable feature is the User Experience Designer, which has been very helpful for our project.The most valuable feature is single sign-on.
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  9. Now we can easily control who has access to which client or client application.The Single Sign-On capabilities are endless and we haven't found a single app so far that couldn't be set up for SSO.
  10. The most valuable feature in Omada is the governance. We work with other products and other product vendors, but the sweet spot in the market for Omada is where things are heavy on governance.

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Hi peers, What role does IAM play in preventing data breaches? What are the risks associated with not using an IAM solution?
author avatarAhmad Zuhdi
Real User

Absolutely! IAM is so important to prevent a data breach. With IAM we can make sure only the right user can access the right DATA. If there is a privilege abuse or lateral movement action, IAM will inform us and we can take an action to investigate, block or prevent it.

author avatarAmimesh Anand (Cognizant)
Real User

There could be 2 types of action that can be taken to measure the data breach

1) Proactive, where management decides the policy and a team implements those policies to avoid a data breach. Like DlP, Firewall along with IDAM.

2) Passive: where you take action to avoid as much data loss you can. Here the management is mostly interested in who, from where and why tried to brach data. Documentation and announcement is an important role here.

Now coming to IDAM :

IDAM makes policies, where an admin has control to implement who, when and how will access your data and at what level.

IDAM also segregates the duties of each employee so that everyone has accountability for work done.

If we look at the access part, IDAM will ensure that only authorized people have access to your application including the level of access decided by an admin.

In short, IDAM is a solution to all the actions a user or employee can take on your data and how they can view your data. it will help you to clearly divide the threat and real user( either outsider or insider)

author avatarSteveAndrews
Real User

Since cybercrime is on the aggressive rise, and our organizations working practices have evolved from on-premise with some VPN to full remote workers - the security perimeter around physicals buildings with firewalls has moved down the list of importance. No the security perimeter is around your individual users, and the key foundation security elements are Identity & Access Management.  To determine and confirm a user is who they say they are! Identity & Access Management feeds into all other security products which are layered on top so it's critical to have one that addresses all your needs and is somewhat future proofed - as this landscape is constantly changing.

Couple of question to ask yourself - 

What is your current security landscape related to identity?

What are your greatest security concerns related to identity?

What are your top three desired improvement areas?



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Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS) Articles

Tony Adjuder
Technology Principal Consultant (IDM/GRC/SECURITY SME) at SAP
Jan 29 2021

The use of Central User Administration (CUA) if you are an SAP customer is outdated. This user management method is over 20 years old. Managing users with CUA is time-consuming and painful, setting users up in an Enterprise environment.

The Benefit of an IDM implementation using SAP IDM NW 8 for On-Premise or Identity Provisioning Services (IPS) allows you the flexibility to manage systems across the enterprise.

Clients who are using On-Prem Only systems who prefer to remain in this environment can use SAP IDM NW 8, which supports on-premise provisioning, which allows you to manage user onboarding, transfers, and off-boarding from one central system.

Clients who are using Cloud systems and have moved away from On-Premise systems can implement the SAP Identity Provisioning Service, which allows you to manage all your cloud applications from one central system. The features for provisioning allows you to manage onboarding, transfers, and off-boarding from one central system.

The recommended approach can be as simple as a two tied landscape where all of your nonproduction systems are managed by your nonproduction IDM solution. Your Production IDM solution manages your Production systems regardless of system type (SAP, Non-SAP, HR, Active Directory, Microsoft, etc.)

The future of Identity Management manages your Identity of each user more effectively and securely where access is granted based on job function and who needs access to which areas of each system.

Check out these solutions at SAP:


Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Okta, SailPoint and others in Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS). Updated: July 2021.
521,817 professionals have used our research since 2012.