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Hey there, I am currently looking for a tool which covers both CMDB and IPAM functionality. We would like to store information regarding servers and networks and then use this tool within our server deployment workflow. In addition, the tool should contain an API which can be used for both viewing and editing/adding data. Optional, but nice-to-have features include: Atlassian JIRA and Confluence integration, the ability to trigger external things (e.g. URLs, scripts), workflow engine, SaltStack integration. I'd appreciate if you know of such a solution and maybe could share some of your own insights.
Nayef SmithHP uCDMB may... "may", be able to do this. Are you interested in having some kind of discovery involved or simply using this as a repository? uCDMB is capable of discovering and relating servers to IPs and can map the network out as well so in this case, it has the functionality at a high level. Be interested to hear more about your IPAM requirements an just what kind of data/actions you'll need to trigger.
Valentin HöbelThanks for your comment! We don't need autodiscovery, but it is good to know that uCMDB contains this feature. We would like to use a CMDB tool which is able to trigger external actions. An example: * Someone adds a new server within the CMDB (let's say it is a VM) * The CMDB then should trigger an external script which adds DNS entries * The CMDB then should trigger an external script which creates the VM * The CMDB then should trigger various other actions The tools required for the external actions are written by ourselves, so the CMDB solution just needs to provide a way to contact/trigger external services/tools. In addition, the CMDB should be able to handle Blade Chassis and Blades and maybe even pull information from the Dell website when we provide a Dell service tag for a Blade. I googled alot and it seems that there is almost no solution which fits.

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