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What are some processes to follow to ensure effective incident management? What tools do you recommend using to support these processes?

reviewer1023132Impact - number of people - my recommendation: • one individual • multiple individuals, same location OR LOB/department • multiple locations or departments Urgency • tracked by CI/Service, defining the business importance of the identified CI or service Priority - a matrix solution combining Impact and Urgency - I feel simple is best, yet there are reasons for greater complexity Escalation - what is your escalation pattern and timing by priority. My favorite: • Assigned user • Assigned user group • Group manager • Group owner • Service Desk Management Notifications - limit them as much as possible Communications - do not provide the name of the individual working the ticket Manage the groups and group membership to ensure accuracy and currency. Be sure there are active employees in each group, that each has a manager, and and owner (if your tool supports it) SLA - be realistic; by Priority; and don't have too many variations as those are more difficult to manage and validate. This is for mid-level maturity. The tool should fit your requirements. There are lots of products available and several assessments done regularly to help with your selection. The ultimate tool may not be the best one for your organization.