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VendorMab511 says in a HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity review
Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Its flexible, scalable, and easy to use. The Flexible Capacity, which we can build on. Flex Capacity has eliminated the need for overprovisioning. We only pay for the capacity that we use. View full review »
Senior Principle Engineer of Architecture at Becton, Dickinson and Company
It is significantly less expensive than going to cloud for development. View full review »
Rafael-Cardoso says in a HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity review
Solutions Architect at Sercompe
It is the flexible way to pay for everything that you need and pay as you go. We can pay for just what we need right now. It has great flexibility and scalability. It is a very good, stable service. View full review »
CFO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The most valuable feature is the ability to grow into a lower price point at some point in time. Also, there's more visibility into the solution than we have in some of the other areas, but not significantly so. View full review »
HeadOfTe86d8 says in a HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity review
Head of Technical Services at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
We like the way that we can OPEX the service. Its performance is a significant improvement over the legacy stack that we had. It sort of lines up with our direction to move to the cloud. By using a hybrid cloud service to get us there, this allows us to run our legacy workloads on-premise. Those which are not really suited to a proper cloud. It is pretty simple to use. The team is able to pick up OneView pretty fast, and they are extracted away from the underlying working, which is cool for us. View full review »
Systems Engineering Manager at Prisma Health
The cost is the most valuable feature. My accounting group loves that the spend is constant. We are not spending five million dollars, and 18 months later spending it again. Financially, it works out well. The flexibility: We have servers onsite that we are not paying for. If for some reason we need a ramp up, we can ramp up immediately. We have that added storage, servers, and capacity on demand right there when we need it. If we happen to go over our committed thresholds, it is signed paperwork and more is on the way. View full review »
GlobalCefe26 says in a HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity review
Global Center Solution Architect at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Personally, it was being able to cycle out the old gear faster than we might have been able to otherwise. It helps us have a better defined lifecycle in place. The service has increased the flexibility of our IT operations by being able to do more of our refreshes faster. View full review »
ServerIn8c64 says in a HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity review
Server Infrastructure Manager at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees
The most valuable feature is the ability to add storage space as needed. The solution covers our storage requirements. That is all we needed it to do. View full review »
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