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Program Manager - Enterprise Command Center at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Looking for any comparative details for Event & Incident Analysis engines, such as Moogsoft's solution.De-duplication of Event messages and automated isolation to upstream incidents/events seems promising.
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membersh178113Try Operations Manager I (OMi) from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Differentiated product, scales from SMB to large Enterprise/xSP networks. Comes in a solution bundle with options to include industry leading ITOA (big data analytics capability). documented reference customers with more than 70% event consolidation/suppression.
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Randall Hinds** Altug, Your note is very helpful; Thanks very much! The outline of capabilities and requirements is insightful and echoes personal experience. I can see even without product names, you've almost certainly work with and hit your share tooling challenges. The products in this space need to meet the bar you describe. ** Omar/Manish/Phillippe, CA SOI/TESM & CA UIM are capable in that they will deliver Service Modeling and Event Mgmt, but they are both expensive and labor intensive to implement and support for their core functionality. Moreover, a tool that merely presents or produces events should NOT be considered an Event Mgmt solution or an Event Analysis engine. ** Dan, I've haven't taken time to read up on BigPanda. Agreed on the importance of Altug's point. Care & feeding can get out of hand quick.... ** Philippe, You hit a point which started my question. Netcool Omnibus was an acquired product, originally by MicroMuse, whose founders have now created Moogsoft. How to compare NOI and Moog, when they are so similar... Real world implementation experience... better yet, a bake off, side by side implementations...? Having tested Netuitive, Prelert, CA ABA, Tivoli Predictive Insights (PI), and BMC BPPM for Predictive capabilities, no vendor product has been able to pass muster. Both Moog & NOI have predictive'ish functions. Moog's is built in as an 'extension' of Incident Analysis, but I fear it may only be predictive'ish. NOI is a collection of Tivoli tools that require a rather large Tivoli Framework to build on for full visibility. PI is one of those add-ons but will only analyze Event data as part of NOI. Unless additional PI metric feeds are licensed, NOI does not advertise to compete as a Predictive. What I want to achieve... Ideally?... Efficiency and focus for my staff that is manually handling (trending in source, correlating across in time and CI relation, and isolating business data flows to probable break point) of over a 1000+ events each in a single shift. The Holy Grail would be a tool accurately isolating to the earliest possible Event(s) and a specific Incident as far upstream as possible for a given issue or impact type that is the likely break point.

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