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Hello, We have a two Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches in stack and we are running out of network ports. We have planned to purchase a Cisco SG500X-48 48-Port GB with 4-Port 10-GB Stackable Managed Switch and connect to the existing stack. Please advise whether this would work (Cisco to the Dell stack). Thank you, Anand
Bayu WibowoIf you are referring to this stack technology > Then no it is not compatible, Dell PC62xx cannot be stacked with other switch models as per this article: "Section 4: Points to remember Software version should be same on both the switches If a software upgrade is performed after formation of stack, the master switch will automatically distribute the new code to the slave switches. PC62XX cannot be stacked with other switch models The switch which has the highest uptime or lowest MAC address is elected as the master The front panel lights indicate the master status of the switch. If the master LED is lit, it indicates that the switch is acting as the master of the stack. The unit LED light indicates the unit number of the switch."
Dear Friends, We need to install about 200 IP cameras. I need to install a good Giga manageable switch before NVR. Almost 10 NVRs will be installed in a central location and all these NVRs will be connected to the main switch which should handle all the traffic that comes into the NVR. I am struck here with which brand and what model switch should be installed. Also, our cctv vendor suggested Netgear giga switches. Please put your opinion here to finalize it.

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