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Apr 02 2018
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is IBM MQ vs RabbitMQ? Which of these two solutions would you recommend as a Message Queue soluton? Why? Thanks! --Rhea
Dave Mc AllisterI say RabbitMQ over IBM MQ. RabbitMQ has a number of things going for it, free to use, easy to set up and enjoys wide community backing. Since the team is part of Pivotal, it also has a solid backing and superb engineering. RabbitMQ (IMHO) also embases a more modern style of messaging queuing. While it might not meet certain other products in pure throughput, its ease, support for both on-premise, PaaS and public clouds make it the winner. And keep in mind that tens of thousands of companies use it in production. Go RabbitMQ. Leave that proprietary stuff behind (especially when the open source _is_ the better product).
Ashutosh AggarwalBoth have their Pros and Cons. It depends on what you are looking for exactly. Throughput - IBM then SOLACE then Rabbit MQ Features - IBM MQ 9 = Rabbit MQ, SOLACE lags a bit Support - IBM then Rabbit, you can go for SOLACE OEM support if you are Mr. Moneybags. It is easier to get support at the end application level for IBM MQ than Rabbit MQ for day to day running. Saying this from first hand experience. Debugging and maintenance resources are also more readily available for IBM MQ. If infra is stable, IBM MQ will give better persistence than anyone else in the market. I would go with IBM MQ.

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