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Group IT Manager at Malia Group
Reviewed Fortinet FortiMail Cloud: Reliable email filtering and…
General Manager at Gemakom
Reviewed Barracuda Email Security Gateway: Link protection checks links and…
Manager IT at OTE
Reviewed Fortinet FortiMail: The reporting and various tools…
Technical Operations Manager at Turrito Networks
Reviewed Fortinet FortiMail Cloud: Good advanced threat protection…
Systems Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Fortinet FortiMail: Protects us from spam and phishing…
Security Unit Manager at EEMC
Reviewed Fortinet FortiMail Cloud: Protects us from malicious emails…
Head System /Solution Architect at sorfert
Reviewed Cisco Email Security (ESA): This product has made my on-premise…
Senior Systems Administrator - Microsoft & LINUX at TCS Private Limited
Reviewed Barracuda Email Security Gateway: Handles filtering well and helps…
Network Administrator at Nigerian Security Printing & Minting Plc
Reviewed SonicWall Email Security: Good scalability and stability but…
Pre-sales Engineer at LAN Systems LLC
Reviewed Fortinet FortiMail Cloud: Low price and integrates well with…