Top 8 Metadata Management Tools

SAP PowerDesignerInformatica Enterprise Data CatalogSAP Data HubAlation Data CatalogIBM InfoSphere Information ServerInfogix Data360 GovernSAP Information StewardCollibra Catalog
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    I like the connectivity or the lineage between the models and usability.It's a great tool for documentation.
  2. The way that the solution scans is very useful.
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  4. Its connection to on-premise products is the most valuable. We mostly use the on-premise connection, which is seamless. This is what we prefer in this solution over other solutions. We are using it the most for the orchestration where the data is coming from different categories. Its other features are very much similar to what they are giving us in open source. Their push-down approach is the most advantageous, where they push most of the processing on to the same data source. This means that they have a serverless kind of thing, and they don't process the data inside a product such as Data Hub. They process the data from where the data is coming out. If it is coming from HANA, to capture the data or process it for analytics, orchestration, or management, they go to the HANA database and give it out. They don't process it on Data Hub. This push-down approach increases the processing speed a little bit because the data is processed where it is sitting. That's the best part and an advantage. I have used an
  5. The integration with different technologies is the most valuable feature. This solution is extremely flexible and scalable.
  6. Infogix support stands out in terms of quality and response time, and it is really easy to speak with them by phone or by email.It is an integrated solution that provides end-to-end capabilities for managing the data. It is very useful for cleaning the data. It also allows us to combine data from on-premises and cloud sources. On this unified data, we can perform some advanced analytics to predict customer behavior and create new products. Its management and governance capabilities are valuable. It provides full tracking of the data flow. It provides customers the full control over the data and the ability to protect the data. It enables us to provide the best service to the customers. We also get great support from Infogix.
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  8. Ability to collect information, monitor user access and to plan storage capacity.
Find out what your peers are saying about Infogix Data360 Govern vs. SAP PowerDesigner and other solutions. Updated: May 2021.
501,818 professionals have used our research since 2012.