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AhmedNaji says in a Salesforce Identity review
Pre Sales Engineer at Jawraa
The most valuable features are the pipeline management, being able to track the pipeline anytime, and the ability to get in touch with our high management team or board members. Getting in touch with the members through the dashboard in SalesForce is easier and faster than email. SalesForce is renowned for its service strategies in most of the worldwide companies. View full review »
ICTdelivery567 says in an Oracle Identity Governance review
ICT Service Delivery Manager
It has a very good response time but on the other hand, we have experienced a number of bugs. It responds fast but because of the bugs, we have already had some major incidents and complete unavailability. That's why we are not happy with the current version and we decided to upgrade it. We also tried to change the architecture setup to have less of an impact when the bugs occur and to have more availability. Oracle helped us to design the new architecture. We didn't make concrete plans yet about when to switch because we are still working on the high availability setup path. It will be a high availability setup, each data center with an active process failover in case something blocks it. View full review »
Srilal Buddika says in an Oracle Identity Governance review
Senior Consultant
The features that we find most valuable are: * Trusted reconciliation with target systems helps eliminate orphan accounts and alert administrators if unauthorized account detected. * Segregation of duties and role mapping helps streamline organization application efficiency and access certification for higher management * Workflow capabilities with customization help to achieve expected multi-level approvals with email/SMS alerts during access and account creation to responsible parties. View full review »
LuisBarrera says in an Oracle Identity Governance review
Planning Analyst at Claro
The most valuable feature is the flexible automation functionality which has optimized our user access privilege management. This has allowed us to create and delete user accounts more accurately and efficiently. This feature has enabled us to save time and resources needed to perform mundane manual tasks. View full review »
ManojKumar4 says in an OneLogin review
Regional Operations Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I like the feature with OneLogin where you can create a new role and associate it with the users. It's quite easy and user-friendly. It doesn't take much expertise to do all these things with OneLogin from what I observed. View full review »
Senior IT Risk Management and Compliance Assurance Security Specialist at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
The proactive controls which can be configured to a granular level allowing the organization the flexibility to meet the changing demands of the workforce. View full review »
operatio515592 says in an Oracle Identity Governance review
Operations Engineering Manager at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
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