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Which do you recommend? Reasons? Thanks!
Ahsan Nabi Khan+ADO.NET is simpler than ODP.NET. You should start with the first in case you have all microsoft based applications. In the minor case your company requirements are in big data terabytes you use Oracle ODP.NET as a adapter to .NET Common Language Runtime
Govardhana VigneshwaranandanODP.NET is better in case of working with multiple databases as well as in complicated cases. For simple cases or microsoft environments, you can go with ADO.NET
Nader SghirThe ADO provider is the standard data access code for Oracle from .NET: Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) features optimized ADO.NET data access to the Oracle database. ODP.NET allows developers to take advantage of advanced Oracle database functionality, including Real Application Clusters XML DB The Oracle Providers for ASP.NET you mention, is a specific release for helping with things like ASP.NET State Management, Membership and Roles: ASP.NET provider developers will discover the Oracle Providers for ASP.NET are easy to learn and use as they share a common schema and API with existing ASP.NET providers. They integrate seamlessly with existing ASP.NET services and controls, just like other ASP.NET providers. Oracle offers the following providers: Membership Provider Role Provider Site Map Provider Session State Provider...

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