Find out what your peers are saying about CA Technologies, Micro Focus, SolarWinds and others in Network Management Applications.
288,073 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Find out what your peers are saying about CA Technologies, Micro Focus, SolarWinds and others in Network Management Applications.
288,073 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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What is Network Management Applications?

Network Management Applications (NMAs) are software applications that live on Network Management Stations (NMSs) and retrieve data from management agents (MAs). NMA agents monitor and control devices on the network, which is trying to efficient operate servers, databases, and routers. IT Central Station IT professionals maintain their networks for interdependent daily tasks that process and store data for large enterprises.

Network Management application software alerts IT to actionable incidents and protects the network from damage and failures caused by system errors. IT Central Station users are responsible for agile, organizational access to fast and seamless data. Information is power, so easily accessible and reliable network data is essential.

Comprehensive Network Management Applications and monitoring systems provide vital reliable data about the state of the network along with performance and usage. In order to effectively manage the health of networks, IT Central Station users look for network device discovery and monitoring at the device level, to determine whether performance matches capacity planning and SLAs. Professionals are concerned with performance analysis and track performance indicators including utilization of bandwidth, latency, packet loss availability and efficiency of routers and switches and integrated SNMP devices.

Network Management Applications provides intelligent notifications and configurable alerts that react to specific network scenarios by paging, emailing, calling or texting IT and DevOps administrators. Network Management must offer ease of management and configuration.

IT Central Station users require integrative technical support in aligning prominent open source market tools, and easy functionality. Network Management Applications have to deliver unquestionable accuracy, real-time reporting and event logging/auditing. ROI is measured by the success of IT Departments, which depend upon 24/7 monitoring of events, troubleshooting and service availability. Time and expenditure are what is at the forefront in today’s competitive markets.

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Sr. Consultant
• An articulate B.Tech in Information Technology with +6 years of IT experience in handling various Infrastructure Monitoring, Management and Automation Tools • Currently working as Sr. Consultant for EMS/NMS Tools with Capgemini • Experience in Architecture, Designing and Onboarding... more>>
Reviewed Micro Focus Network Node Manager: It is very stable which provides quick RCA for any...

Over 7 Years of Experience in Enterprise/Network Management Tools (EMS), Systems, Network & Troubleshooting. Domain experience in providing solutions around IT infrastructure management using CA Technologies Enterprise Management Systems in terms of implementation, administration and... more>>
Enterprise System Management
Certified HP-UX administrator, working with OpenView suite of tools, NNM, OMU, OML, OMW, OMi Specialties: NNM, OMU, OML,OMW, SiS
Reviewed Micro Focus OpenView [EOL]: It has a limit on the number of systems that can be...
TOP 10
ICT Service Delivery Consultant
Network Security Expert. Providing network and network security solutions best fitted for applicative requirements upholding user/client requirements and security protection and countermeasures. Sound knowledge of the ITIL best practices and very process-aware. Experience with complex converged... more>>
Lead Consultant
I´m a seasoned Consultant with 14+ years of Infrastructure Management, Monitoring and Automation experience and knowledge obtained through various projects implementations and administration in several Industry Types,Retail, Financial, Insurance, Telco and Utilities, in addition my international... more>>
Deputy Leader/Network management specialist of cNMS
February 2009 to present T-Systems Slovakia Deputy Leader/Network management specialist of cNMS - staff management, workload balance distribution, workshops, WebEx etc. - Solving of technical and software issues, CHGM, INM, PRM, full ITIL January 2008 - December 2008 Tesco... more>>
Over 4 years experience in network monitoring and development and configuration of network management COTS with good knowledge of networking concepts and technologies and the OSS/BSS telco stack, environment management and testing. Working on OSS Service Assurance suite from Computer... more>>
Technology Architect Consultant
Information Technology Management Professional with 25+ years in the IT industry, specializing in the Service Provider Telecommunications field for operations 7X24. Background includes development and support of operation center in a service provider space, Research & Development,... more>>
Reviewed CA Performance Management: Provides user-configurable roles & permissions...

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