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Icinga: Ansible
MohamedWaly says in an Icinga review
DevOps Engineer at Revolution Kft

This solution is scalable. 

You can scale by opening an RP file or configuration file, add your plugin, and monitor, then reload the configurations.

During the implementation, I added the automatic plugin with ansibles and Icinga. When you run the ansible file, it implements the automatics, it then reloads the plugin for you, no manual work is needed.

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LogicMonitor: Ansible
Paul Dinapoli says in a LogicMonitor review
Sr. Systems Engineer, Infrastructure at NWEA

We're fairly self-sufficient. We already use Puppet for automation, and we're starting to move some workloads to Ansible. However, we wouldn't ask LogicMonitor to help us with automation.

Biggest lesson learnt: Know what you want to monitor and what threshold you want to alert from. E.g., if you don't do anything and just start monitoring out-of-the-box, it works. However, if you don't set thresholds, it's not telling you when to take action. So, if you just add things to LM and start monitoring them, you're not done. Until you've set a threshold for where something is actionable, you haven't really finished the job. That's my experience with NWEA. You can click on anything that we've been monitoring, and if you don't have any thresholds set, then you're just making pretty graphs.

I would rate the solution as a 10 (out of 10). I am a fan of the product. It's great.

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Datadog: Ansible
SeniorSofcae says in a Datadog review
Senior Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

We have used technical support for certain integrations. We use a lot of Ansible and Chef, and we have had a lot of problems with both of these automating components. Technical support was helpful within their limitations.

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