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Is there a top 10 Network discovery product list?
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Hi  Currently we handle around 4000 devices on-prem UIM and we´re thinking about increasing the amount of discovered servers by installing a secondary SaaS hub to cover the different cloud installed servers over the internet. Has anybody done this? How complex is it? Do you recommend another solution that can integrate with UIM?
SkylineHi, when you say cloud servers are these AWS or Azure instances? There is a dedicated probe for API integration in these instances, that may allow you to accomplish your goal without a relay hub. To your question, you certainly can use an additional relay hub in the cloud. Setup and configuration is not challenging, and would follow the same processes that many users follow for monitoring multiple DC's or offices. I'd pay close attention to the tunnel and queue configuration between the two, likewise be aware of how many metrics you are collecting and how often, as that can impact the resources required by the hub. Disclosure: I work for CA as a solution engineer for UIM
Thierry VelasquezCurrently it is not possible to mix UIM on premise with DXI IM (aka UIM SaaS). So in order to cover the cloud servers I’d recommend setting up a secondary hub in the DMZ and then configure the corresponding cloud probes (AWS, Azure…) to point to the cloud based servers which is a simple operation: install the hub in the DMZ, use the tunnel setup wizard to connect it to the primary hub, set up the set of message queues on both sides (DMZ hub and primary one) and you should be good to go. If you encounter any difficulties please refer yourself to in the UIM installation section and if the information found there is not sufficient please create a service request on Kind regads, Gilles
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Which is recommended for enhancing IoT Device management on an IoT Platform --CA UIM or Zabbix?

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