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Sr Electrical Engineer at TVH Americas
Reviewed Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscopes: Repeatable results help me know…
EMC Engineer at a tech vendor
Reviewed Keysight Oscilloscopes: The user interface is very simple…
Computer Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories
Reviewed Tektronix Oscilloscopes: Provides high confidence in the…
Principal Electrical Engineer at a aerospace/defense firm
Reviewed Tektronix Oscilloscopes: Multi-channel, with bandwidth…
Senior Design Engineer at PETsys Electronics SA
Reviewed Tektronix Oscilloscopes: Enables us to validate electronics…
Hardware Validation Engineer at Qualcomm
Reviewed Tektronix Oscilloscopes: Provides you the best way to view…
Engineer at NVIDIA Corporation
Reviewed Tektronix Oscilloscopes: An accurate, high speed product…
Machine Learning Engineer at a tech company
Reviewed Keysight Oscilloscopes: It's easier to automate and connect…
Teacher (emeritus) at San Jose State University
Reviewed Tektronix Oscilloscopes: High sampling rate enables it to…
QA Director at a recruiting/HR firm
Reviewed Tektronix Oscilloscopes: Works at both high and low…