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Lisl D.
Office Manager at a consultancy with 11-50 employees
Dec 07 2019
We are a consultancy and design business of 18 people and currently use Teamwork, Harvest and Harvest Forecast for our project/budget management, timetracking and invoicing but are researching as to whether there would be better options. We love Harvest but find Teamwork is not very user friendly. and workflowmax look like possible alternatives. The main features of the platforms we currently use are: Teamwork project management - task lists Harvest creating and sending estimates to clients creating and sending invoices to clients time and expense tracking by project/task project budget management productivity of staff members (billable vs unbillable hours) invoicing integrates with Xero which is the accounting platform we use Harvest Forecast staff time scheduling by project What would you recommend?
Alessandro FurlaniIn Broadcom, we have a product called Clarity. It is the best Project Portfolio Management product. It can respond to a large part of your needs but not to the administration part like Invoicing because this is normally integrated with an ERP system. I suggest you go to: and look if this could be an option for you.
Juan AnamariaWe represent the Multinational Planview Leader in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner. According to your need I think it is best to use a product for the mid tier market that is Planview PPM Pro with a reasonable and low price, unlike Clarity we do not ask you for a minimum you can start with 18 users and the prices are more accessible. Regarding Harvest, it is not a product that is in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner, so I would recommend that you invest in a platform like Planview PPM Pro with the endorsement of a brand like Planview that is valid from 1989 until today, securing your investment for the next 5 years.
PABLO CUOMOI know both Apps, Clarity, and Planview, both are World Class solutions, depending on what you need to focus on. Perhaps the Project Place offer of Planview for small teams is better than boarding on PPM PRO or Clarity, both are on SaaS, had great consultant and professionals, but from my humble point of view, I try to go with one "great" tool and avoid integration.