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Nazmi Saifee says in a HPE ProLiant DL Servers review
General Manager / Head – Central Automation at Essar
Stability and a lower failure rate are the most valuable features. View full review »
it_user626946 says in an IBM Power Systems review
Sr. Systems Administrator at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
For me, the AIX operating system is one of the best things because I'm a Unix guy and I like the flexibility of the operating system. It's very powerful. One of the key features is that the performance is among the best. But also on the security side, we get regular security patch updates and system hardening. There are free tools available to harden the system. It's very unique. View full review »
Takue Chaparadza says in a Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers review
Pre-Sales Engineer at a tech services company
* Its ease of use. The GUI is accessible and everything is pretty much upfront. You don't get lost in navigating between the tabs. * I also like a feature they call iDRAC. It's a feature that allows you remotely power on and off the server. * It's got a power plug. * It's also almost a tool-less type of server, in the sense that when you want to open it up and change a few components inside, you can do so without a screwdriver or any aid of another tool. * It also has a nice front panel, it looks nice in front. View full review »
CEO at Verixo Technologies Pvt. Ltd
The main criteria I look for in all vendors are: * On-site service for the hardware. * The warranty period, i.e. how long the warranty is. * The ability of the product itself, i.e. the specs and the lifecycle of the product. * The hardware should be cutting edge. I would like to see the lifecycle at seven to ten years. I want to work on the latest CPUs as much as possible, i.e. maintaining cutting edge standards, but still optimally priced. We needed a benchmarking HP server, but since we are a small company, we went to hardware resellers. Dell EMC had some programs for SMBs and we were able to have direct interaction with them in India. We were able to get a very reasonable price for the same product which otherwise through the reseller network was extremely costly. We found that arrangement from Dell EMC to be slightly better than compared to other vendors and why we did not choose them. View full review »
Technical Sales Engineer at Carbon
I like the Dell EMC management. We have a great management interface. They are very reliable and we can trust the server. It's very reliable and easy to manage. View full review »
Ahmed Alaiady says in a HPE ProLiant DL Servers review
IT Infrastructure Manager at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees
There is a lot of processors, I am only using half of what I need. In addition, they update the ILO to V. 5 so maintenance remains very easy. You can easily monitor everything from office needs, storage, performance, power supply, and temperature. View full review »
Raoul Niesten says in a Lenovo Rack Servers review
IT/OT Project Manager and IT/OT Architect at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It performs really well, and the price is cheaper than other solutions. They are extremely reliable. View full review »
LiecioSanches says in a Lenovo Rack Servers review
Coordenador de TI at a tech services company
* Implementation of server clusters using VMware. * Ensures high availability, better hardware management, and support for active features. View full review »
Director of Technology at a K-12 educational company or school with 501-1,000 employees
Boot from SAN allows us to standardize all of our servers to boot up drives to the storage area network. View full review »
Internal dual SD module (IDSDM) for embedded hypervisors, such as VMware ESXi; the advantages are as follows: * allows available drive bays to be used more productively * inexpensive compared to the traditional setup (two disk drives and a RAID controller) * reliable, since SD cards can be mirrored and the mirror can be rebuilt in a few minutes after replacing a corrupted card View full review »
Nikolai Heidinger says in a HPE ProLiant DL Servers review
System Engineer Server Operation at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
* It works * It's easy to implement * It's really good in terms of maintenance View full review »
Claudio De Plato says in a HPE Apollo review
Network End Data Center Architect at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It's a compact system. We usually use three blades for two-rack units, and with enough storage, it's really a small system with a powerful CPU, powerful hard drives, powerful disks. So it provides enough performance in terms storage value. And the internal network, we are also very happy with it. So, for the branches for us, it's perfect. View full review »
Daniel Polombo says in a HPE Apollo review
IT Architect
It's pretty flexible. You can choose how much storage you put on the server. You can have one to three nodes, depending on whether you want more CPU or storage. And we can use the same platform for several use cases: Hadoop, Ceph, and we are considering the server for another use case right now. It's a single solution, we only have to integrate it once and we can use it for several technologies. View full review »
Anders Petterson says in a HPE Apollo review
System Engineer at Mr Green
It is quite simple when you get it going. I like the blade concept that makes is so much easier to handle the servers. View full review »
Baca Sulaiman Vaithiyan Abdulrazac says in a HPE ProLiant DL Servers review
Marketing Specialist
Performance is the main feature of this product. For customers, the performance is excellent. It has been performing very well in the DL380 series interaction, and so far now, it is G10, and it is doing well. View full review »
Derek Traynor says in a HPE Apollo review
Data Center Manager at Maples And Calder
It's really very clever the way it manages to hide the disks away. This idea of pulling out the little trays, I just think that's really, really clever. It's very reliable. I haven't had a single failure at all in the year and a half; not the slightest problem with it. It's been a pretty good product so far. View full review »
Vincent Brooker says in a HPE ProLiant DL Servers review
IT Administrator at a tech vendor with 5,001-10,000 employees
* Obviously, they perform what we want them to do. * The added extras, I particularly like iLO. * Just to be able to manage them and get information about the servers. That is really good. View full review »
SeniorSy52d7 says in a HPE ProLiant DL Servers review
Senior Systems Engineer
* Easy to configure * Reliable View full review »
SeniorAc7315 says in a HPE Apollo review
Senior Account Manager
High compute density and high storage density at a reasonable cost View full review »
Reviewer7839213 says in a Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers review
Scientist/Engineer 'F' with 1,001-5,000 employees
it_user522102 says in an Intel Server System review
Professor In Informatics
The price is competitive and it uses well known architecture and it's easy to develop for. View full review »
IT C at San Francisco state university
The convenience, because we can swap very easily swap hard drives when one goes down. View full review »
Shakil Chagani says in a HPE ProLiant DL Servers review
System Administrator at a non-profit with 51-200 employees
* iLO gives hardware information, preempting imminent failures. * Redundancy features provide hot-swap ability for drives and power supplies and automatic rebuilding of RAIDs. View full review »
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