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QA Automation Engineer at a consultancy
Reviewed UFT (QTP): With regularly occurring…
Performance and Fault-tolerance Architect
Reviewed Parasoft SOAtest: ​It provides easy handling of…
Test Automation Lead/Consultant at a tech services company
Senior Technical Consultant at a tech company
Reviewed Parasoft SOAtest: Improved the quality of our…
Sr. Test Automation Engineer at a consultancy
Reviewed UFT (QTP): With UFT 14.51 Micro Focus…
Senior Digital Business Consultant
QA Team Manager at a tech vendor
Reviewed SmartBear TestComplete: Saves a lot of human resources by…
Continuous Delivery Lead at a tech consulting company
Reviewed UFT (QTP): Well supported and lots of…
Managing Director at a tech services company
Reviewed UFT (QTP): It provides us with service…
Principal Consultant at Digital Web Advisors Pvt Ltd

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