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Computer Software Engineer at a financial services firm
Reviewed UrbanCode Deploy: Its reusable templates make your...
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DevOps Evangelist at a financial services firm
Reviewed Automic Release Automation: Enables easy creation of Action...
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Systems Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed UrbanCode Deploy: It has flexible deployment...
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Systems Specialist, Development, D2C DevOps Architecture at a retailer
Reviewed UrbanCode Deploy: The gating and approval...
Fc04f21b 7595 44b1 8194 c0fe9841c21a avatar
Technical Specialist - DEVOPS at a financial services firm
Reviewed UrbanCode Deploy: Gates help approvers provide...
Anonymous avatar x100
Reviewed Automic Release Automation: Eliminates manual processes,...
Peter faric li?1415567751
DevOps Engineer at a healthcare company
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Middleware and Automation Engineer at a financial services firm
Reviewed CA Release Automation: It includes plug-ins to...
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Tech Lead at a tech company
Reviewed CA Release Automation: Built-in actions cover most...
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AIX Build&Deployment Specialist at a financial services firm
Reviewed UrbanCode Deploy: It has automated the deployment...

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