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Senior Manager of Engineering at a financial services firm
Reviewed XenApp (Citrix Virtual Apps): I found the ease of deployment…
IT Operations Service Delivery Senior Manager
Reviewed XenApp (Citrix Virtual Apps): Improves productivity by reducing…
Networking & Infrastructure Consultant at a tech vendor
Reviewed Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager: One credential can be used to…
Server and Storage Engineer at a legal firm
Reviewed Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager: Best remote connection manager you…
Sys Eng at a construction company
Reviewed XenApp (Citrix Virtual Apps): It is a good solution for a virtual…
Data Center Technician at a Consumer Goods
Reviewed Bomgar Remote Support: Allows us to quickly address the…
Sponsorship at a non-profit
PC Technician at a university
Reviewed Bomgar Remote Support: Response times are quicker and more…
IT Support Administrator for Amsterdam & UK offices at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed TeamViewer: Allows us to support users…
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