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Sr.SCMEngineer7 says in a Bitbucket Data Center review
Sr. SCM Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
* Clustering: The ability to run your Bitbucket instance on a cluster of multiple nodes (connected by a high bandwidth, low latency network). This provides scalable capacity, performance, and high availability. This is the top feature since every firm is looking for business resiliency. It is a cluster of nodes connected to a load balancer and single node failure doesn't impact the developer operations. More nodes can be added to, or deleted from, the system without downtime. * Smart mirroring: The ability to provide local READ-only mirror nodes in geographically distributed locations, to accelerate Git clones and fetches for remote teams. This feature really improves performance for geographically distributed teams, where all READ operations happen from local mirror and only WRITE operations require a central remote server. * Disaster recovery: A strategy to resume operations from an alternate data center (usually in another geographic location), in the event of a disaster whereby the main data center becomes unavailable. Failover (to another location) is a fundamental part of disaster recovery. View full review »

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