Revenue Management Features

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Thomas Cong uses Oracle Revenue Management
Principal Consultant & President at EBILLSOFT LLC
The most valuable feature is probably the flexibility that allows you to configure different pricing models and define different discounting structures; anything that you can think of today. For example, if you walk into a cellphone store and you want to buy a plan, they throw at you all different plans, different tiers, different data packages for unlimited this and cap data that; the platform is able to support that. It contains all the volume-based, tier-based, and all the other discounts. It supported an old family plan that we use to have a long time ago. It supports all those kinds of neat features. Right now, with most providers moving into unlimited voice and unlimited SMS, everybody is looking at data, looking at how to make money based on data, right now. That's where I think the strength of the suite is, in that area, providing pricing flexibility. View full review »

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