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Pega Robotic Process Automation: Activities
Sr Architect at Cognizant

Pega Robotics offers all the required features to build end-to-end process automation like any other similar tools. It's unique development style using data line and control flow line makes it easy to debug through the flow. Separating fine-grained processes into Activities make it design reusable components and easily do plug and play. Another useful feature in the suite is Workforce Intelligence for CRM. This is using Robotic automation and AI to understand how sales and services agents work so that you can identify top performers and plan optimization.

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Automation Anywhere (AA): Activities
reviewer949524 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Program Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

It is negative right now. What we are expecting, for one bot creation, is a six-month turnaround for getting ROI, but that is only the developer man-hour versus actual time saved. If we include all the licenses and launch activities that we have done, we are far from getting a ROI. It will probably take another one to two.

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Ronaldo Firmo says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Automation COE Manager at a mining and metals company with 10,001+ employees

AA has allowed the generation of gains in productivity by automating certain processes, moving the hours from FTEs to a software robot, thus creating a digital workforce. The employees who were working on those manual activities are now focusing their time in the critical analysis of their processes. Here a few examples:

  • Load of daily exchange rates - 840 hours/year saved
  • Creation of purchase orders in Oracle - 1056 hours/year saved
  • Processing of bank account statements - 600 hours/year saved

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AutoMan9843 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Automation Manager - Nordic at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

Through the software, we have been able to reduce the time that we spend on manual, repetitive tasks, so that we can focus on activities that add value to the business or to our partners and customers. The most important things are saving time, increasing control, and increasing automation.

If you ask our CFO, I think he would say that the most important thing is that we saved some money, with more efficient operations, etc. But I feel the ability to change from doing non-value-added tasks into work with added value is important.

We have saved the equivalent of about $40,000 to $50,000 by using it, during my time here. That's a lot. We recently did a large migration that saved us a lot of time on things that were going to be done manually. We were able to automate it and we saved around $15,000 to $20,000 on just that migration. That's quite substantial.

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Pratyush Kumar says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Delivery Manager, Robotics Process Automation at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

We have automated our critical functions, like supply chain management and purchase orders. Overall, there's been a direct benefit from it so far. We just completed our Phase I project this year. We have staff who have been moved out of the mundane tasks and are now doing value-added activities

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Engineer0ae1 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

Ease of use is one thing that definitely first comes to mind when I think of Automation Anywhere. The tools are built in a fairly straightforward way. The documentation is really good and a Knowledge Base is available on every topic.

The bot creation process is very straightforward compared to other tools I have used. ServiceNow has a workflow which is a drag-and-drop activity itself, and then you configure it. Here they are going in that direction too: flow, design. It's really good.

The number of activities available to automate is amazing. There are 500-plus so there are a lot of possibilities with that. I can automate a lot of processes.

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Technica6e74 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Technical Lead at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

It has taken a lot of manual Excel manipulation that we have previously did, and removed that work away from people who did that for ten hours a day, five days a week. We now have a robot doing this manual work, allowing us to refocus those our resources into more value-add activities, simplifying our landscape.

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Vinay Sridhar says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
IT Team Lead at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We have seen ROI by having our employee do more value-add activities.

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Vandana Khanna says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Sr Manager Emerging Tech at Verizon Wireless

We measure ROI as in the number of hours saved not performing manual activities.

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ProcessAb41f says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Process Architect at a media company with 5,001-10,000 employees
  • At the most granular level, automating people's daily tasks has been helpful by freeing them up to do higher value-add activities, which is definitely beneficial. 
  • On a larger scale, the tool is improving processes overall by making systems and processes more stable. It returns hours, time, and money back to the business.
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Bruno Rocha says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Workforce Coordinator at a mining and metals company with 10,001+ employees

We are automatizing redundant activities, releasing employees to do value-added activities

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ITProjec26f6 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
IT Project Lead at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

We have two different business units which have already begun their journey. One has been doing it for two years, and another one for one year. We have another two business units which will be beginning their journeys this Summer. Certainly, the value of it has been proven already in the business units which have already started their journeys. They have seen the value in terms of automating some of their redundant, important processes. This has allowed some of their users to move onto more value-added activities.

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Kalyan Bitra says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
CTO at Sage IT

The ease of visibility in the processes which are working is its most valuable feature. Take, for example, Control Room. This is one of the unique features of it, because at the end of the day, the business does not need to know whether it is a MetaBot, IQ Bot, or anything like that. How do you give the terms of business visually? Control Room is another big aspect of it, from the business point. 

From the technology point of view, it's supposed to do activities that you do in your day-to-day life. It is also extendable. Of course, we cannot solve the whole world's problems, but we can extend it with additional coding, and things like that. 

There are two things that it can provide you. 

  1. Quicker in automating the task that you already have. Sometimes, the process is chaotic, but the business needs that way to perform some tasks. With automation, what we can do is accelerate the automation, then look into the process optimization that we engineer. That's where we help. Automation Anywhere helps us to accelerate the adoption of automation faster so the customer can realize the benefits.
  2. It allows us to look into processes for what can be optimized. 

That is where it helps.

Last month, Automation Anywhere launched communications, which is a very good thing, because now you can actually get two things when you use it.

  1. Developer experience: The developer experience is essential for the product to go into the market very well. So, that helps it. 
  2. You want to get back what is working and not working, what the developers wanted, etc. 

What Automation Anywhere brings to the table is how do you actually connect these things together? The purpose of automation is automating the task that everybody is doing in their day-to-day lives or some of the cognitive side of it.

The availability of Automation Anywhere to integrate with various applications. whether it is SAP, web forms, Excel, or PDF, exposed quite a bit of integration opportunities within the organization. Definitely, this is one of the key assets, as well, for us to work better with the customers.

One of the biggest challenge that everyone is facing is in the format of the document. The document management processes that IQ Bot gives has very good functionality of how you can actually take unstructured data and make sense out of it, connecting inferences, then making the data available to the user. So, IQ Bot is one of the best tools that I can think of in that aspect. This solves the problem of various document structures, document formats, etc.

The Bot Insights is one of its big assets, because that's what they have given you the visibility.

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Jayadeep Keeripunathil says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
IT Manager at Accenture

We didn't go Big Bang on thinking how much money that we were going to save. I wanted to make sure that could we show improvements in the efficiency, in terms of headcount. Ultimately, it comes boiled down to cost, but then if I can get one headcount reduced from the team, and be able to utilize that to somebody else, that would be a winning situation for my client and me.

We measure the ROI through FTE. Of course, there is a dollar value associated with it.

We have started to see the ROI. We are starting to see the following:

  • Activities in which resources in my team would have taken four to five hours are now done in 30 minutes. 
  • Some of the weekend monitoring
  • Some of the weekend missing report generations
  • Monday monitoring of a heavy load system. 

These are things that we are already starting to see where the time taken to do a task has been drastically reduced. So, we are seeing the performance improvement as a result.

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AnilSharma1 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Senior RPA Consultant at a consumer goods company with 10,001+ employees

I have automated the invoicing in a finance department, where the finance department wanted to automate the invoicing process. They wanted to do the following:

  • Invoice the data.
  • Create the invoice.
  • Mail the invoice.
  • Download the invoice data.

If you have 10 operators currently performing these activities everyday, then you automate the process, by removing the 10 operators and having only one operator required, this will decrease costs. It will also increase the efficiency of your company.

In the automatic invoicing system, we created a file which pushes onto a shared folder. The bot will pick up the file automatically from the shared folder and process the invoice. Therefore, if tomorrow, another bot were to be created, we could just create a file and copy it to the shared folder, then it would pick up the file and process the invoice.

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Reviewer93480 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Director of Business Process Improvement at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees

It has allowed us to establish more reliable business processes, when transacting in our enterprise systems. It has improved the reliability of our monthly billing processes that, in the past, was dependent on manual, nine-to-five types of activities. We can now schedule those activities, process 24 hours a day, and then we review exceptions. I would emphasize and underscore the reliability aspect and the ability to process 24/7.

It is highly reliable, both from an uptime perspective and regarding data-quality and input into the systems. It's doing the same thing, every time, with 100 percent accuracy.

To put it in terms of hours, we are approaching 10,000-plus hours of capacity on an annual basis.

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Saurabh Soni says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

We have digital workers with us who assist us in doing our work in robotic process automation. They solve all the problems where we need to do mundane activities and tasks that users should not be doing. Users should be utilizing their brain part, then the remaining roles and activities should go to the digital workers that we have.

We have automated that complete process of code review. The bot is solving the problem of ensuring the compliance of reviewing code. People used to generally skip the code review process because it was exhaustive. Bots can review the complete standards of the code, whatever is there, ensuring the compliance and eventually saving time.

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Nachiketh Ramesh says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Associate Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

We have saved a lot of time and replaced a few FPEs with this solution. It is a one-time investment for a year. You may replace people or alternatively put them elsewhere to work on better activities. This solution saves money for our clients, which is a good thing.

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Sujay Ghosh says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Team Lead at Accenture

We serve different clients of ours helping them streamline or ease out with their day-to-day activities. There is a team who identifies which activities can be automated end-to-end. They prepare a proposal sheet, which comes to us, and we do the feasibility of it: How much of that activity can be automated. Then, we proceed from there.

Currently, in our production environment, we are using Automation Anywhere version 11.3.1. In a beta test version, we are also evaluating the latest version, which is 11.3.2.

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Shreyas Natesh says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Developer at Merck KGaA

This solution has decreased the time that our employees spend on manual processes. It has solved many of the problems for mundane and rule-based activities, so we can do some parallel creative work rather than taking care of these things.

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Dona Manuel says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Technical Lead at Titan company

The product has improved our organization cost-wise and bank savings in transactions. Everything has been changed for the better. It is easier to track various domains, various kind of devices, and control recording of all the process. The quality of the results are improved, we spend less time and resources, so the time we save can be spent on other things. This all reduces the time spent on menial activities and reduces the cost of processing. It is very important that we have increased accuracy and control over data errors.

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RpaDevelb9b5 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Developer at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

The primary use case is automation of processes for people services, such as data management of the employees, and financial processes, like reporting, financial reporting, and month-end closing activities.

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Logeshbabu Jothy says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Head Transformer at FLSmidth

At least for our requirements, whatever version we have been using till now —  I think the current version 11.3.2 — is fantastic and more than we could use as we grew with the product. Any additional functionality I'm going to get in the upcoming version is a bonus for us as users. 

No product is perfect, so there is always some room for improvement. Right now we are most interested in cloud functionality. It could give us an additional option for managing everything in on-premises or in the cloud.

My experience and knowledge with respect to our initial deployment of Automation Anywhere were very limited. Had we had more experience, we probably would not have used the Intel landscape. We would have used something more relevant to our process and function. This compatibility might be improved.

I would definitely say Citrix automation is one area we have continued to struggle with for the last two months. If that can be an improvement in design for the next release it would be welcome. I know that a Citrix plugin has been already introduced by Automation Anywhere. If that can be made seamlessly integrated and easy to use, then I would definitely be very, very happy with that as an enhancement. The Citrix automation plugin that they have come out with until now has not been working for us. We are still in the process of figuring out how we can make that work. So, we are collaborating with the technical team from AA. There is an alternate solution where you can just move the system or application out of the Citrix environment and made it a standalone system. That will work. We know the workaround, but we still haven't figured out a solution to making it work in a Citrix environment. Hopefully, they will figure a solution in a month's time.

Any customer would look for advantages and changes in pricing. I won't say Automation Anywhere pricing is not good or not competitive. It is definitely competitive. But there are additional players in the market that they need to compete with and working on pricing could help. I believe there are competitors who do not charge anything for what is the AA Control Room (used for Bot creation). They charge only for the runners (Bot execution).

So there are other options available where you don't need to pay extra costs that may be more attractive depending on your usage. With Automation Anywhere I'm the creator as well as the Control Room. If Automation Anywhere could get a little more competitive on those aspects of pricing, I think it would be like heaven.

I would like them to combine a BPM solution with RPA. Sometimes you need to have BPM in place so your process orchestration will be smooth. It'll go through a standard process. On top of that, you are doing some manual activities that will be replaced with RPA. Automation Anywhere already has RPA, if they would allow us to create a simple BPM solution on top of it to use RPA that is the best resolution. It would solve most of my problems in my processing unit.

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Kaushik-Mukherjee says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Project Manager at ANZ Banking Group

It saves us man-hours, headcount, and processing time.

We have automated the equivalent headcount of 500 FTEs since we started. Those people haven't been laid off. They are just doing different types of work activities.

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RpaDevela833 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Developer and BA at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

Today while we look at the opportunities in front of us, our customers are expecting us to be more productive and execute with greater speed to be relevant and competitive in the market. The expectation as far as the accuracy is really very high, and we need to be compliant. We have experienced that the more manual and hands-on that we are that there is a higher risk of being non-compliant.

There are skilled companies who are spending more time on transactional activities. For example in the engineering field, there are engineers who are spending time on transactional activities and there are finance guys who are spending time on transactional activities that could be automated. 

We can use intelligent automation with great value in helping these people upskill themselves into newer areas of analytics, new roles in reporting, and project accounting in finance. We're trying to eliminate these transactional activities, be faster over time. We started by looking at specific activities and we looked at the processes. Now, we are looking at a complete value chain. When you look at the complete value chain, that's when you actually begin driving positive change in business results. That is our projected approach for the next couple of years. We'll be looking at the complete value chain and see how bots can help us make our process more efficient.

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Shashi Pagadala says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Manager of RPA Development at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

We looked into moving into RPA because it was the trend in the industry.

We do regular acquisitions which leads to a lot of duplicate roles and resources along with similar activities. With this approach, we can streamline our processes and bring uniform processes across the organization. We have been able to establish this. If we use the bots on a lot of manual efforts, it will reduces effort. Going forward, we can use the bots in a better manner by using them for the strategy of delivery and appointments.

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Prabu Baskaran says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Specialist at a manufacturing company with 1-10 employees

The primary use case is for day-to-day activities. We are also automating the activities that the SMEs are doing.

We are an agriculture-based company. We have automated finance, HR and MDM for B2B. We have automated more than 300 processors within a year and a half. 

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Baskaran Chidambaran says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Specialist at Olam International

Technical support has been a great asset. We have been encountering migration issues associated with database activities due to computer database back-end. We have contacted the technical support with database issues due to object cloning and SAP Objects. They have been helpful.

Their response time is within one to two hours. In some cases, it has dragged on up to six hours. I haven't found it dragging on for one to two days.

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FinancePefcd says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Finance Process Automation Lead at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

Our return on investment has more been based on improving things which we could not do earlier. There were some aspects of processes which we had to outsource because we were not able to do these in-house. Our return on investment is based on bringing these outsourced services and processes back in-house. In addition, ROI is based on doing things to improve the customer experience.

We have also seen ROI based on employee experience. Quantification is not easy. We cannot quantify it, but we have millennials coming into the workforce who don't want to do "boring" activities. If you tell them that the organizations has a digital workforce concept, this is a driver for them to think that the organization is the way that it should be. This is bigger than dollars when quantifying value.

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Gagnish Relhan says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
ETL Analyst at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees

Automation Anywhere has a Bot Store. E.g., you can download the bot from the Bot Store and utilize it's data extraction capabilities. You can extract unstructured data through IQ Bot. Getting unstructured data is not difficult. I once obtained an 84 page PDF file using an IQ Bot. This was just the trial version, and it was really good. I was able to get all the circuit IDs and properties that wanted in a simple CSV format. I had not seen anything like this before. When compared to other platforms, such as UiPath, they don't have these capabilities right now. They have activities like PDF extraction, but that's not good enough. That is a reason I'm referring Automation Anywhere as a game changer.

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Ayas Mohapatra says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Automation Officer at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

Technical support for this solution is excellent. They organize video chats and were able to guide us initially when it was installed. They gave good training to people and helped with some development activities. They are also fast in responding to issues.

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Gopalkrishna Baskarabhatla says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Architect at Cisco

Our finance organization needed to transform itself to meet the changing business models. We established the finance transformation office to meet the entire organization's financing transformation needs. As part of that, we identified a couple of quarters ago that RPA was one of the software solutions which could help us automate several of our business processes. This is apart from the re-engineering and re-architecture that we do to transform our entire business process. Now, there can be some use cases within finance which can be transformed through usage of automation software, like Automation Anywhere.

We have streamlined several activities, cutting down on manual activities. This has happened over the last six to seven years.

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Mohan Negi says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers

I would like Automation Anywhere to integrate with Google activities, like Google Sheets. While this should be available in A2019, I would like it to be scaled more.

Version A2019 will have better error handling. They are also adding Python script.

I would like them to add dictionaries to it.

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reviewer1183908 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review

By automating processes we give back valuable hours to business stakeholders, which can be spent on value-adding activities instead of repetitive tasks.

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AlexCummins says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Head of Applications at Hays

For us, it was about driving process efficiencies. 

We have an awful lot of processes that need to be completed when we are placing candidates in roles to ensure that the engagement for both the candidate and the client is successful. So, that might include compliance activities, ensuring candidates get paid, and ensuring that work places are safe for people to turn up to so they can go home to their families safe at the end of the day.

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DilonDsouza says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Sr Manager at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

I think most of the keystroke level activities that users used to do in probably the last five years is now taken care completely by Automation Anywhere and similar RPA providers. They are now getting into the next segment of AI. I deal personally with a lot of AI tools in my company, which has got a lot of use cases in this industry. I see Automation Anywhere now getting into this particular segment, and it's very good for the industry

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reviewer1387335 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Program Manager at a engineering company with 10,001+ employees

We have used RPA technology to build solutions which are across discipline and cater to end to end business process. At the start, we were performing use cases that primarily dealt with the Project Control group as most of the manual activities are based on the Excel operations which are either Macros based or involved tedious manual upload to the system in a periodic manner. Later we moved our strategy to cater to the more enhanced solutions which were primarily digital solutions involving - OCR, AI & ML. We were focusing on the Engineering Drawings which were more Unstructured & had the potential to create a Digital Workflow using the unstructured information.

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Blue Prism: Activities
Angelouse Tan says in a Blue Prism review
Consultant at a tech consulting company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The initial setup is very dependent on the company's policies. If the company policy does not have heavy restrictions then the implementation will be very fast. However, if the company has a very tight IT policy then sometimes it will take more time to configure.

Normally, the deployment should not take more than two months. Part of the process is identifying the correct opportunities that are suitable for automation. Some clients fail because they do not know how to pick which processes, or which activities can be automated. 

A minimum of two people is required for deployment and maintenance, but it will depend on the company itself. If they have deployment applications then they will not need a controller to deploy. Also, it depends on how many processes there are.

If it is a good design that is developed, following best practices, then the support may be minimal because the processes will be stable and not require attention.

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Gowtham Thotapalli says in a Blue Prism review
Solutions Architect at ValueMomentum

An example of how this solution helped us is with our ticket creation process. When a client raises a ticket with us, we receive an attachment by email. We have to first read the content of the email and then the attachment. Next, we have to identify who the customer is, and based on that, we create a ticket and assign it to the appropriate team.

By using the automation in Blue Prism, we have reduced the manual activities of somebody reading those emails, figuring out whose account it is, deciding where it should go, and creating the ticket. All of these activities are automated.

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Swee How Ng says in a Blue Prism review
Senior Vice President at Maybank Singapore

This solution has increased the speed, accuracy, and happiness of staff involved in the activities for which RPA has been deployed. 

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Nancy_Sachdeva says in a Blue Prism review
Process Automation Lead at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees

Across different business areas, the use cases differ.  The back-office, for example, are more along the lines of reconciliation of data, the back-end operations. We have use cases in our dispatching department as well, where use cases can be like data is gathered for traders to make intelligent decisions, or nominations power plants to the website. 

Some use cases in our procurement area and our financial services.

Our goal is to free our employees to do more value-added tasks, while the robots do the manual activities. That way, employees can move on to more sophisticated tasks. The robot does its work but the employees are still in control. For example, the dispatcher is still on the desk and looking at what a robot has nominated, for example.

We have use cases where RPA is integrating it with machine learning, with chat bots. . Our idea was to start with the basic robot and then make them more sophisticated by adding natural-language processing or machine learning. We have a couple of use cases there, as well. But the repetitive-task use cases are more common.

Our application server and our database are on Azure cloud. But you have to use a virtual machine to access it and that virtual desktop environment was on-prem. Currently, a project is going on to move them to virtual machines as well. So the Blue Prism hosting is currently on our private cloud, Azure, and the virtual machines are on-prem and will be moved to Azure in two months.

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Shantanu Chande says in a Blue Prism review
Lead Project Engineer at Peristent Systems

My advice is that not all activities can be automated by using Blue Prism. There are certain levels of criteria that need to be calculated before choosing a particular RPA tool. There are things that need to be considered before choosing economically.

In the next release, I would like to see improvement in cognitive abilities, AI, and document processing.

I would rate Blue Prism an eight out of ten. 

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UiPath: Activities
Saif Ul Islam Khan says in an UiPath review
Sr Managing Consultant at Abacus Consulting

Licensing is one of the big issues when I have been doing some pre-sale activities. One robot price licensing is quite high with UiPath. They should provide some discounts to partners so we can spread the product easily in countries, like Pakistan and other areas in the Middle East. Licensing should be reduced and price should be cut down a bit.

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Lewis Hardwick says in an UiPath review
Co-Founder at a tech consulting company

From our own internal point of view, I wouldn't say we have hard and fast ROI incentive cash because it's simply free to power up and resource to doing more interesting things. I would say that once we had implemented UiPath, we saw the return in a non-tangible sense within a month. I would say it's eliminating human errors probably by about 60%.

I would say in terms of our internal organization, it's probably reduced the amount of time spent doing admin activities from a person's point of view by about 50%.

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Iurii Shubin, PMP says in an UiPath review
Project Manager (Business Automation) at Intetics Inc.
  • Core activities
  • Excel activities
  • All the cognitive activities
  • Python and customer activities
  • UiPath Go! (good platform for the community for knowledge sharing)
  • UiPath Academy (best courses apart from other vendors).
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Domenico Musto says in an UiPath review
System Engineer at HUGO BOSS Ticino SA

We implement some robots in order to automate a lot of activities that require repetitive actions like manipulation of Excel files.

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reviewer990381 says in an UiPath review
Business Analyst at a mining and metals company with 10,001+ employees

Browser automation and schedule jobs which are the main activities that require manual work or visual validations by the users.

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Milan Bangoria says in an UiPath review
Lead Technical Consultant (Team Lead) at L&T Infotech
  • Activities are easy to use, you can even include third-party activities
  • It helps to build any complex solution in a short time.
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Hasan Kaptan says in an UiPath review
Software Trainer at Bilge Adam

The most important feature of UiPath is that it is independent of programming languages and can be written with a basic algorithm. Moreover, the new library can be added, and new activities can be added to those who know new programming. This allows the program to be developed and supported.

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David Johnston says in an UiPath review
Enterprise Improvement Manager at Heritage Bank

Combination of the free academy and the graphical IDE with a large number of built-in activities. This creates a low bar to entry, allowing technically minded business users to get involved with the initiative.

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reviewer996678 says in an UiPath review

UiPath has a very easy drag-and-drop interface, which makes automating processes a breeze. The activities make you do most things, and if not, you have the option to custom-code them in .NET.

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reviewer997593 says in an UiPath review

UiPath's complete package (Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator plus Kibana) improved our organization by saving time for the employees that are using attended robots and helping the organization implement other activities with the use of the unattended robots.

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Bejoy Edison Mark says in an UiPath review
RPA Team Lead at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
  • Unlike other leading RPA tools, UiPath provides a great user interface so that a person with minimum technical knowledge can understand the flow.
  • UiPath provides a large number of activities which we can reuse as per our need just by changing the properties and parameters.
  • UiPath provides the flexibility to create custom activities as per our need.
  • UiPath supports integration with various OCR, cognitive services, ML and IoT related services and tools.
  • UiPath provides the flexibility to use an unattended robot without the need for Orchestrator.
  • UiPath Orchestrator component is a very powerful tool which if utilized effectively, can make the robot management and monitoring very easy.
  • UiPath Orchestrator supports using APIs, in which we can get the details from the Orchestrator database.
  • UiPath’s recording feature is very helpful to begin the automation process and provides options to choose from recorders as per our need.
  • UiPath supports version controlling feature which is very useful when the project is done by sharing tasks with multiple persons in the team.
  • UiPath provides various workflow models such as sequence, flowchart, and state machine.
  • UiPath provides an inbuilt logging facility.
  • UiPath provides scraping of both structured and unstructured data.
  • UiPath provides specific tutorial and documentation for SAP automation.
  • UiPath supports .NET, Python, and JavaScript codes.
  • UiPath provides debugging options usage, in which we can go through each activity along with the process flow, highlighting each action on the screen along with the flow, and showing the values of variables at the run time during the point execution of an activity.
  • UiPath provides the facility to use numerous .NET namespaces by importing them easily to the project.
  • UiPath provides the flexibility to create a custom activity from our custom .NET DLL.
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reviewer997830 says in an UiPath review
User at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
  • Drag and drop
  • Flowchart and sequence used to build activities
  • Debugging
  • When we build the bot, we can easily find what we have done at any point in time. 
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Ezequiel Fernández Ponce says in an UiPath review
Senior Application Specialist at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees

I think that a great, nice, must-have feature should be to allow other languages to invoke code blocks beside for VB.NET. I'm confident that this feature can empower more developers to perform tasks and activities that other tools do not support.

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reviewer998871 says in an UiPath review
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

I found flowcharts most useful in UiPath. It is the best feature in UiPath, and you can easily create even complicated workflows with just a couple of clicks and dropping built-in activities without coding. You can also implement a state machine; which is also a great feature. Passing through states makes it much easier to design the main part of your process.

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reviewer999159 says in an UiPath review
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

Training with automation use cases including files manipulation, web automation and various desktop applications in the supply chain, HR activities, tax, and financial activities.

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Julio Viquez says in an UiPath review
Business Process Consultant at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees

We are automating all transaction-based processes, primarily in the finance department and sales operations. With this, the personnel involved in these transaction-based activities have been able to start working on more value-added tasks like data analysis and performance management of the operation.

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reviewer1000371 says in an UiPath review
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable features for me in UiPath is the ability to use more than one programming language. We can, of course, drag and drop activities, but it's also possible to run our own code/macro. The second thing which I like the most is the recording ability, all steps which we want to automate can be recorded and directly transferred as a sequence into UiPath.

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reviewer1000650 says in an UiPath review
User at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

So far, UiPath has been good in every area. I would like to get more features in ML-related activities. ML will be the future for processing free text. Like for example , while processing free text from the customer comments, using uipath we cant extract the required data from the free text. Incase if you got ML related activities then it will be easier to provide the solution using UiPath

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reviewer1013520 says in an UiPath review
User with 10,001+ employees

Improvement on repetitive activities, boring tasks, and error handling reduction.

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Shan K M says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees

The product and its documentation are very easy to understand and helpful, but I found some difficulties when dealing with the licensing. I hope they would make that clear as soon as possible. 

Then next thing to improve is the option to add activities into the work pane without using a mouse — actually, via real coders like keyboards only. So, adding more shortcuts would be helpful.

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reviewer1019496 says in an UiPath review
  • We have a lot of processes to be automated. UiPath helped us to be cost effective and time effective.
  • UiPath provides us with high speed in case of implementation.
  • Implementation speed which helps how fast can you automate
  • Reusability and extensibility which is used to build modular automation and reuse at the workflow level, plus it extends UiPath's functionality via custom activities or various integration.
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Arunvinodh C says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

Data scraping is more valuable as the performance and preciseness are excellent. Now UiPath introduces UiPath GO which has a wide number of activities, and it is really useful for us. 

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reviewer1029453 says in an UiPath review
Senior software developer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

UI automation is perfect, but the scripting part could be improved. Let's say we need to run some scripts on some server, so the command being sent and the response received over the activities could be improved.

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Arjun S Meda says in an UiPath review
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Evangelist | Startup Community Builder | Public Speaker | Ex - Info
  • Excel automation: It has activities related to most of the functionalities in Excel and makes life easier for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in Excel for analysis and reporting.
  • PDF automation: It performs well in reading native PDF documents.
  • Email automation: It integrates well with IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 apart from supporting Outlook and Exchange which are used extensively in large corporations.
  • Web automation: The use of UiExplorer in extracting the properties of web elements and easy modification to improve the re-usability of workflows.
  • Windows automation: It works well with Windows-based apps for updating information received in Excel spreadsheets and to capture the information and reports generated in the apps.
  • Mobile app support to monitor bot health and status of the workflows.
  • OCR integration works well with third-party engines.
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Shehnaz Khan says in an UiPath review
  • The flexibility and easy-to-use platform of UiPath make it on a par with other RPA vendors. 
  • The studio for development is quite intuitive and user-friendly. 
  • Also, what I like most about UiPath is that it has 400+ inbuilt activities, and on top of that, it has introduced customization activities making it more valuable.
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reviewer1030035 says in an UiPath review

I would like that in the official documentation of UiPath there were examples of the use of the various activities and that, on the forum were highlighted the resolutions to problems that really work, in order to find them more easily.

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reviewer1031583 says in an UiPath review

- Arguing between scopes and activities is still confusing.

The mode of argument transfer of a scope (or activity) is done by a screen where a variable is indicated as output to which the subsequent activity (or scope) is indicated as input. In large projects, these arguments need to be identified in an easy, fast and unquestionable way. Assigns a variable value to then assigns that variable to the output argument, and then assigns an argument as input to another activity. I think this transfer should be done in the panel of variables and not in the properties of the activity

REFramework is good, but still very rigid.

REframework is a good template but besides being very generic it is also rigid with respect to error handling. Basically follows the default entry> processing> output which does not encompass part of the applications in RPA, we must remember that the tool is for scripting and falling into the programming vices is a mistake. Overall it is a good way to start processes but during development it will be completely changed

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AbhishekRastogi says in an UiPath review
User at itcinfotech

It could have been visually great and colourful. There are functionalities which need to be added to make automation work much easier like executing a test method by which we can test how the activity will work on that particular browser or stuff without running the whole workflow.

For some of the complex activities, visual demonstration of how that activity works should be provided. There are some minor bugs like we could not find the voting option for Outlook mail.

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reviewer1033407 says in an UiPath review
User with 1,001-5,000 employees

Easy to handle software, as the "programming" of the robots is done through drag and drop activities. That makes the processes quick to automate.

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Danish Ahamed says in an UiPath review

UiPath itself providing some activities to write coding and all. I suggest when we do an RPA solution, making use of such kind of activities which would increase the stability of the code.

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Bhushan Wanhere says in an UiPath review

Using UiPath, we are currently solving tax calculation, mortgage calculation, etc. We have realized that UiPath doesn't actually require you to use code to develop workflows. These can be created by using simple drag-and-drop activities. This is helpful almost everywhere. Their community edition being free helps a lot.

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Prashanth Kamath S P says in an UiPath review

Pictorial workflow representation is in itself a standout feature of UiPath. Features like screen scraping, data scrapping, Citrix related automation features, mail sending activities, inbuilt recovery mechanism (REF) are really useful.

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Dimitrij Fischer says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

There should be some more activities that can replace others where coding is required. You can build a solution without coding knowledge, but I would recommend at least some prior knowledge of the .NET Framework.

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Anupam Mittal says in an UiPath review
Founder at Brontominds

We started with UiPath to automate activities that required gathering data from different applications and posting the data to another app.

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César Esquivel says in an UiPath review
Sub Process Manager at Rimac Seguros
  • Ease of use
  • Lots of activities that cover our needs
  • Free and online capacitation
  • The possibility to evaluate the product with the community version.
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Arman Khan says in an UiPath review
Associate Consultant
  • It is easy to use as drag-and-drop features are present. 
  • Basic knowledge of .NET is sufficient to develop a workflow. 
  • Almost includes all the activities used for automation.
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Khushal Chate TOSCA Certified Professional says in an UiPath review
Consultant at Wipro
  • Improved the speed of the execution of processes 
  • Eliminated human errors: The manual actions had caused errors in the Excel formula, and it was unknown to the business until the UiPath RPA tool was implemented. 
  • Development was easy with UiPath with the numerous inbuilt activities and support for custom activities.
  • Issue handling was easy with the help of documentation, community and the official support team.
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Suresh Polinati says in an UiPath review
Senior Software Developer at Hexaware Technologies

In UiPath, they already give so many services, and they provide computer vision activity to work with Citrix environment. If they could improve those computer vision activities, that would help a lot for everyone who wants to automate a Citrix environment.

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Mudit Bhatnagar says in an UiPath review

I have been using UiPath for quite some time now, and I have realized that it is one of the best automation tools out there. We primarily use this tool for automating our business processes and removing repetitive work with the help of automation. The most interesting part about this (easy-to-learn) tool is that it is accepted almost everywhere in the RPA industry. There are a lot of activities in this tool which will help you automate processes easily.

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Henrik Hanasand says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at Direktoratet for økonomistyring

It can be stable, if you build it stable. However, you have to know the tools or activities which make it stable.

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Christian Birch Molgaard says in an UiPath review
Senior Admin Automation Engineer at Danfoss

We would like more API integrations, especially more API connections to SAP. While this is on the roadmap already, activities and packages with more automated API connections to other software or platforms would really help us.

Documentation-wise, UiPath could get a little better.

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Manisha Katram says in an UiPath review
Developer at Octo Consulting Group

It helps mitigate the risks. With traditional native active directory delegation, it becomes real messy, real fast. You lose oversight on who has access where. We are an acquisition merger company, so we let go of certain companies and onboard new ones. With native delegations, you lose track of who has access where. With Active Roles, we can always see who has access and what they can do in a very granular way. You can modify the street name but you can't modify the city for example. Or you can modify the picture, but not the names and so that granularity is not available normally.

This product has eliminated a lot of tedious IT tasks, especially when people leave. There are about 10 or 15 actions that Active Roles does, scripted, in the same way, each time. It used to literally be a list of things that the admin would do, like: hide the mailbox, disable user, remove the groups, etc. Also, the auditing history that it keeps is very handy for us. We have a change record of what's been done to a user, who did it, and when they did it, which really helps us out.

We really needed this kind of product for its Active Directory delegation. We could not allow everyone to have native access to our Active Directory. The delegation bit was really the trigger. Automation is also a major reason we use UiPath. There was just so much room for human error that we wanted to script activities rather than rely on the admins to know what to do. This is especially important now that we are outsourcing many activities and dealing with a changing audience. In order to make sure that everybody does the same thing at the same time, tools like these make sure that you do everything in a structured manner.

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KamranKhan says in an UiPath review
VP Strategy at Interimage

We have seen a huge benefit time-wise, in terms of the repetitive type of activities that we do. Now, we have automated those and can do the more hardcore analysis of the resumes. In the human resources area, it would take 27 minutes to process 20 emails. With UiPath, we are doing it in about two minutes, which is a huge time savings.

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Director92ca says in an UiPath review
Director at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

There are pre-built activities, which let you build stuff quickly. It is a functionality where you can record, as a baseline, what a process looks like. Then, you can iterate off of that to build the bot and make it more stable. That is pretty nice because it saves you time.

It also lets you display something very quickly, so you can see exactly how it's going to work.

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Automati62f1 says in an UiPath review
Automation Engineer at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

The number-one valuable feature is the ease of use. I come from a development background where I wrote a lot of code. The fact that you have these activities with pre-built functionality is great. You can drag them in and use them as shortcuts to get to an end result faster than if you had to do it in a programming language. UiPath exceeded my expectations in this area.

Also, the training that's available through the UiPath RPA Academy, as well as the community - the forums, where you can ask questions - both are helpful. The community is a good way to see what others are doing and learn tips and tricks for the platform. That's very useful in comparison to other companies that do RPA but don't have robust training.

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Thomas McEvoy says in an UiPath review
Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton Holding

The Academy Live that I took was only a half a day course. There needs to be diverse set of courses for those introduced to RPA for the first time. There are different people who show up to this course: 

  • The developer who is interested in automation and automating different facets of the tasks that they have, either at work or for their clients. 
  • Business managers who want to know more about what RPA can do for my business or company. They want the operational and strategic level versus the tactical level of how do I get automation to do the thing I want it to do?

The course was only a half a day, and although we were able to provide two automations and build two bots, it would be helpful if that was extended to include the RPA story and pitch. E.g., What's the story that we need to tell in order to get people to say, "How do I get into the pilot phase now."

I would like to have the course do an introduction, "Welcome to the course. This is what RPA is. Now, let us build your first bot." 

The sales elements of why RPA should be there too:

  • What is the value proposition that RPA brings to the table.
  • Here is the expected ROI for a menial task, saving an hour a week equals this in the long term. Even if you can cut a 25 minute task out of somebody's daily routine, this is the benefit in the long term.

That wasn't there as much. I wasn't really expecting it to be there, but in the long term, if there are a number of different types of training courses which are offered, people will have different breadths of understandings of RPA can really do, e.g., it needs a hardcore developing training and a capture manager. It needs to explain what sort of things a capture manager needs to know. Maybe not necessarily how to develop the architecture for it, but what does that even mean? For example, how easy is it for me to get Orchestrator onto a server? How do I become a reseller of the software? These are the capture manager responsibilities, and it would be helpful if they were explained. While this is probably more of a day two of a training rather than day one. 

I would like to see a UiPath user group to discuss issues. I am unaware of all the activities and features, and this would help. Right now, there is just the user's guide and UiPath GO! It would be great if this feedback went back to the UiPath development team. We should also be notified of new features through an alerting system on UiPath GO!

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Richard Autry says in an UiPath review
Consultant RPA Developer at a tech company with 10,001+ employees

I would like to see some sort of better implementation of the Python modules. Right now, any error code that Python throws up turns into a generic error that is difficult to track down. I would want to see some sort of integration that at least lets me debug the issue.

Its pretty difficult to do source control through the typical Git functions because of the nature of the UiPath and the visual element. Some sort of method to bring source control home for us would be very helpful. A way to systematically track which actions or activities were added and subtracted from a given process before adding to a repository would be very helpful to us right now. Our team of developers is growing, so control has become somewhat of an issue for us.

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Jeremy Gilliland says in an UiPath review
Chief Automation Officer at JOLT

I have seen cases where an organization moves from a different automation solution to UiPath. At one point, we were transitioning from Automation Anywhere. There were very basic bots, these weren't complex processes, but we built a bot in UiPath that read the XAML of the Automation Anywhere script, converted it into activities in UiPath, and built a bot. We had a bot that builds a bot.

An example of why people move to UiPath is that when I was the director of RPA for a finance company, when I set up the program I had to go to EVP and pitch the prices and the costs. When I gave him the cost for all the software, to bring a vendor on, he told me "no." It was way too expensive. But UiPath has this amazing option called the Community Edition. What I was able to do was download the software, teach myself how to use it in about 45 days and, within two months, I had automated a pilot process, completely on my own. I was able to walk it into the EVP and say, "Look what I was able to complete. You told me no money, no funding, but now can I get funding?" Then I got funding and was able to bring on a team. That's one perfect example. They said "no," so I got a free version that cost me nothing.

In terms of how companies know that they need to invest in automation, in this day and age, with the speed at which information and technology move, it's at the point where this is not a new topic. A lot of organizations, through word-of-mouth, internet searches, or conferences, or events such UiPath 2019 here in DC, realize it as soon as they hear the success stories. It's impossible to ignore. Most organizations are like that. They hear about it, they realize that it's something they should consider, it's something they have to do, and they take the next step.

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Kalyan Appana says in an UiPath review

Our primary use case is to develop automation projects, like automating Excel activities for repetitive tasks and operations on files. We also automate operations on Citrix. With UiPath we can easily manage all of the projects in a single page (i.e. in orchestrator).

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Birinder Singh says in an UiPath review
Founder | RPA Solution Architect at Auxiliobits Technologies

UiPath is rich in features. The OCR feature is very handy to extract structured and semi-structured data from documents. A rich set of activities and an open platform is pretty helpful in creating solutions out of the box. The community forum is quite helpful in solving issues when they appear.

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Aaron Falk says in an UiPath review
Process System Administrator at Rich products

The most valuable features of Studio are all of the activities that UiPath and their partners have developed.

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Alexander Yarmarkov says in an UiPath review

I would rate its ease of use as about four out of five. It's not so easy, but it's also not difficult. We have a great UiPath Academy and it's really useful and helpful. Sometimes we need to do difficult operations and use other frameworks, through activities in UiPath. I think this mechanism is very nice, but in implementation, the customers are pretty close. Sometimes we must do it.

This solution helps to eliminate human errors. The amount depends on the process and the customer. Even unattended robots don't provide 100% automation. Sometimes a robot interrupts and waits for a human to make a decision. There is a process when unattended robots do fewer steps and after ten interruptions are waiting for a human to go on. I would say there is about a 70% reduction in human errors when using an unattended robot.

UiPath also helps save time. One unattended robot works 24 hours a day because a robot doesn't get ill or need to sleep.

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reviewer1214511 says in an UiPath review
Automation Lead at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

A lot of the value from this solution comes from Studio and the activities. They really enable us to make things happen accurately, with the clicks and the types they support. Of all the automation tools I've tried or used, they seem to be the most accurate and most consistent.

The Orchestrator management tools are growing a lot and are constantly improving.

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Terry Yoo says in an UiPath review
Sr Finance BI Manager at Vulcan

The most valuable feature is automating processes and tasks, giving users time for more value-added activities. This results in cost savings.

The free community edition allowed us to test out the technology before investing in it.

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Camilo Gutierrez says in an UiPath review
RPA Leader and Business Analyst at Ecopetrol

We utilize the full UiPath package. We are all on the cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform. 

We also use it within the virtual environment. It has been tough implementing it. Sometimes it doesn't identify the selectors or the images. It has a higher risk of failure. It's risky to have a centralized process.

We plan on automating the drilling process, the upstream and midstream process of the company, and the transportation of oil and gas for the company. Those are the main areas for us that we are aiming to automate. We started with back processes such as financial processes, logistic processes, and HR processes because they are not the core. As we continue learning about it, we will focus on the back-office processes.

A prerequisite for us in the company is to go through the UiPath RPA Training Academy. They have many courses, including foundations and advanced certifications. I'd rate the Training Academy four out of five. If they didn't explain too many things that would be great. They do basic stuff that will help people have a different mindset about it. They need more of an overview. Use cases, examples and more explanations about the activities in the UiPath would be useful. 

I'd rate the solution nine out of ten.

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Vikram Modgil says in an UiPath review
Founder at Pi Square

We use attended and unattended bots, Orchestrator, and Studio for development.

We're seeing increasing adoption of Studio because more people see how easy and straightforward it is to use a lot of the features. It helps that UiPath training is free. Our entire team, including our salespeople, have gone through the training. It's free and it makes a big difference. For the salespeople, they're able to talk more intelligently about RPA.

On a scale of one to five, judging how beneficial it is, I would rate the training a five, for sure. In fact, I have taken a lot of ideas from their training to educate my customers about RPA. When it comes to RPA, a lot of it is education because some of them don't know exactly how automation can be done. I've told UiPath that I use their training in my presentation, and it is great.

We are working with a technology company called Rammer, What the Rammer software does is listen to conversations to learn the details of what is being discussed. A third-party system is used to transcribe the conversation into text, then Rammer will learn the details without much training. It knows the topics, it understands what is talked about the most, talked about the least, how much we are adhering to the script if it's a call center use case, or if it is a simple meeting use case then it knows who is assigned what tasks, it recognizes the follow-ups, and it knows the summary of the discussion. All of this is summarized in a nice, consumable manner. So now, when a bot knows all of this information, it goes into Orchestrator, logs all these activities that are picked up by unattended bots downstream, and they trigger all those processes back. So it's a massive consumption of all of those heavy use cases.

We have not yet run automations in a virtual environment, although we do have customers who are asking for it. We are not sure if we will need UiPath's help for this yet because we haven't tried it.

With respect to how easy it is to automate our company's processes, on a scale of one to five, I would rate it a five. Really, it depends on how clearly we understand the requirements. So a lot of times we are able to find process gaps, which wasn't the case earlier before we started thinking about automation in this manner. I would say the ease of use is actually dependent on some of those factors as well.

Usually, starting is the biggest challenge for most people, and I think this is because it is in a trial environment and there is a lack of documentation, with multiple people doing one part of a small subset of a task. There are these challenges and then if none of them are documented, you need to figure out the process flow. From person one, where does it go? This can change when people can do multiple things.

It becomes a very complex web to understand and navigate through. We need to understand the task and how it should be performed. For developing the robot, it's very important to have the clarity upfront, otherwise, we cannot code them. That is the biggest challenge, I feel.

From the point that a UiPath license is purchased until the first bot is ready is almost immediate. This is because we usually start with a PoC on a small scale, just to see if automation with this approach makes sense. By the end of the PoC, we'll normally know exactly how many bots are needed. Sometimes it is on us, more than the customer when we cannot estimate every process that is outside of the departments and division that we work with because we just work at finance. For example, we can't just estimate what marketing would use, and so on. That will sometimes delay things.

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Richard Denton says in an UiPath review
Director at RPA Box

They should expand on workflow type items and take another step up from the long-running workflows to offer more visibility of business processes within Orchestrator.

The solution needs a better integration team, different versions of Orchestrator, and to make it easier to identify problems with versions, as well as to be able to fix those kinds of problems. It's hard if you don't keep up to date all the time as well, for example, to go from 2018 to 2019 versions. It's quite a big jump considering activities and things like that.

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Patrick Graf Von Hardenberg says in an UiPath review
Senior IT Project Manager at Otto group

We are using Studio, Orchestrator, and mostly the unattended bots.

Our primary use for this solution is to give time back to the employees.

We do not run our automations in a virtual environment.

With respect to how easy it is to automate our company's processes, on a scale of one to five, I would rate this solution a five. It's drag-and-drop, and all of the activities are there.

On a scale of one to five, judging how beneficial it is, I would rate the training a four. All of this information there is self-explanatory and it works. 

From the point where we started using the demo version, it was a couple of months until our first robot was ready.

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reviewer1214598 says in an UiPath review
RPA Manager at a government with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable features for us are the recording tools. They allow the capture of user actions on the screen and then the recordings can be converted into workflow sequences. The activities are very simple to use and easy to put together in order to automate the processes. Once we get Orchestrator, that feature will probably be the most valuable, but we are currently not able to put it into production.

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Prathibha Nawabpet says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at Lsc communication

When we deploy code into Orchestrator, sometimes there are macro activities that worked in Studio but do not work correctly in production. For example, I have implemented a Text Reading Activity that worked fine in Studio, but after deploying the code into Orchestrator it does not read the text exactly. I was able to create a workaround by using a split function in the code. It was reading the text fine because the data is being read using split functions, but this is something that I would like to see fixed.

I would like to see more AI and natural language processing.

Having chatbots available would be a helpful inclusion in a future release of this solution.

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reviewer1214619 says in an UiPath review
Senior Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature of this solution is the ease of using it. This includes the way the activities are set up, and how easy it is to solve problems by searching with Google if we're stuck.

We did not have to do a lot of customization because the standard UiPath activities fit our needs. This is a big point for us because we end up customizing most of the products that we use just to satisfy our own business needs. In the case of Studio, we didn't have to create a lot of custom activities.

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reviewer1212582 says in an UiPath review
Associate Director at a government with 10,001+ employees

We have realized performance benefits through the use of this solution. We were able to decrease the processing time of one of the processes from 15 minutes, under certain assumptions, to one minute and four seconds.

One of the calculations that we have done to determine the time we have saved is for one type of process. It used to take 7,000 person-days each year but now takes only 160 person-days a year.

Using this solution has eliminated a lot of human errors. It is now done based on preset values, activities, and rules. Exceptions are properly handled and the robot will take the information from the source system, which is fundamentally correct all of the time. The robot only needs to capture the data as it is from the source, and copy it to the destination, and this eliminates the errors. When humans are in the middle of the process, mistakes can happen.

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Lisa Bruecher says in an UiPath review
Manager at Vindelici Advisors GmbH

On a scale of one to five (where five is beneficial), I would rate the UiPath Academy as a four. There is some stuff that they could do better. I sampled the advanced, which is really difficult because it's just PDF. I had to use some YouTube videos to understand the framework that you need to pass for developer. They could do more videos on that.

They have three parts. The first is the foundation, and they are a lot of videos. The third part of it (advanced), there are no videos except one. That's only those PDF files, which you have to look and read through. I was like, "Okay, I probably can't do it." Then, I fell upon some community YouTube videos from other developers who just demonstrated it. This would be great if UiPath offered that, because I found out later that the developers made mistakes in their videos.

In the foundation, they get into much detail in the beginning. You're overloaded with information. You have to go through videos like three times to get it correctly. They could remove some stuff out of there. Those quizzes are really frustrating too. They are too detailed. If you sat with Uipath, you think it's really easy. However, it's not so much, if you get into those details.

Studio is a bit overwhelming in the beginning. They could get add some details, but not so many, into the foundation training. I've seen StudioX and loved the colors. Please get the colors into Studio. I loved the flow and that you got all these activities and colors too. It was so much easier. It was visually easier to understand where to click. It was really user-friendly.

I would rate the ease of use of the platform for automating our company’s processes as a four out of five (with five being very easy). I would rate it as a four because it didn't work in the beginning to get my bots active. I had to get into a lot of videos to get them running. I didn't understand how it needed to be designed or coded.

The Orchestrator training was much better, but I still somehow missed some details which I needed. However, it's not just do it, then it's done. You need some time to get into it. Though, it's much easier than Studio.

The integration with Outlook is not that good yet.

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reviewer1214664 says in an UiPath review
Chief Health Informatics Officer at a government with 10,001+ employees

Areas of this solution that have room for improvement are a couple of activities that have issues. We would like to incorporate machine learning so that we can do some of the quality checks that we do automatically instead of relying 100% on manual quality review by humans.

Additional features that we would like to see included in the next release are those they seem to already have planned. I am very intrigued by the AI capabilities that we saw in demonstrations. Having that capability would be absolutely fantastic.

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reviewer1214667 says in an UiPath review
Consultant at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees

With respect to saving time, we save a lot of manual hours by using automation. I would estimate that we save eighty hours per month, on average.

In some of our processes, it took an hour to run them and the resource used to have to watch them manually. They are now automated and running in unattended mode, and the resource is finding other activities to do. There are more than one hundred of these types of processes.

In terms of eliminating human errors, I would say that we have a ninety-five percent reduction in our rate of errors.

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reviewer1245933 says in an UiPath review
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable features of UiPath are the drag and drop activities.

Since UiPath offers eLearning it makes it useful for developers to learn the basic activities used in automating processes.

UiPath also offers documentation and forums that help developers during debugging.

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clientac994590 says in an UiPath review
Client Account Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

We use UiPath for process efficiency and task automation. Our primary use case is process automation and avoidance of manual tasks and activities, reducing human errors and leaving resources to think on tactical and strategical matters rather than executing non-value-added activities.

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Karthik Byggari says in an UiPath review
Lead Analyst at emids

UiPath has saved us many FTEs. 24x7 working robots have helped us in saving a lot of time and have reduced human mistakes. Robots take care of tedious and repetitive tasks, where humans concentrate on critical decision making.

We can run and stop the robots at any time using the mobile orchestrator, which has helped us while we were on the go.

We can develop own activities using Visual Studio and integrate them into the UiPath Studio.

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reviewer1249227 says in an UiPath review
User at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

Orchestrator is essential, but I love how Studio includes so many activities that are pre-programmed to do what is needed.

Who doesn't love the recording feature? A recording is great to use when doing the first build of new automations!

The most important feature of all is the UiPath community and the forums, as they have helped me with countless questions!

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reviewer1249293 says in an UiPath review
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

My favorite features and upgrades that I have found the most valuable are the ability to create custom activities specific to our organization's needs. This ability to customize what we need has really opened up opportunities to automate programs that otherwise would not work properly. Legacy systems can be finicky, but this feature makes it possible to use APIs and get the work done that we need.

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reviewer1250967 says in an UiPath review
User at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

Data Scraping is definitely a unique and useful feature that we had not known about before.

Smooth integration of OCR, which is very quick, is a useful feature.

Manage packages to get more packages.

Save as a Template feature.

Snippets are really useful as a reference for logic.

Plus button between activities & Ctrl+Shift+T is very useful in adding activities quickly.

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reviewer1249089 says in an UiPath review
Customer Experience Specialist - RPA at a computer software company with 5,001-10,000 employees

I'm working at a computer software company, where we're bringing digital transformation using UiPath. All rule-based and mundane tasks are identified and automated using RPA. We have about 25 bots in production now. Data processing, file handling, email automation, and related activities are running in production.

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BalkishanSingh says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The most valuable features of UiPath are its activities. There are a number of activities available in the UiPath Studio, which are enough to automate all types of tasks.  Since UiPath is new in the market, it is constantly being updated every day, and new features are being added accordingly to the user requirements. 

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SnehamayiSenapati says in an UiPath review
RPA Application Developer at Fujitsu

The features like Data Scraping, Excel Automation, Mail Automation, System Automation, Secure credential activities, User events, and App integration are valuable to us. The integration like ABBYY OCR and Tesseract OCR are helpful. ABBYY OCR is a very good activity that can identify handwritten text, but to use this requires a licensed version.

UiPath requires less code writing and is user-friendly compared to some other solutions. The standard things can be automated very easily. The drag-and-drop activities make life easier.

The most beautiful activity is sentiment analysis, where we can predict the good reviews and the negative reviews. This gives us a great advantage.

Integration with different tools makes easier by using APIs.

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Naveen Chaganti says in an UiPath review
Analyst at Capgemini

OCR-based activities should be improved to handle larger amounts of text.

UiPath does not recognize Google and Microsoft OCRs.

Sometimes UiPath will not work properly, even though it worked the previous day. Also, it may suddenly not work when we switch environments from development to QA. This happens approximately one out of ten times.

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Ebin Abraham says in an UiPath review
Associate Consultant at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees

I found the Library option as most valuable because first, we can avoid the development of the same task again by developing and publishing a task as an activity into the Orchestrator, and second, in case of any changes required, the developer can make the required changes and republish in the Orchestrator with the new version. At this point, others can download that task as an activity and can use it with their Bots.

Apart from the library, I like the API activities and the activities which we can call Python scripts from.

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Srđan Suć says in an UiPath review
Technical Consultant at Ibis-Instruments d.o.o.

UiPath studio recorder allows us to automate jobs very quickly and very easily.

The tool is intuitive and precise. It is easy to use with not a lot of programming knowledge needed. Also, there many built-in activities that let us automate tasks. If there is no activity available then it is probable that somebody has built one already.

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Mohan Negi says in an UiPath review
Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Primary use cases involve the following automation environments and processes:

  1. Oil and Gas Domain: Automation of various applications specific to this domain such as Gopher, Tow, Toad, Excel, and various browsers.
  2. Finance Banking: Here we have to deal with various legacy applications with a lot of PDF and Excel-based automation. UiPath comes with a lot of reliable solutions here.
  3. Healthcare: Automation is a big challenge because the Healthcare domain is not a simple thing to automate. The ML extractor and Intelligent Automation activities are best to use here.
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reviewer1252698 says in an UiPath review
User at a wholesaler/distributor with 10,001+ employees

The Studio can be improved by adding certain features like color-coding the activities. By letting the user change the color of the activity box (or by having different default colors for each type of activity), it's easier to identify activities especially when they are nested together.

The Orchestrator can be improved by making the landing page dashboard customizable based on what information and stats we want to see as an organization. The stats shown in the Orchestrator dashboard are very basic. Today, we had to make a separate web app that uses the Orchestrator API just to see the data that we want to see in a format that we prefer. Our business needs visibility on which country the failed/pending bots are servicing and how many jobs were completed based on tower assignments. These stats are not available out-of-the-box in Orchestrator.

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Umar Farooq , OCS says in an UiPath review
Oracle ERP Consultant at Al Falak

I can't wait to have automation with every human in portable devices. It will automate not just the business process but daily life activities.

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Kamal Gairola says in an UiPath review
Software Engineer In Test at CenturyLink

UiPath support needs to be a bit quicker than it is currently. They need to be very quick when they see a customer is struggling with something and taking the step to contact support.

The UiPath team needs to put some effort into improving the support section online. They should also improve the UiPath community forum so that beginners can receive help with activities that they require. 

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Alex Birsan says in an UiPath review
Partner at Filip & Company

We were not previously using something in this area. 

We have been thinking about ways to streamline our activities using technology. It happens that we knew UiPath, so we started to engage with them about what they could do for us. We had something like 20 ideas that we could implement, then we just started the easier ones which were closer to the products that they have. As things go, we will see whether we expand to other things.

We have known UiPath quite well and for a long time. They are also the leaders in the field, so it was a very easy choice.

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Kryon RPA: Activities
Francesco Pecchioli says in a Kryon RPA review
Senior Digital Business Consultant at HNRG

Cuts time due to the building of a robot which runs during the night to perform time-consuming and tedious activities.

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Director02e8 says in a Kryon RPA review
Director of Information Management and Development at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees

One way Kryon improves the way our company functions is in testing. Previously, we didn't have full coverage and we couldn't run a full regression day by day, or after major activities such as updates. We had to do it all manually and we didn't feel confident. Now, it's a completely different thing. We're trying to build a strong regression area where we can run a full regression of all our systems by clicking a button. We're not there yet, but we're heading that way. It's going to be a complete change in the way that IT acts because it gives us much more confidence.

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GururajSubbarao says in a Kryon RPA review
Director at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

The best feature is its reporting. The core features of Kryon are the best. 

In addition, the number of commands it gives us to edit and modify is really good. 

It also captures screen activities and plays them back. I'm a technical guy, so it's very easy for me to do it. If I imagine giving this to a business guy, it is really amazing, because he knows what action he is going to perform.

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Michal Sagi Shamir says in a Kryon RPA review
Manager of Organization, Methods and Knowledge Management at Max by Leumi

The process I noted above is a main business area with a lot of very specific processes inside - we have now more than 15 specific processes in this business area. All of them, as of now, have saved us almost six FTEs. That's a lot of money. The savings are great and they will increase every month.

In the last month, we achieved 11,000 activities done by robot. Before Kryon, we did 500 each month. When we started with automation ten months ago we did a few hundred. Each month we have added more and more processes and more and more activities. It's quite dramatic, because we took a very complex business area, and every activity in it which can be done automatically is being replaced by the robot instead of people working on them.

In terms of Kryon helping us embrace digital transformation, we are very advanced in this area. More than 70 percent of our interactions with customers are digital. But Kryon helped us with some of the processes which are more complicated, where we had people doing things in the back-office after the digital process. Now we can do more of them automatically. It's another step in the same direction for us.

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BotFarm: Activities
reviewer1221348 says in a BotFarm review
Senior Software Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

BotFarm is a group of bots running on the Automation Anywhere platform.

We have a banking and invoicing system and this solution is used for the automation of operations. It includes day to day invoicing and bank-related activities. We do not have anything complicated in the data extraction.

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VisualCron: Activities
reviewer1360629 says in a VisualCron review
Sr. IT ERP Specialist at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
  • Post-sales support: I've only had a few cases where I've had to request support in the past 12 years of use, but the support response time and resolution were was extremely quick.

  • Ability to use job variables within a job. This allows us to make reusable job templates for similar activities and just update the job variables associated with the new instance.

  • Branching logic and conditional execution of tasks within a job.
  • Logging and ability to send error alerts on job failure to appropriate IT and/or business contacts.
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reviewer1365099 says in a VisualCron review
Director of IT at a recruiting/HR firm with 51-200 employees

Our ROI is incalculable. This tool has prevented the need for an uncountable number of development projects and has eliminated countless manual tasks that have sprung up in the daily activities brought on by the whirlwind nature of the business we're in.

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WinAutomation by Softomotive: Activities
CosminArdeleanu says in a WinAutomation by Softomotive review
CEO at Consilio

We primarily use the solution for back-office activities and processing.

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Devendhar Rao says in a WinAutomation by Softomotive review
Technical Team Lead at emids

One of the biggest features is scalability, as we can run multiple activities in parallel.

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Microsoft Power Automate: Activities
Vinai Sankunni says in a Microsoft Power Automate review
IT Team Lead at Kantar

It is very hard to say what the most valuable features are in Power Automate because we are still exploring the product and utility. I like the simplicity of how we can create those automated activities quickly. For now, the most valuable feature is that it is very easy to use.  

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Mithun Kumar says in a Microsoft Power Automate review
Advisory Council Member at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

It is a great solution for simple automation activities or simple automation of simple tasks.

It is also integrated with Office 365. Integration is an absolute breeze with any RPA software.

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