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Automation Anywhere (AA): Computer Vision
Abhineet Sood says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Consultant at Zs

New versions keep coming up. The challenge for us is to have the downtime to do the migrations. This could be improved upon. We would like fewer version changes and upgrades happening to the application. While the downtime is not that much, depending on the business processes, there are times few critical processes are running on a daily or hourly basis. We would expect the downtime to be even less for them.

There are a few internal applications that we have where Automation Anywhere needs to be added. We need to get those applications embedded so the integration process between those applications is smooth. E.g., With a Citrix type of environment or VDI environment, we have not been able to get the right information. We have to use the coordinates. Recently. we attended a session and realized that they have come up with an IQ Bot and computer vision technology. Therefore, we have some use cases which we want to leverage.

Our focus would be for them to keep innovating for more intelligent solutions which can merge your text to speech. These types of solutions, along with other ML and AI capabilities, can solve for the larger objective and typically RPA platforms are not able to do. The type of applications that we use are very large and different. They are not the typical ERP systems or systems which normal organizations would have. If they could bring AI and ML capabilities onboard, this would help me rate them even higher.

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MaheshPulipaka says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Sr. Manager at Avenir Digital

IQ Bot is something which is going to disrupt the market in the future. We, at Avenir Digital, are particularly impressed with the evolution of IQ Bot and the kind of disruption it is bringing to the OCR space. We are also looking forward to leveraging IQ Bot in addressing a lot of other areas apart from automation or RPA as a tool. We would also want to take IQ Bot to the next level and into other areas.

When talking about IQ Bot, we are talking about computer vision, we are talking about OCR in particular. Thanks to the Digital India campaign, most Indian organizations are actually looking forward to automating their manual process in terms of scanning their ID cards, their bank cards; a lot of validation that happens manually. Everything can be automated and I believe IQ Bot could be a significant contributor there in automating all these. That is one area that we are looking forward to.

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UiPath: Computer Vision
Arun Antony says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer | Automation Engineer at Atkins

Image resolution affects Citrix automation. Means, the resolution of BOT system and development system should be same in order to successfully run Citrix automations. This drawback is getting resolved in Computer Vision backed selector automation feature for Citrix in 2019 version of UiPath. Also, unknown runtime errors mainly due to application integration issues can cause issues, although it's a very rare scenario. This issue can be resolved to a great extend by using RE Framework in your development, which is also integrated in UiPath in the latest version.

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reviewer1028754 says in an UiPath review
  • Extraction of complete tables from websites automatically extracts data from multiple pages by indicating the 'next page' button. 
  • The newly launched Computer Vision functionality also seems very interesting.
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reviewer1031013 says in an UiPath review

It has improved the Citrix environment with the introduction pre-release of computer vision which can manage the total control of the image to indicate as a text and all the content. But the OCR engine still needs improvement; it may be in the next release.

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AbhishekRastogi says in an UiPath review
User at itcinfotech
  • Its ease of use
  • The user interface is friendly.
  • It has self-learning tutorials.
  • It provides RPA advance training which provides a smooth path and helps in clearing the certification. 
  • All Excel and manual work can be done very smoothly. 
  • It provides REFramework which takes care of all the exception handling, and Orchestrator to remotely run the bots as per your convenience. 
  • It provides us with UiPath Connect which is a one-stop platform for all your additional needs and for resolving issues.
  • Its recording feature is great and looking up to its upcoming new feature: computer vision
  • This tool is very easy and smooth to work with.
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HimanshuJain says in an UiPath review

I am an automation expert responsible for creating utilities which help support systems in easing down their business and saving lots of money with redundant efforts. Earlier, it was done using software code, but once I latched on to UiPath, I was overwhelmed with the ease, flexibility, integration, and support provided by it. 

Along with that, UiPath provides the best learning material and easiest learning curve making it one of the popular tools in the market. 

I also found the UiPath community forum very helpful which is a big plus for developers like us. The latest version of UiPath (Community Edition, v2019.2.0) contains a beta version of AI computer vision which we have just used, and I am sure that it's going to kill in the market with such an ease of recognizing UI elements. 

Additionally, now we can also retrieve the header of HTTP requests which was a must use case for our project, and it eased out a lot of re-work.

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mounika says in an UiPath review
User at TCS

It definitely helped in reducing the human force for repetitive tasks. Things that I like most in UiPath is the way we can automate the repetitive and redundant tasks. The new feature like AI computer vision is top notch in this decade where AI and ML are like hot cakes to improve one's technical skills.

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Guillermo Cruz says in an UiPath review

For our specific case, as we work with virtual and remote desktops, we find quite useful the new features that UiPath brings to work with such environments. The most recent is the computer vision package that uses a powerful OCR engine to recognize more accurately the elements in the remote screen and get the values we need or consider appropriated. Also, in general, this software is so easy to use and learn. How to use it takes no more than a full four weeks during the official training. The interface is so friendly, and the workspace is customizable.

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reviewer1040559 says in an UiPath review
User at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

AI-based computer vision solves an important problem of capturing information from VDIs and images.

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Bikash Panigrahi says in an UiPath review
System Analyst at Hexaware Technologies Limited
  • Citrix automation 
  • Computer vision
  • Data scraping
  • API integration.
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Anupam Mittal says in an UiPath review
Founder at Brontominds
  • Tool has a macro recording feature that can generate the code for you automatically.
  • The recent computer vision AI feature. This feature helps recording for remote desktop and citrix environment and enables recording by converting images to textboxes and other window controls. As a result, recording feature for remote environment is now like recording for local environment

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Suresh Polinati says in an UiPath review
Senior Software Developer at Hexaware Technologies

In UiPath, they already give so many services, and they provide computer vision activity to work with Citrix environment. If they could improve those computer vision activities, that would help a lot for everyone who wants to automate a Citrix environment.

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Rene Abel Christensen says in an UiPath review
RPA Process Consultant at Statens Administration

We have looked at it with Citrix, and there are problems with it. Some of the new features coming will address it.

We have been looking at Attended Robots, which result in the inability to lock your screen. That is simply a no-go for ever using them in most government agencies, as IT security will prohibit us from using them. If UiPath wants Attended Robots to be used inside a government agency, it needs to be applicable on a virtual desktop.

A lot of what is coming is what we are looking towards: Both on the skill set with computer vision, but especially also on the enhanced identity management and security. The ability to debug and lock at a less complex level for us to look at. 

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Automati62f1 says in an UiPath review
Automation Engineer at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

A lot of the features that I had been asking for have actually been released. We were using an older version of UiPath and we were having issues with Computer Vision and the OCR engine with UiPath. But now that we see that there's a whole Computer Vision activity suite available, I'm excited to use that. I haven't gotten to get my hands on it yet.

But in terms of additional features, I can't think of anything that I would request. I see that they have the AI functionality, as well as the Computer Vision. They have a lot available that I haven't even been able to get my hands on yet. I think once I get some more time to explore the tool and exhaust its capabilities I can look for additions from there.

There is some room for improvement in the area of error handling. I had to create a custom approach to error handling. If there were some sort of activity or workflow that could be easily dropped in to help support that, it would be good. Error handling and logging, as well as process logging, would be a big help.

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Jeremy Gilliland says in an UiPath review
Chief Automation Officer at JOLT

Being a person who has held every RPA role from developer to analyst, architect, and executive, one feature I think it needs - from a documentation perspective - is the ability to easily extract variable details and data. They do have a Variables panel that you frequently interact with, but I constantly have situations where those need to be adjusted or I want to be able to present those to a business. Sometimes it's difficult to extract those, and if you're not tracking them while you build, you can quickly get into 200 to 300 variables in use, especially using the RE Framework where you're passing workflow arguments in and out. I would like to see something like that.

In addition - and obviously UiPath is aware of this - we have to continue to improve the OCR capability. Computer Vision is excellent. I've used it on Azure. I've created PeopleSoft environments and worked through the Computer Vision feature. It works amazingly in a Citrix environment. But I speak with multiple organizations and a lot of them have the same problem of processing documentation from the mail room or from vendors, etc. That's a huge component. If we can get that embedded in UiPath, so we don't have to rely solely on OCR vendors like Captiva or ABBYY, that would be a huge step forward in being able to service all organizations.

There could be improved logging and functionality. But if you truly understand the software, adding logging to what the bot is already doing is as simple as typing on the right line. It's incredibly easy and you can embed it. Even though what it currently logs is limited, it's easy enough to create logs or reporting without a lot of effort.

Outside of that, it's really hard to come up with other recommendations. The software is solid.

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Jack McBride says in an UiPath review
CEO at OnQ

For people who are researching this type of solution, I would suggest that they test all of them out. All of them give you an opportunity to try them. We initially made our decision to go with UiPath after looking at Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. One of the primary factors that drove us to UiPath was developer feedback. Asking developers what platform they would choose to develop on, all of them said UiPath because it's very flexible and very intuitive. A lot of people are familiar with the .NET framework, so it's easy.

My advice for anybody who is implementing this solution is to first speak with people who have already deployed it in a similar type of target environment. Once you know how to set it up, it's easy. It depends on the infrastructure that you want, or need, for your organization. Otherwise, it's just going to be a bunch of trial and error.

From a cost perspective, the unattended bots are obviously much cheaper than the attended bots. However, to build a bot to automate a process where an unattended bot can run it is also more costly for the end-user. For us, it makes more sense to have attended bots. We also have access to a very low-cost labor pool. Because of that, it's cheaper for me to just have somebody monitoring the bots, running them manually.

Overall, this solution is awesome. I'm very excited about all of the new things. We've been doing automations for about eighteen months, and with the product from that time, to where we are today, many new things have come in. I mentioned the problems that we had with the RDP connection but Computer Vision comes out, and it makes things much easier and much more reliable. Fortunately, all those have now switched over to running directly on the servers where we're running the software, so the need for us has gone way. At the same time, I have used Computer Vision and it's great.

I would rate this solution a ten out of ten.

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Kaitlyn Kapp says in an UiPath review
Software Engineer at Security Benefit
reviewer1214625 says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

With respect to the stability, on a scale from one to five, I would rate this solution a four. There are certain features that are incomplete and they are still working on, such as computer vision

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Ever Espinoza says in an UiPath review
Monitor Technology at Equifax Inc.

There are a few areas where the product can be improved for our use. Invoice processing, for us, is a major use case. I saw some examples in our research that mentioned machine learning models and how to implement that in the new, upcoming version. It seems that the machine learning would solve some of our current issues in processing. That is one feature that I would like to see and experiment with when it is released. I want to explore that to see not only what it can do, but how efficient it is and how it affects the performance of invoice processing models. The other feature we are interested in that is promised to be in the next release is the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) desktop. 

Those two features, for us, are critical. But we also need them to be fast and efficient for us to be able to use it in practice. Otherwise, we are going to continue struggling with the solutions we already have. The solutions are kind of already there in UiPath, and I think they need to work hard on the performance of anything they release. This is especially true for those two solutions. For us to have a good business case for deploying them for use, we need them to be efficient.

A feature that we tried to use that clearly has room for improvement is the UiPath Computer Vision component. We have tried to use that but it was not efficient enough for our planned applications. It was a little disappointing. It needs to be improved in performance and in the design of the machine learning models. It is pretty easy to use for people considering the technology. I just don't think it is quite to the point where it should be.

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reviewer1247202 says in an UiPath review
User at a non-profit with 10,001+ employees

The Screen Recorder has a lot of different features like web and desktop. Native and Citrix Recording are pretty useful for speeding up the design process. 

Computer Vision using Microsoft and Tesseract are pretty useful.

The new release of Studio X is a game-changer because this new app focuses on Business users. It is going to be useful for the organization because they can start creating their own automations.

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reviewer1249242 says in an UiPath review
User at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

OCR technologies and computer vision (CV) technologies work very well and produce quality results. Thanks to these products, we have created very good automations. Many of our customers are delighted to be developing projects with these features.

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BalkishanSingh says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

I would like to see the computer vision activity updated.

There should be a click-event-update activity present in the UI Studio where we can click a link and the result should act as a button. Right now, this feature is not available in such conditions.

The OCR should be made faster to save more time.

If I am buying production licenses from UiPath it should provide at least two or three nonproduction licenses for further use.

The Studio should be made interactive like Orchestrator.

The debug option in Studio is not working on breakpoints, which is an issue that I have already highlighted in the forum.

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reviewer1261035 says in an UiPath review
Business Analyst RPA at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

I would like to see some artificial intelligence for UiPath that would help us with OCR and other things like computer vision. AI would be helpful for us to implement those kinds of solutions.

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