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Kofax RPA: PDF
reviewer1166328 says in a Kofax RPA review
CEO at a comms service provider with 11-50 employees

I'm the company CEO and chief engineer. We partner with RPA, selling the product, marketing and implementing it. We have several customers who use RPA for different applications. Some use it for financial needs. Another uses RPA to obtain information from employees who deal with external customers. They insert relevant data and the accounts department is then able to invoice the customer. Prior to this, it was all done manually. RPA has provided us with a tool for mobile phones that allows data input to be sent directly to the head office. RPA takes care of the process, it's all automated.

Another case is where information is being directly input to the ERP system from a PDF. A robot takes care of that and everything is transmitted automatically to the ERP system. Logistics companies are one of the main target groups for us and in this case, it's really about customs procedures. Imported goods require reports and it used to be done manually, particularly important when there were questions from customs officials. Robots are now being used to handle the data from the source companies and also from customs. There are many different applications where our customers are using RPA.

Our biggest customer would have around 100, 150 end-users or customers using the product but in some cases, it's only five to 10 people using the robots. It's difficult to say how many users there are because a lot of the work used to be done manually and now, over time, that work is being taken over by robots. 

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Automation Anywhere (AA): PDF
AutoMan9843 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Automation Manager - Nordic at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

The main things I've found that could be better are small things that can be annoying when you're using them a lot. I would recommend they add a feature where, if you mark the start of an "If" sentence it will highlight the end of the "If" sentence. That would make it easier to get a better overview. The small things are the most important in our day-to-day work with their software. Incremental improvements for a better overview or better user experience would help.

Also, we would like to see more options for merging and un-merging PDFs. More flexibility there would be good. We've figured out ways around this and, using their software, we've been able to do everything we wanted to do. It just took a bit more time to do it. We were on version 10.5 and in their Bot Store they actually had a bot that did exactly what we wanted to do, but it was for Version 11.0.

I find that they are making a lot of improvements that we are able to take advantage of with every release. I can't really think of something large that's missing.

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Sharad Soni says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Director Of Innovation at Quantum AI

My primary use cases are where I'm dealing with a lot of raw data extraction and transformation so that the data can be used by other systems.

An example would be getting the data out of PDF files, transforming it from semi-structured to structured and putting it into an extra-stable system like Excel or a CSV so that it can be used by other systems.

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ShripadMhaddalkar says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Director of Operations at XLNC Technologies

Our company is an implementation partner for Automation Anywhere, and XLNC Technologies is a consulting organization for whom I work. I am the head of delivery operations.

We are working with around 14 clients who are on Automation Anywhere. We have been able to recommend and further resell starter and enterprise packs. Implementations performed by us scale up from one bot to 10 bot runners

My primary use case for Automation Anywhere would be the one which yields higher ROI , has repetitive tasks to be performed and doesnt involve fuzzy logic for sure . Cases that we have achieved success are extraction of data from PDF's , SAP automation, AD Integration, Integration with CRM and Payment links, KYC documents and web scrapping. Listed are low hanging fruits and will boost confidence of the stakeholders in the RPA deployment , recommend to look at such use cases when looking at Automation Anywhere and its implementation.

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Architec82e8 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Architecht at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We would like to use the IQ Bot only, for PDF extraction. Currently, we are using PDF data extraction and finding whether the data is present. If we go with the IQ Bots, the main reason will be the capability. At the moment we are having some sort of problem with reading the images. We are using OCR and Python for that right now.

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RpaDevel0b28 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Developer at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

One of the processes we automated was that people who work in treasury would go into their email and download PDFs from their emails over and over. Sometimes there would be 200 or 300 emails that they would have to go through, and they would spend a whole day doing that. Now we have an automation that does it, and it only takes one or two hours, and it frees up their time too.

We have saved time or money using this solution, but I don't know how much. That information is tracked by my manager.

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SeniorMad942 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Senior Manager at Genpact - Headstrong
  • The most valuable features are Excel operations and PDF for integrations.
  • It's very developer-friendly.
  • With IQ Bot, we can now include cognitive automation into our process. The cognitive document processing is pretty good with IQ Bot.
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Software66b3 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Software Engineer at The Travelers Companies, Inc.

I can't speak for the bigger picture, but we have had a great deal of success with gluing together some of the old applications. They were built, isolated, and somewhat siloed. We have this one where you go to get this information, and we've got that one where you go to get the rest of the information. Now, rather than the team going and collecting all of that information, we can have the bots do it, and that has been fantastic.

We've had a number of processes plugged into this that have become the daily job schedule. There was a ridiculous amount of old work: Request this report, download the PDF, grab the numbers off of it and entering them. Having the automated system, while I can't put numbers on it yet, it's very easy to sell the value of the product.

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Configur7384 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Configuration Specialist at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I like the OCR feature, where we can capture information from PDFs.

The commands provides by Automation Anywhere make the tool easy to use.

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VpCorpFi5a75 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
VP Corporate Finance Systems at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

We have a lot of systems filled with documents and PDFs, such as finance, accounts payable, and operations.

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Kalyan Bitra says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
CTO at Sage IT

PDF comes in multiple ways. PDF is an actual PDF or it could be a scanned image, but people assume it's a PDF. Sometimes, it's not an actual PDF, but an OCR. So, there are multiple ways of skinning the cat. Automation Anywhere helps with the visibility of using a PDF or using OCR technology. These functions are already available, and you can extend it and beyond, as well.

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Payal Handiwala says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Automation Architect at Moody's Corporation

More interactions with PDFs would be great for Automation Anywhere. 

The ability to use more legacy technology for object cloning, flash plugins, etc.

A lot of their Excel commands could use some improvement. I noticed sometimes the functions don't work properly or the ability to use over a macro isn't as efficient. So, definitely the Excel commands and the ability to use formulas for Excel could use improvement.

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Priya Batish says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Business Advisory Manager (AVP) at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

#1.You don't have to really code anything, as it gives you a good interface (UI), because the components are already preconfigured, you  have to just a drag and drop sequence in terms of how you want to execute the steps. 

#2. There are preconfigured APIs that can be used. E.g., if you want to interact with the mailbox solution, you can have the RPA fetch attachments or email body from the mail solution. You can process attachments via test file or PDF. You can even make Automation Anywhere work around PDF, which is typically not that easy to work with in terms of extracting information.

#3. Metabots/ IQ Bots: One of the features, which we have not used too much, but available, is the MetaBot feature. These preconfigured solutions are easily downloadable, and you can just plug-and-play with a bit of customization, which also means you do not have to keep recreating and can reuse existing functionality. Some of the typical uses are that you could be regularly logging into a website. You can just download a MetaBot, as a useful webpage interface and just run it. All you have to do is maybe replace the name of the website, and in case there is a certain authentication mechanism that is being used, then provide that information.

# 4.There are multiple levels of cloning. In case screen cloning doesn't work, you can do object-based cloning or keystroke-level cloning, depending upon what parameters are available to you and what is the level of information that you capture. You can traverse between object cloning, which is the lowest, most basic form of cloning to a stroke-based cloning, which is like taking care of each keystroke-level which is made by the agent.

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AnilSharma1 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Senior RPA Consultant at a consumer goods company with 10,001+ employees

Automation Anywhere needs to improve Excel and its commands. In Excel, if you want to add a sheet, you cannot add a sheet. There is no command for adding a sheet. Also, if you want to rename something in Excel, you cannot rename it. You always must keep a list that you can rename through your keyboard, but there is no specific command in Automation Anywhere. 

The email automation command also needs to be improved. The email automation command sometimes is not working properly. When you connect the mail server, it is not being done properly.

The OCR feature is not that reliable.

With the PDF command, you can only read structured data. If your data is in an unstructured format, there is no command for it in Automation Anywhere. Then, people need to use Python coding if their data is in unstructured format. Therefore, Automation Anywhere needs to improve in the PDF area.

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Chinmay Dhabal says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Application Developer Analyst at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees

One of the clients that I worked with to automate their process received invoices from 12 different companies and different regions. These are the process steps that we automated:

  1. We could get the data from PDFs (the invoices were in a PDF format).
  2. We accepted the data, uploaded it, and filtered out some of the data. 
  3. Once we extracted the data, we use it to search data on particular websites for a particular invoice number to be processed. 
  4. We used the invoice number to process the invoice.
  5. We got approval for the invoice. 

I worked on another process where it generated offer letters for different people with templates. We would get the data in a dump. We would take that data put it into a template, and then into a Word file.

With another client, we used to receive around a million files. Per day, we would have to process around 70,000 to 80,000 records, uploading data where the volume was huge. We deployed the process in multiple bots, using about 20 bots to get the process done. For this client, every second used mattered. We had to code the bot in such a way that we could save every second for them. We had to figure out how much time the bot took and the cost savings for any particular data. We used the workload feature of Automation Anywhere get it done. The manual process took around 30 to 40 people around five to six hours a day, where the bot finishes between one to one a half hours. This was a huge time savings for the client.

For the client with 70,000 to 80,000, we created an SQL database to maintain all their records using bots. E.g., if a bot failed, then another bot would retry using the same information. In the "You Ready" phase, this process was 95 to 98 percent successful. When we finally moved it to production, we had between 99 to 100 percent accuracy. This took us around one and a half months to set up. Two development levels were involved along with an architect who was guiding us.

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Navinkumar Sadasivam says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Quality Analyst at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

We use it for the mail merge process, specifically for renewals. Each month, it could be a tedious process to check all the documents and PDFs for each iteration. The creation of a bot for these task leads to better than expected results.

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Technicaf766 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Technical Architect at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

We use this solution for application automation in both web-based and Windows applications.

Our automation is specific to the insurance and hospitality industries and has to do with automating email, PDFs, and updating them inside our ERP application.

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Saketha Krishna says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Architect at Sage IT

The most valuable feature of this solution is the ease of using it. Even as we were getting into RPA for the first time, I found it easy to understand this tool.

The terminal emulator and the automatic scanning of PDFs are good features that you can do really easily.

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Sagakumar Gangipelly says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Sr. Software Engineer at Ryan India Tax

We have automated web scripting, downloading documents from particular websites, scraping data from websites, and extracting the data from PDF files. We are also updating the application with some user inputs. E.g., if you have an Excel sheet to update into a particular application, we can use Automation Anywhere tool and automate the process.

We have built some Java applications in Automation Anywhere. I have also coded macros and Python scripts to include in our Automation Anywhere tool.

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Sachin Chitranshi says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Senior Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

What may be able to be improved is that sometimes there'll be a connection that is not from our clients and servers and that's a situation they may want to address. The solution for that may need to be built differently based on the needs from organization to organization. In that case, it is not particularly or specifically about the tool. It is just something I could see they might help enable.

That the product is now available as a cloud-based solution is a good feature that they added. So with that and new features already coming out, I don't have a lot of suggestions. I will have to work on this new version, then let's see if there's something I think they need to add.

There are a number of current tools which can be improved because they have many limitations. Like some better controls in emails, and better support for features in Excel and PDF. Especially things like that which I need more than new features.

I'll be enabling the current features, but I'll have to see them and what they do before I can feedback more.

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Surendra H says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Head, Computer Science at Christ University

There are many valuable features, including the reading material and taking data from websites. We can move quickly working with PDF files.

We can see what the bots are doing when they are working.

I like the bots that take data from databases and websites, then change it into another format. The bots can use this data to fill out forms, which is very tedious.

It is very easy for anybody to learn. Anybody spending time for the solution can learn it.

The UI is great and intuitive.

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DigitalP1c7d says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Digital Product Coordinator at a retailer with 5,001-10,000 employees

I want the tool to be more stabilized. After three or four hours, the navigation keeps changing. We will be running error handling for 8,000 process and the system will fail. We need it to be more stable.

I would like a detailed description of all the features in a PDF explaining their significance and what they do.

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Punith Venkatesh says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Consultant at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

Automation Anywhere drastically reduces manual work for employees. 

A process that I automated was taking data from one of website and matching/reconciling it with bank statements. I used Automation Anywhere to place the data from our website and compare that with the bank statement. Most of the bank statements were in PDF format. I extradited the data from the PDF format and copied that to an SCS Suite file. From there, I started comparing the values and reconciling them.

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Baskaran Chidambaran says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Specialist at Olam International

We kept on hiring resources to do the same type of operations, which increased our team resources. So, our SLAs were not up to the mark. the client that we were supporting was not satisfied. Therefore, we pushed toward RPA to optimize a few areas, such as onboarding employees, company access, and reading invoices from the PDF files. 

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FinancePefcd says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Finance Process Automation Lead at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

We are one of the smaller startups in the area so we experience a lot of issues. Most of the issues have been: 

  • How do you build up your platforms? 
  • Automation Anywhere is more geared toward how humans work, and a bot works differently.

These are the specific challenges that we have seen.

Some small issues:

  • A bot will be working and the the screen will lock out.
  • The app has a password change policy every few days.
  • One day, there will be a message box saying that the application is down or not available on a weekend. The instructions will say read the information and click, "Okay." But a bot doesn't understand the instructions because it is not the IQ system.

There are a lot of initiatives going on. E.g., there is one for the Excel part where they are building a plugin in Excel. Those type of plugins would help if they were built in various applications for integration across applications. I would like more plugins overall. It would be nice to have a plugin for all applications, like PowerPoint or any PDF to text converter, to make the tool easier to work with.

On the user side, we have seen issues with user training.

The product still requires programming knowledge. We would like it to become easy enough to use where anyone in the organization can utilize the tool and use the bots. The usability should be at the same level as a Microsoft Suite product. This is on Automation Anywhere's roadmap to evolve toward this.

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Gagnish Relhan says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
ETL Analyst at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees

Automation Anywhere has a Bot Store. E.g., you can download the bot from the Bot Store and utilize it's data extraction capabilities. You can extract unstructured data through IQ Bot. Getting unstructured data is not difficult. I once obtained an 84 page PDF file using an IQ Bot. This was just the trial version, and it was really good. I was able to get all the circuit IDs and properties that wanted in a simple CSV format. I had not seen anything like this before. When compared to other platforms, such as UiPath, they don't have these capabilities right now. They have activities like PDF extraction, but that's not good enough. That is a reason I'm referring Automation Anywhere as a game changer.

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Reginald Christian says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Head IT Operations and Infrastructure at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees

My primary use case is collecting data from the latest sources, whether it be a spreadsheet or PDF

I have used Automation Anywhere in my current and previous organizations.

In my current company, we have been successful with pushing the solution through and getting management buy-in. 

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Manohar-Reddy says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Service Delivery and Operations at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees

In 2017 when we decided that we needed RPA, we evaluated several products. We tried Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere, in addition to other automation tools that were on the market. At that time, we found that Automation Anywhere was doing better, and had more features, than all of the others, which is why we chose the product.

An example of the additional features was the support for PDF conversion, Excel data transfer, and the IQ Bot.

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reviewer1184964 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
User at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

We use this solution to automate the following task:

  • Open MS-Excel-File from Folder
  • Update the data with keystroke-command
  • Wait for calculation of the result
  • Save the file
  • Loop the command above for each file in the folder
  • Send email-notification to the task owner
  • Send Quality Check to task owner (.pdf-command)
  • Error handling (where applicable)
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reviewer1185765 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review

The most valuable feature of this solution is the SMART Recorder.

The overall developer client has an easy-to-use UI.

The Control Room, scheduling features, and client repository are really good features that make day-to-day bot development and enhancement quite quick and easy.

The PDF Integration feature is also quite helpful, as well as the Send email command that helps us skip a lot of Outlook-based steps that are not necessary.

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VigneshMunian says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Consultant at Deloitte

There are a couple of features that I would like AA to improve upon in their next releases. One is the PDF automation. Of course, AA has come up IQ Bot which scans PDF documents. I feel that IQ Bot has not reached its mark. With financial and banking, we have multiple invoices that we have to process in our top use cases. Typically, these invoices come in a PDF file. So, PDF automation is the one automation that we want them to concentrate on. 

The second feature which I would like them to concentrate on is the work items concept. AA has come up with this in version 11, but I want them to more like competitors in the market for the next releases.

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RajatOmar says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Associate Consultant at KPMG

There are multiple features, like PDF integrations, which are coming up. Task-related features to PDF integrations are coming up nowadays, so people want those executed and improved a lot in Automation Anywhere.

For improvement, I would like to see Automation Anywhere integrating with multiple other technologies. As of now, it is integrating with .NET. When it come to future technologies, I want Automation Anywhere to integrate with Python scripts, and make the execution easier. That will be very helpful, having our cognitive technologies interacting with Automation Anywhere.

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HelallAkhtar says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Senior RPA Developer at Ernst & Young

I lead the automation team in UI. In the UI, we automate mostly PDF and shared devices, then most web applications. For large volumes, we mostly automate PDFs.

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AnshikaSingh says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Developer at Accenture

Apart from the thing which Automation Anywhere is meant for: To automate manual tasks. I feel IQ Bot is the cherry on top, as it has helped us process a lot of unstructured data and it learns over a span of time. So, it has really helped us.

The IQ Bot is the latest feature of Automation Anywhere. It uses cognitive abilities to learn over a span of time, in which we have to train the IQ Bot. It will eventually learn after about 10 files, then it will start learning on its own and it will be able to do the task on its own. 

We use IQ Bot for invoice processing. It can be any type of document. It could be a PDF or any sort of document. It will convert those PDFs into CSV files, which is a structured format. It takes it from an unstructured to structured format. That is why we use IQ Bot.

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reviewer1204977 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Developer at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees

There were also some tasks where we needed a cognitive approach or an OCR solution. There were some scanned documents in a PDF format. We were in the initial stages and struggled at that time. I'm talking about in 2018. We struggled to get them into the structure format.

In the current stage, there are lots of opportunities in terms of claims, insurance, and banking where we need AI and cognitive solutions to automate unstructured documents. That is a need of ours. Automation Anywhere should improve in this field so they can provide support for artificial intelligence and cognitive solutions.

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SameerPrakash says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
Tax Technology Partner at Ernst & Young

 I can tell you what our clients are always looking for. The big challenge with our clients is that while ERPs are only handling 20 to 25 percent of the requirements. There is a lot of unstructured and semi-structured data that exists in the ecosystem which they can't leverage. That's really what they want the bots to do. How can they complement the current IT infrastructure in a good way to be able to get that outcome?

IQ Bots are extremely powerful. We are using them increasingly more where we're about to look through a lot unstructured sources, like PDF documents, scanned images, contracts, etc. We are able to take the data out, then use that toward processing structured data and creating insights for our clients. 

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MohanAgrawal says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
IT Consultant at ITC Infotech

Automation Anywhere has many functionalities. The newest version of Automation Anywhere, A2019, has improved a lot. So, it has many functionalities for Excel, such as, Excel automation. Throughout the entire organization, we have different types of work-related Excel, which you can easily automate to Automation Anywhere.

Also, Automation Anywhere includes IQ Bots. So, IQ Bots is the key part of Automation Anywhere. You can work on any type of PDF, images, invoices, or billing things in any company. You can just upload it and extract the data, then use it as you require. It is a key part of Automation Anywhere: the best part.

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reviewer1249008 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Developer at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees

We need more commands for PDF integration to make it more flexible.

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reviewer1387335 says in an Automation Anywhere (AA) review
RPA Program Manager at a engineering company with 10,001+ employees

We have found both the basic Task Bot & IQ Bot very useful as the combination of both helped us to create some solutions which were End to End Business solutions. IQ bot performs the basic Data Sample set creation and Extraction of the details from the unstructured PDFs and later we have used the Business Rule engine using the IQ Bot to perform the data feed into the various Systems. Overall we were able to achieve the value using the combination. As part of our internal solution, we have also created custom Python scripting to handle the OCR failure issues surfaced due to IQ Bot product limitations

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Blue Prism: PDF
Sonal Pawar says in a Blue Prism review
Senior Member Technical at Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

We started with a very small team and small projects. As the project started getting success with Blue Prism we have a large number of teams now just for automating all the business procedures. Larger time was saved after automating the processes.

The business was very much satisfied with the results. Many projects involving Java, Mainframe SAP, Web browsers, and Windows were made. We did also use PDF automation using OCR and Surface automation which helped tremendously as our company is payroll-based and involves lots of file processing in which the toughest is interacting with PDFs. 

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UiPath: PDF
Madhavi Sah says in an UiPath review
Software Engineer at Costa Cloud

I did many small projects in UiPath like PDF extraction, website automation, and translated the data into different languages.

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SYED ABDHAHIR M says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at UST Global

Automating PDF documents, data extraction, and using it as an input to web applications with efficient time management.

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Shubham Semwal says in an UiPath review
User at Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.

The OCR capability of UiPath makes it special as this feature was not in my previous automation tool. When I started using this tool, it made it compatible with automating some complex applications like reading PDFs, virtual machines and some more Citrix applications that were hard to automate using other tools. Its recording feature is also one of the best features along with its pricing as it charges money as per robot usage by the Orchestrator.

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Arjun S Meda says in an UiPath review
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Evangelist | Startup Community Builder | Public Speaker | Ex - Info
  • Excel automation: It has activities related to most of the functionalities in Excel and makes life easier for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in Excel for analysis and reporting.
  • PDF automation: It performs well in reading native PDF documents.
  • Email automation: It integrates well with IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 apart from supporting Outlook and Exchange which are used extensively in large corporations.
  • Web automation: The use of UiExplorer in extracting the properties of web elements and easy modification to improve the re-usability of workflows.
  • Windows automation: It works well with Windows-based apps for updating information received in Excel spreadsheets and to capture the information and reports generated in the apps.
  • Mobile app support to monitor bot health and status of the workflows.
  • OCR integration works well with third-party engines.
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reviewer1031013 says in an UiPath review

By working fast and getting new knowledge of RPA with the help of this tool. It reduces the human cost. 

Getting the mails, filtering that and downloading the required PDF and scrapping the necessary details from that, then updating it into Excel. After that, the saved data is updated on the website using Excel. Then giving the acknowledgment to the client, the process is completed or not. Using this overall, three hours of work will be completed in half or one hour.

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FelipeRangel says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at Global Hitss

I use UiPath in my company to migrate data between systems of a large telephone company where I use various functions available in UiPath, as well as OCR, PDF integration, email integration, SAP integration.

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reviewer1033407 says in an UiPath review
User with 1,001-5,000 employees

OCR and image recognition are already working quite good. But there is still room to improve when it comes to the accuracy, then scraping of scanned PDFs, etc.

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FelipeRangel says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at Global Hitss

We are currently implementing a solution for a large telephony company to migrate data between systems. This data is fetched from a system A and placed on a system B. Much of UiPath's functions are well used, such as integrations with PDF, OCR, Excel, and a few others. The financial return tends to be large since the robot manages to work 24/7 and with almost zero errors.

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Wladimir Corrêa says in an UiPath review
Developer RPA at Student

Integration with PDF reading OCR, Excel/CSV, SAP, Outlook/Gmail, as they are primary functions in the day-to-day operations of a company.

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FelipeR says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

We currently use the tool to sell solutions to internal customers. Most of the work that we automate is the migration of data between systems, automation of emails, extraction of data from PDFs with OCR, among others. The gain has been perceptible from the first moment, as human errors have been noticeably reduced to almost zero. Another good point for us is that we can leave the robot working for as long as we want.

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Shivani-Sharma says in an UiPath review
User at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

We have deployed the technology for six months. We are facing a major challenge in front of us. The invoice automation can only be done when the invoices are on the website. Usually, we fetch invoices from partner websites as PDF. Thus we are doing extra work of converting the pdf to RPA readable file. If we had dedicated channel of PDFs then it would have worked but it is not like that. 

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Anupam Mittal says in an UiPath review
Founder at Brontominds

Improvement in the parsing of PDF files.

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Roberto Faro says in an UiPath review

Processing PDF images with the manual PDF feed does not work very well.

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Hélio De La Rosa says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at Roberto Faro IT Solutions

Certainly, the integrations with Windows and Google OCR, PDF, Excel, Outlook and SAP are the most valuable within our area of performance.

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Carlos Suzano says in an UiPath review
User at a tech consulting company with 1-10 employees

I think they should give a review on the recognition of text in the PDF files. It can not read a whole file, and that delays the work it has too much.

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Rafael Arcanjo says in an UiPath review

Unfortunately, the work with PDFs that contain an image still has very bad recognition and needs to be studied for a way to improve this function which is very important for anyone who works with files of that format.

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Renato Chagas says in an UiPath review
Network analyst at Filiperson Special Papers

Work automating demands of our clients like emails and withdrawal of data from PDFs to database.

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Ankit J says in an UiPath review
  • Primary use case: Excel automation and email automation.
  • Secondary use case: PDF scraping and CSV management.
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reviewer1053186 says in an UiPath review

The OCR feature is the most valuable for processing PDFs, images and the Citrix environment.

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Maria Evert Riveros says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at University of Copenhagen

For example, in the case of our most recent robots, there were a set of tasks where three people had to print out 3000 PDF pages, then sort them into seven different piles, then sort those different piles into three different piles each. Afterwards, scan them and send them to different systems. We made this better. Instead of three different people taking a whole day, we did it in three minutes. This is an example of a very concrete, administrative task based on legacy systems, and we made it simpler. This was a huge improvement and positive thing for our company.

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Jaideep Gangui says in an UiPath review
Co-Founder and Oracle Fusion Middleware Architect at Fusion Applied

The features that we use the most for our use case include reading PDFs, email integration, and web and desktop automation talking to other desktop software.

We have generally found it easy to use, but we also develop some extensions. We are actually a software development shop, so we have developed extensions to the core UiPath platform. They have made it pretty easy to do that.

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Dhaval Shrimankar says in an UiPath review
Manager at Capgemini

In terms of savings, a task like taking data from one artifact and transferring it into another one, is common. The most frequent example, and the one that I worked on directly, involves a PDF invoice and taking whatever the amount due is and either copying and pasting it into an internal accounting tool or actually typing it. The process goes: Open email, open the attachment, read the data, verify it is accurate, and then manually transfer it into an internal system.

Depending on how big the invoice is, I've seen a person spend as much as 20 minutes on one invoice or as little as 30 seconds. That whole process of going through each and every email, opening the attachment, transferring the data, closing all the windows, and then moving on to the next email - the bot will do it because the bot is scheduled to run every hour to look for the unread emails. I can't give you an exact number in terms of how many minutes or hours are saved, but it's quite significant.

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reviewer1180599 says in an UiPath review

I have identified two issues that have to be improved:

  • It was necessary to use native PDF rather than a scanned PDF document to improve accuracy.
  • Templates had to be created for different formats.
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Terry Yoo says in an UiPath review
Sr Finance BI Manager at Vulcan

We're starting within our finance group, so a lot of different processes in our finance group are being automated. Our main project was for our tax department, extracting data from PDFs and putting them into Excel.

We have two people involved with RPA in our company.

We just purchased this solution last week so we're still installing everything. We did automate four processes with the community edition. The length of time in development varied by the process. The longer ones required help from UiPath. They came on-site for the PoC, so that helped us out. Some other easy ones we just did ourselves within a couple of days.

With respect to how easy it is to automate our company's processes, on a scale of one to five, I would say that it is a four. But with Studio X, I think it will probably be a five. I say four because as you get more complicated with your processes, you need to learn how to code and there's a brunt learning curve. A lot of people will get turned off by that. So, I made some good sessions with Studio X, it's all drag and drop, mostly, so that's perfect for the business users.

On a scale of one to five, judging how beneficial it is, I would rate the training a five. We are actually in the process of taking it right now. It's good that they have something like that available. There are not that many who have aced it.

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Prathibha Nawabpet says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at Lsc communication

This solution obviously helps us when it comes to eliminating human errors. I cannot estimate the percentage, but our company is manual process-intensive. We have a lot of manual processes like invoicing, where we have a process with the business team. They pull out an invoice number and a purchase order number from a PDF, and the source PDF is not structured. When it was being done manually, they had encountered issues entering data into one of their applications. This is one place where human errors have been reduced.

Using this solution has saved us time. For example, we have a huge process and I have heard that it saves us millions of dollars every year. Each human takes forty hours to complete the task, whereas it takes the unattended bot between ten and fifteen minutes.

Any savings in time for humans gives them time to work on something else.

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Lisa Bruecher says in an UiPath review
Manager at Vindelici Advisors GmbH

On a scale of one to five (where five is beneficial), I would rate the UiPath Academy as a four. There is some stuff that they could do better. I sampled the advanced, which is really difficult because it's just PDF. I had to use some YouTube videos to understand the framework that you need to pass for developer. They could do more videos on that.

They have three parts. The first is the foundation, and they are a lot of videos. The third part of it (advanced), there are no videos except one. That's only those PDF files, which you have to look and read through. I was like, "Okay, I probably can't do it." Then, I fell upon some community YouTube videos from other developers who just demonstrated it. This would be great if UiPath offered that, because I found out later that the developers made mistakes in their videos.

In the foundation, they get into much detail in the beginning. You're overloaded with information. You have to go through videos like three times to get it correctly. They could remove some stuff out of there. Those quizzes are really frustrating too. They are too detailed. If you sat with Uipath, you think it's really easy. However, it's not so much, if you get into those details.

Studio is a bit overwhelming in the beginning. They could get add some details, but not so many, into the foundation training. I've seen StudioX and loved the colors. Please get the colors into Studio. I loved the flow and that you got all these activities and colors too. It was so much easier. It was visually easier to understand where to click. It was really user-friendly.

I would rate the ease of use of the platform for automating our company’s processes as a four out of five (with five being very easy). I would rate it as a four because it didn't work in the beginning to get my bots active. I had to get into a lot of videos to get them running. I didn't understand how it needed to be designed or coded.

The Orchestrator training was much better, but I still somehow missed some details which I needed. However, it's not just do it, then it's done. You need some time to get into it. Though, it's much easier than Studio.

The integration with Outlook is not that good yet.

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YAWANTWI-ADJEI says in an UiPath review
Data Visualization Specialist at Data Catalyst

The most valuable features are PDF, Excel automation, and web scraping.

The Try-Catch feature is awesome.

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reviewer1249323 says in an UiPath review
User at a K-12 educational company or school with 501-1,000 employees

I use it to provide training on UiPath.

In the past, I have used UiPath to automate the debit card activation web portal. The task is to read data from Excel and put it into the web portal.

I used it for DMS portal automation as well, after reading scanned PDFs and updating data in the DMS portal.

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Sourav Kumar Das says in an UiPath review
Full Stack Developer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

I would like to see improvements made in OCR, Captcha Automation, and PDF extraction. There should be a clearer way of performing web scraping, such that it is simpler to do.

Overall, more add-on features would improve UiPath.

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Srđan Suć says in an UiPath review
Technical Consultant at Ibis-Instruments d.o.o.

Definitely, the machine learning engine should be improved so that we can process more invoices and purchase orders in PDF format with ease. There is a beta version but it is not stable. This is the only place where UiPath needs to improve because their competitors have this option and it is useful.

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reviewer1251909 says in an UiPath review
User at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

There are some problems with selectors and in PDF extraction so it could be improved a little bit.

There is a bug in UiPath that occurs when the URL of the web page changes. We are unable to scrap the data from that application page.

The Community Edition is not stable, so end-users working on the Community version may find some errors or issues when using this tool. Also, debugging is not as expected. A lot of issues occur during debugging.

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Mohan Negi says in an UiPath review
Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Primary use cases involve the following automation environments and processes:

  1. Oil and Gas Domain: Automation of various applications specific to this domain such as Gopher, Tow, Toad, Excel, and various browsers.
  2. Finance Banking: Here we have to deal with various legacy applications with a lot of PDF and Excel-based automation. UiPath comes with a lot of reliable solutions here.
  3. Healthcare: Automation is a big challenge because the Healthcare domain is not a simple thing to automate. The ML extractor and Intelligent Automation activities are best to use here.
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Umar Farooq , OCS says in an UiPath review
Oracle ERP Consultant at Al Falak

It has improved the work process of a task that used to take two days and is now done during the breaks of the employees. This means employees can do other tasks.

It has improved the time it takes to do the bank reconciliation from the system. It now matches the value based on the common transaction number and the reconciliation is done.

Secondly, the attachment of documents to the invoice, which is sometimes missed, is a very basic process to do. It used to take a lot of time, so instead, employees can now do productive work rather than attaching the PDF file to the transactions.

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reviewer1427238 says in an UiPath review
Dir., Resource Management Systems and Data at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

We have not seen it do OCR, and that would be helpful. Right now, the tool will not read a PDF file, and we can't use PDF files. We want it to able to take an image, then take that image and put the particular field out in the right spot in a table. We have not seen it where you can scan a document in, then it reads fields and places those in a table.

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Kryon RPA: PDF
Adam Staude says in a Kryon RPA review
Manager, Application Support at a consumer goods company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The stability is pretty good. The only unstable part is Studio where you build this stuff. In our version, the 5.25. It has a memory leak. If you leave it open for too long, eventually it just freezes. Saving your work, closing, and opening it just once a day is all it takes. However, this is a bug that I have noticed about the stability of the actual tool. Our production console and robots have been rock solid.

We are still a fledgling operation with it. We have one guy who works part-time on the PDF and another full-time contractor working with the business to build more bots and wizards and also finding more opportunities. Then, there are two of us who are dabbling in it in addition to our regular jobs. 

It is also helpful for certain one-off updates. I am a support analyst myself for a lot of our software. People in the business will come to me with really simple problems. E.g., HR had to send out an email to every intern with some of their employment credentials and links to sites for things that they needed. However, they all had to be personalized. Each email needed to have unique information to each candidate in it. So, they built the template real quick. They handed me the email and we dumped a list of the interns from our HRS system on it. We just threw that in the bot real quick with a couple of loops using the email template with some variables and were able to send out an email to all the interns in minutes, which could have taken a whole day, if done manually. For one off things like this, it's such a simple tool and really easy to use. 

While there are other ways of doing these type of tasks, e.g., a lot of HR systems have some sort of bulk email feature built-in to send new hires information. Our HRS doesn't have that or maybe it's too clunky to use. This just makes it super quick. 

We also use a lot of similar things with one off SQL automation where we could build a complicated script and run that. However, the bot can run a loop of queries for whatever variable it might be and spit out a report. This takes literally minutes to build and run versus hours if you go different paths. This makes it a very sleek little one off thing.

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Reviewer74906 says in a Kryon RPA review
Business Analyst at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

The scalability has been good because of the .NET aspect. If it wasn't for that, they wouldn't scale.

For example, we had one bot that we built which needed to run every day to download documents off a website. It had to go download a lot, sometimes up to 500 documents a day. It never finished because the website wasn't stable enough to run for hours and hours. The bot would end up failing because it took hours. Now, we download one document now from the website and use .NET to split out the PDF files for each separate document that we need. Instead of downloading one at a time on the website, we use .NET to download one, and separate all 300 of them. If we didn't have .NET they wouldn't be able to scale.

With that capability I don't see any limitation to that scalability. .NET has been a lifesaver.

We had another one that we had to change recently because it took the bot six to eight minutes to do the whole process the way the business users were doing it. We needed to do 900 in a day. Even running it on two different servers, it wasn't going to get everything done in the time that we needed it done. Instead of throwing it away saying, "Sorry, we can't use it," we changed the process for the business users and said, "Hey, can we do it this way?" and used .NET. There is a little more front-end work that the users have to do if there are errors, but not very often. Most of the time it goes through. With .NET, it does the process in 30 seconds.

We use the. NET plugin everywhere that we can because it makes things faster.

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BotFarm: PDF
AshishTyagi says in a BotFarm review
Solutions Architect at PureSoftware Ltd

The task bots are good features. I also like enabling the IQ bots to read PDF documents and automate PDF projects and invoices. Because we employ so many people, it is very useful to automate any processes compatible with Automation Anywhere.

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reviewer1430799 says in a BotFarm review
Technical Lead at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We use BotForm for predicting the suppliers for a particular client. There are multiple suppliers and we have to find the ones who are coming under the Middle Market and Public Labor Department. There are some criteria, and we use that together with the Bot to trace all of the PDF documents and webpages to see if there are any suppliers in those categories.

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HelpSystems AutoMate: PDF
reviewer1356150 says in a HelpSystems AutoMate review
Chief Technology Officer at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

Our use case for this solution is in the HR department. We are a company that has external consultants that perform services for other companies, and each employee has to give us reports describing their hours each month. Based on these reports, we charge the customer accordingly.

We have PDF files that are scanned and sent to us by phone. These are from our employees on the customer's site, and our human resources personnel review them afterward. The reports are compared with our in-house system, the files are reviewed, and the hours are approved. Once this is complete, an invoice is sent to the customer.

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Jack Frano says in a HelpSystems AutoMate review
Principal at Adaptive Growth, Inc

Adaptive Growth is a reseller for HelpSystems' AutoMate Robotic Process Automation software system. Our primary target markets are manufacturing and distribution companies. We also feel that nursing homes and trucking companies are markets that RPA will provide tremendous benefits in operational cost reductions. HelpSystem's PDF and email integration into business software workflows is a great benefit for most any company. 

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SAP Contextor: PDF
reviewer1233867 says in a SAP Contextor review
CTO RPA at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The support is expensive.

Contextor is more difficult to learn and use because of its approach. It is more with the programming. It's a tool for developers who have a good understanding, with good practical skills in JavaScript, and knowledge of the Windows operating system. 

UiPath has another approach that is more user-friendly with the strategy that is oriented for the end-user.

I would like to see a better capacity for unstructured data, for example, PDF, or text within images.

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WinAutomation by Softomotive: PDF
Devendhar Rao says in a WinAutomation by Softomotive review
Technical Team Lead at emids

It would be helpful to have features that are fine-tuned for Microsoft products because most of our clients are using products like SharePoint and OneDrive.

The OCR functionality needs to be improved. We are not getting the same accuracy as other tools when reading things like PDFs.

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