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Securonix Security Analytics: data exfiltration
IT Project Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

For this kind of solution, unless you find somebody who physically took something and was going to sell it or try to, and you were able to recover it, it's really tough to put a monetary number on intellectual property loss. You would be making an assumption about what might have happened if the competition had it.

Still, I would certainly say that that we have seen a return on investment. We haven't seen a return where we actually stopped our engineering IP from going out the door. Then we would definitely have an ROI because all it takes is stopping one person and you've paid for your investment over and over again.

But what we've been able to do, if nothing else, is to let more people know that we are aware, that we're watching what's going on. We've had factory managers who are actually appreciative and feel more comfortable knowing that someone is watching this information. Again, we're back to these intangibles, but our company very much sees the value in this and, as we move forward, we'll see even more value. It might cost us a little bit more but we'll see more ROI if we find out what's going on with things like data exfiltration.

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Netsurion EventTracker: data exfiltration
Sr. Information Technology Security Engineer at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees

We send the Snort IDS alerts to EventTracker, e.g., high level ones like Ransomware and data leak type alerts, we are sending the Snort alerts to EventTracker. For things like ransomware, data leaks, and data exfiltration, we have higher incident reports created, so then it also gets sent to our email and phone. As an example, this Saturday night around four o'clock, we were alerted to an incident from EventTracker. They got a Snort alert about a data leakage or data exfiltration. It was a false positive, and that is good. But, this is just one way we use EventTracker.

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