What is Server Monitoring?

Server monitoring is an IT department work assignment as well as a set of technologies. Whether an organization is running servers for its own use or providing them for external customers, IT managers need to know how servers are functioning. Server monitoring software checks for issues related to overloaded servers, crashes or network connection problems. Monitoring tools track server availability, response times, memory and CPU usage, disk space and uptime. There are many different server monitoring solutions on the market, with a wide array of available features.

IT Central Station members who have purchased server monitoring software emphasize administrative efficiency as a key selection criterion. Members want server monitoring packages to be easy to use and configure out of the box. Once implemented, the solution should not require excessive administrative time. User express an interest in having a single pane of glass for the whole stack that gives the admin a view from storage up to the application tier. An SDK is cited as a helpful feature in this regard.

Server monitoring software packages have to be able to scale. Users demand scalable products and heterogeneous OS coverage. But, scale cannot add complexity. IT Central Station members share they want tools that offer an integrated central approach to monitoring.

Specific features that affect selection include event management capabilities and the proactive ability to head off failures. Being able to create custom events enables admins to tune monitoring and customize the process for specific devices – it keeps the admin on top of top of issues that affect the stability of the environment. Monitoring should ideally not be passive. Users want to be alerted of potential problems before they happen and be able to quantify and report on what is happening with servers. 

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