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Solutions Engineer at ThinkON
Reviewed VMware vSphere: Has kept our business running with…
Senior Manager of Engineering at a financial services firm
Solution Architect, IT Consultant at Merdasco - Rayan Merdas Data Prosseccing
Head of Oracle Exadata Centre of Excellence at a tech services company
System Administrator at a manufacturing company
Reviewed VMware vSphere: Provides robust and highly…
CIO at a software R&D company
Reviewed VMware vSphere: vSphere vs. RHEV vs. Hyper-V vs…
Lead specialist at OKCIUS (Pty) Ltd
IT Manager at a tech vendor
Reviewed KVM: Review about KVM
System Design Specialist at Castra AB
Reviewed VMware vSphere: It is a fast, responsive solution…
System Architect at a financial services firm
Reviewed VMware vSphere: High availability feature allows…
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