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Richie Murray
Technical Support Engineer with 1-10 employees
Oct 10 2019
Which hypervisor provides the best network performance at 10gb or higher? What do you all think?
Hassan IsmailOn a basic, structural level, virtual networks aren't that different from physical networks. So In virtualization, virtual switches are used to establish a connection between the virtual network and the physical network. Once the vSwitch has bridged the connection between the virtual network and the physical network, the virtual machines residing on the host server can begin transferring data to, and receiving data from, all of the network-capable devices connected to the physical network. That is to say, the virtual machines are no longer limited to communicating solely across the virtual network. What I want to say the network performance depend on many factors rather than hypervisor itself with my long experience in virtualization after working on VMware, OVM, KVM, Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV, we can get the best performance for all of these hypervisors if we are using the proper NIC card, physical server, and physical switches. From my point of view, Nutanix can provide the best performance due to the data locality which can offer more than 10 Gb for the hosted virtual machines. But again you can gain the best performance from VMware if you have the best design.
Patrick RingelbergI have worked only with VMware Hypervisor and have seen that for most customers a 2 x 10Gbit connection it works fine when using in combination with the distributed virtual switch with network profile on it. (VMware QOS) in the DVS.
Fábio RabeloUsing Intel network cards 520 and 540, I have not tested any 550 yet. Proxmox gets the best performance, but not by much, XEN and VMware get really close, I do not think it can be the "deciding" factor. With Broadcom network cards the result changes a lot. In this case, Proxmox gets WAY better performance compared to XEN and VMware but is a little slower than Intel. I will not provide numbers because my tests are very informal and relaxed, just copy a big file, or open a bunch of queries in an SQL server.
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