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What is Service Virtualization?

When evaluating Service Virtualization tools, IT Central Station users explain that it is important to understand your specific needs as well as the capabilities of the various tools. Users note that earlier defect identification as well as the ability to spin up virtual services without purchasing additional hardware are valuable features of these tools. Buyers should also take into consideration the types of licenses available, associated costs and integration with other products.

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Chapterlead Parasoft & DATPROF
Joost's main speciality is Service Virtualization. He consults and develops solutions for and with customers to their exact needs. Besides Service Virtualization Joost is also an specialist in other domains of the testtooling, for instance Test Automation, Performance testing and Test Data... more>>
Reviewed Parasoft Service Virtualization: Great tool for virtualizing (web)services
Technical Consultant
- Middleware tester and implementor of virtual web services to different backends using ITKO CA LISA product. - QA Analyst performing the role of testing through most of the phases of Software development life cycle. - Developed and implemented an accounting application using Java and MS access... more>>
Reviewed CA Service Virtualization: We used CA Service Virtualization to overcome...
Senior Analyst
Service Virtualization Solution Consultant -Design, develop and scaling of virtual services (Service Oriented Virtualization) for heterogeneous component-based applications -Experienced working on Oracle WebLogic, TIBCO BW, IBM MQ, JMS -Developed and Implemented integrated SOA Test... more>>
Reviewed CA Service Virtualization: Has saved us time in terms of the amount of time it...
Test Automation Consultant
Having around 6 years of overall IT experience in Software Testing. • Expertise in test automation for SOA testing using CA-LISA / DevTest Tool, HP UFT and SoapUI Tool. • Comprehensive knowledge on CA LISA Service Virtualization Tool and IBM RIT. • Automated Data driven end to end... more>>
Reviewed CA Service Virtualization: Quick to set up virtual services which supports...
Senior Associate - SOA Test Automation and Service Virtualization Technical Manager
A dynamic Professional with an intent to learn new technologies and tools having 6.7 years of industry experience as a QA Engineer/QA Management Consultant [Manual & Automation] . I aim to serve this Industry with my intellegence and come up with innovative and smart solutions. I am a... more>>
Reviewed Micro Focus Service Virtualization: The data model and agents are easy to use and...
Independent Test Automation Professional
I help organizations improve their testing efforts through smart application of test tools. I have around 10 years of experience in the test automation field and have designed and implemented test automation solutions in Java and C# for a wide range of clients. I make sure that automated tests... more>>
TOP 20
I help to organizations to improve their Software Development Life Cycle. My main speciality is software change and configuration management, but I've worked in each step in the SDLC. I also have expertise in service virtualization solutions. I have designed and implemented SDLC solutions.... more>>
Reviewed Parasoft Service Virtualization: Low technical knowledge required to start using the...
Senior Test Automation Consultant
Test Automation - Framework design & development Test Automation (GUI, Web Services) using commercial and free tools (HP QTP/UFT, Selenium, Coded UI, CA LISA/DevTest, SoapUI, SilkTest) Application Lifecycle Management tools (HP Quality Center, Team Foundation Server) Continuous Integration... more>>
Solution Consultant
A lot of experience on a lot of different environments, languages and techniques. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key skills & knowledge: Hardware (OS): -PC (Windows, DOS, Linux) -Servers (zLinux (virtual servers on zVM) -Midrange... more>>
Reviewed CA Service Virtualization: If you need stubs for development/testing it's a...
Providing CA LISA strategy and Service Virtualization, Testing and Validation Software for Dependent Rational System/Components Application-Behavior Virtualization @ Syntel Inc - Center of Excellence Practice Team.
Reviewed CA Service Virtualization: I've been using the product for over 5 years and...

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