Software Defined Networking (SDN) Features

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Engineered72 says in a VMware NSX review
Engineer at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The organization of it is logical, useful, and intuitive. The security part of micro-segmentation is getting more important. View full review »
Solution2aa6 says in a VMware NSX review
Solutions Architect at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
We like that we can split networks. Layers 4 and 7 are nice. We like that load balancing is easy for the person running it and certain features like the web bouncers F5. We like that the microsegmentation feature is easy to use. It is easy to segment the network. View full review »
Andres Hurtado says in a VMware NSX review
Director with 51-200 employees
The easy integration and management are the two most valuable features. In regards to Layer 4 and 7 load balancing with a solution, for us, it's about the continuity. We look for different ways to create something similar while making improvements. We like to include different services and make sure that we have high availability, not just in our closer environment but also around multiple environments. Microsegmentation is important. We cap it depending on the compliance and regulations that are in the systems for every single company's requirements. It depends on the size of the customer, but I don't see a reason not to use it. We cap it based on industry, size of a company, and the compliance regulations that the company requires. Also, we consider the nature of the industry, although the reality is that security applies to everybody. Some industries take it more seriously than others because of their policies, rules, and regulations that they have to comply with. Ultimately, security is an issue that affects everybody and is important for all to have. View full review »
Lead06b9 says in a VMware NSX review
Lead at Accenture
The firewall is its most valuable feature. It is a mature solution that is available for enterprise companies. View full review »
Consudee5 says in a VMware NSX review
Consultant with 51-200 employees
Any administrator with basic networking knowledge, in a couple of days, can be in full control of their networking without going through a networking engineer. The microsegmentation feature is the reason why everybody wants to implement NSX. It's just awesome. I was impressed by it when I saw it for the first time. However, now that I see it everyday in production, it works perfectly. View full review »
DeptMgr4ea4 says in a VMware NSX review
Dept. Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Security and cloud readiness are the most valuable features for us. We're interested in looking into microsegmentation. View full review »
Technolo19ac says in a VMware NSX review
Technology Manager
The most valuable features would be the easy management and the possibility of using our existing vSphere environment so that we don't need to purchase a new hardware. Layers 4 and 7 load balancing are good. We like that it's integrated with the vSphere. This means that we can see its full capabilities because of the full visibility of the kernel on the NSX management. Microsementation is really powerful. With the existing networks of the legacy networks, we need to build a firewall between the segments in order to do microsegmentation but now having, for example, one VLAN connected to multiple VLANs, I can do micro-segmentation between the workloads even with the ushering the same segments. View full review »
Denis FERRAND says in a VMware NSX review
Head of EMEA Strategic Alliances at Arrow Electronics, Inc
We like that you can think ahead of having all of your networks being software-led. That's the beauty, and everybody wants to do that rather than connecting cables or whatsoever into switches and routers. It's all about the fantastic design they made. Microsegmentation is all about security. We need security by definition into the network. Otherwise, the whole network would be corrupt, and if the whole network is corrupt, all of the data would be corrupt. View full review »
Adam Lowles says in a VMware NSX review
Information Security Manager at Anana LTD
Automation, because we're constantly onboarding massive customers. We have our own management system, which integrates nicely with NSX. Therefore, we've built an automation layer so we can deploy and completely secure new customers in a hosted environment within a couple of minutes. Microsegmentation is incredible. It's the only way to go for managing networks long-term. The security benefit has been huge. View full review »
SysEng189856 says in a VMware NSX review
System Engineer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
The most valuable feature is to control application behavior. It provides us with features that other products have not. View full review »
SystemEn1ee7 says in a VMware NSX review
System Engineer at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
* It is scalable. * The microsegmentation is a good feature. You can segment details, products, or hardware information. View full review »
Archtct10001 says in a VMware NSX review
Architect at Computacenter
Microsegmentation and automation are two features we have found to be the most valuable. The microsegmentation feature is a mature feature used in NSX-V and NSX-T. We are trialing Layer 4 and 7 load balancing with this solution, as it's very new. View full review »
Evgeniy Stepanov says in a VMware NSX review
Engineer at DataLine - лучшая команда виртуализации VMware 2015
The most valuable features would be VPN and PCM. I use L7 balancing. I can use it for two tethers and I can see the source IP. I can split for monitoring for me and my analyst. View full review »
Frederic Giovannacci says in a VMware NSX review
System Engineer at GIP SIB
Its flexibility and integration with other VMware solutions are NSX's most valuable features. The microsegmentation feature is very useful. View full review »
EmeaInfr6d8d says in a VMware NSX review
EMEA Infrastructure Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We like that NSX is integrated with everything. The load balancing is a real major opportunity for us. As a CIO, we have 99.9% network security. We would like to optimize this product. View full review »
Paul Walsh says in a VMware NSX review
VMware Administrator at Ryanair
The microsegmentation is great, and the security team thinks it is great. View full review »
Sysadm654651 says in a VMware NSX review
System Administrator
We like that NSX is faster. My colleagues manage their own firewalls so they can freely deploy their VMs. The ability to freely deploy is one of the most valuable features. View full review »
Mohammed Amine Lablan says in a VMware NSX review
The Distributed Firewall is simple to add to the network and rules are easy to implement on it. View full review »
Enrique Camberos says in a Meraki SD-WAN review
Partner and Chairman with 1-10 employees
Zero touch configuration onsite based on the manager system's pre-configuration and the VPN automation set. View full review »
John Statt says in a VMware NSX review
Senior Solutions Architect at SMP
NSX is extremely invaluable from the standpoint of security. It does have capabilities of micro-segmenting a network, being able to create smaller segments of various types of applications separated by various tiers. However, what it's mostly important for is being able to actually set security policies right at the interfacing virtual machine, which we haven't had the ability to do in the past. View full review »
Tom Bowles says in a VMware NSX review
Network Engineer
The most valuable part of NSX is it's very scalable and automated. Our change request time is really low. View full review »
MichaelGonzalez says in a VMware NSX review
VMware NSX Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
NSX gives us the ability to put our network, NSX, onto any network there is, which allows us not to have to go to the network team to create networks our VLANs for networks. We can just create all our networks right from the start. Whenever we want to spin something up, we just spin it up. View full review »
Luke Kesselring says in a VMware NSX review
EVS Engineer 3 at Cabela's
To be able to do the DR and SRM migrations from datacenter to datacenter, we're able to do them with SRM with VXLAN, with the NSX product. View full review »
DarrylShorts says in a VMware NSX review
Infrastructure Architect
Some of NSX's most valuable features are: * Its distributed firewall * The we can actually extend Layer 2 networking across datacenters, and also Layer 3 networking, which comes along with it. * The routing and switching. View full review »
Todd Gould says in a VMware NSX review
Solutions Architect at IronBow Technologies
I sell to a lot of customers in the DoD. NSX has really become part of their ecosystem, especially for the tactical customers in the DoD. It's very important for them to have small footprints and have as much services in their servers, as possible. NSX has fit this role really well for them. View full review »

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