Software Defined Storage (SDS) Features

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Director of Technology at FAFCO, INC.
Without question, the support. StarWind has been a valuable technology partner for us from the beginning. On the rare occasion when we have had a problem, or have simply needed to do an upgrade, they have provided first-rate support. Anyone who has dealt with common off-shore support understands the frustration in dealing with incompetent and difficult to communicate with support staff. This is not so with StarWind, as their support staff is comprised of true experts who can also communicate clearly. For highly technical products this is essential. The best part about their tech support though, is that you probably won't need it much! On the technical side, the performance has been excellent. I have never found a reason to regret not going with a traditional SAN. The configuration is so much simpler, with fewer points of failure to worry about. Integration with Microsoft clustering has been perfect, allowing us to leverage our investment in MS server licensing to the fullest. Updates to server hardware are now painless and done during working hours with zero stress. We had a RAID failure a few months back, and nobody in the building even noticed and there was no after hours time used for repair. It's the best! View full review »
Ivailo Nikolov says in a StorPool review
Built-in redundancy for both storage nodes and network gives us peace of mind in case of a hardware failure, be it a storage node or a network component. The speed of the storage solution also allows us to provide service to applications that are very I/O intensive. View full review »
it_user506580 says in a HPE StoreVirtual review
Socio at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Enables us to build highly available shared storage from a standard rack server, such as HPE Proliant DL. However, it is not limited to that. Thin provisioning lets us get the most value from the hard drives. I found the architecture to have less single point failure than a traditional SAN. View full review »
KualoCraig says in a StorPool review
Operations Director at Kualo Limited
Performance, redundancy, scalability and cost-effectiveness. StorPool delivers superbly in all of these areas - something no other product we have either tested or deployed has been able to do consistently. View full review »
davidstrom says in a DataCore SANsymphony review
Owner at David Strom Inc.
Easy to manage disk pools, different storage tiers and virtual storage repositories Continuous data protection just takes a single click to enable View full review »
reviewer1007766 says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
We found the most valuable features to be: * Easy installation, * Easy to work with, * Very good support. View full review »
Senior9883 says in a Nutanix Acropolis review
Senior Business Analyst with 51-200 employees
On-demand scaling is the most valuable feature, I can keep on scaling on-demand. Secondly, Nutanix allows me to create my own configuration. I can create my own configuration and I can get all of it as per my configuration. Number three is that in Nutanix if I do three or four nodes if I look at the traditional environment I have to really figure out the wave concept. Connect wave one, wave two, wave six, wave five. In Nutanix I don't have any of these issues. Lastly, deduplication. Deduplication and erasure coding. View full review »
Richard Lingsch says in a StorPool review
President at eApps Hosting
Managing StorPool is much simpler than our previous storage system, especially having a CLI option which our previous storage system was lacking. Monitoring a StorPool cluster is also simple with the built-in JSON API. View full review »
reviewer1002462 says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Ease of installation, configuration, and management. It literally took us less than two hours to have a fully functional 2-node cluster. View full review »
reviewer1003731 says in a DataCore SANsymphony review
User at a non-profit with 1,001-5,000 employees
Auto-tiering moves data to fast disk if needed. Works great. I don't have to think about the second set of data. View full review »
David Gardner says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
IT Administrator at Cygnus, inc.
One of the most valuable features is the way it sets up the virtual SAN, because we don't have to buy a separate appliance for storage. It uses the existing storage on the servers, which is definitely a cost savings for us. View full review »
IT Director/Senior Software Developer at a construction company with 201-500 employees
* StarWind Virtual SAN. We no longer have to manage storage via multiple local server disks. * Added fault tolerance helps everybody sleep easier at night knowing we can lose an entire node without affecting production. View full review »
Bryan Schuler says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Network Administrator at MUM Industries
* The control panel is nice. It gives you a lot of good feedback as to the status and health of the VSAN. * The synchronization is very nice. * I like its flexibility. It is more flexible than most VSAN solutions that I have seen. For example, you can run it across two hosts. You don't need a third host observing it. View full review »
ITManagefb53 says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
IT Manager at a software R&D company with 51-200 employees
I like the asynchronous replication and failover features. They are what I'm primarily using it for. The asynchronous replication is helpful because our servers are backed up continuously throughout the day. If anything goes wrong we just fail over immediately. That is a very nice feature to have. In addition, we have it integrated with vCenter which makes the failover automatic. It's basically set-it-and-forget-it. View full review »
Richard Ojeleye says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Deputy Director of Technology and Communications at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees
The most attractive feature is, as a Virtual SAN, the data on one is copied to the data on the second. We have two in tandem. So, the data on one is the same as the data on the second one. If we need to do maintenance on the server, it doesn't necessarily have to be after hours, or recommended after hours. If I need to do something in an emergency, I can stop the sync and know that one server has all the information, do what I need to do, and sync them back. Once we resolve the syncing issues, a first sync of about 4TB of data was done in under 30 minutes. The ability to have the office run and do emergency backup repairs without the company being down was a feature that I liked about this VSAN. View full review »
Matthew Henson says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Owner at Split Digital LLC
The most valuable feature is the ability to lose a node and not have my systems go down. View full review »
Chief Technology Officer, Founder | We Help SMB Businesses Leverage Technology & Reduce Risk at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The ability to continue to use Veeam was of the highest importance — but we needed something to replicate data easily to a cloud storage provider like Backblaze. StarWind's VTL to B2 fit the bill nicely on paper. In practice, it is somewhat technical to deploy and manage, but overall it gets the job done. View full review »
Larchevesque says in a DataCore SANsymphony review
Administrator at a government with 5,001-10,000 employees
The most useful feature is the continuity of service and the associated performance. It brings great flexibility. View full review »
Maxence VIODET says in a DataCore SANsymphony review
Technicien SIC at a government
DataCore is very fast storage, applications start faster, and database access is improved. You can attach different storage pool and DataCore chooses where to store data (the most accessed data are on the faster storage automatically). Replication helps us to replicate virtual servers on different sites easily. View full review »
Infrastructure Lead at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
Resiliency. There were many situations I put myself in while testing, and the data was never at risk. View full review »
Michael Ollesch says in a DataCore SANsymphony review
IT System Administrator
* Three-way mirror synchronization of the data over three sections * Auto-tiering: effective utilization of fast to slow memory areas * CDP: Continuous data protection is an important part of our backup strategy. View full review »
jfourrier says in a DataCore SANsymphony review
IT Manager at IMS
* The parallel I/O function is very useful when there are many requests for read/write access to the disks. The administration is simple and easy. * It is possible to create a virtual disk very easily, and moving the virtual machines is fast. View full review »
User at a non-profit with 501-1,000 employees
* Proactive monitoring and support * The ability to achieve high availability. View full review »
sleisse says in a DataCore SANsymphony review
Senior Manager at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees
* High availability of storage * Stability and performance * Fast implementation and integration. Installation time was about one day. Since then, it runs stable. View full review »
Christopher Vlach says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Operations Manager at a insurance company
* Very simple to use * Hardware agnostic * Extremely reliable * Feature rich * Cost-effective! * StarWind also has excellent support in the rare case you need them. View full review »

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