Software Defined Storage (SDS) Features

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Kristopher Skully says in a StarWind HyperConverged Appliance review
Systems Administrator at Hospice of the Western Reserve
The biggest thing we were looking for was redundancy, with both the compute and the storage, so that way we could lose a full node and still keep everything up and running, and not have to worry about it. Another of the most important features we were looking for, since we're short on time, was something that we could deploy quickly and easily. They were offering what they call a "turnkey solution." We could just buy it, they would preconfigure it, we would throw it in our environment and do some very minimal configuration on the phone with them, and we would be up and running. Then we just needed to start moving our virtual machines over, using Hyper-V’s shared-nothing live migration feature. The solution's hardware footprint is great. We have three 1U servers, a total of 3U, and that's replacing a full rack of equipment. We haven't had to use the ProActive Premium Support feature much yet. But they contacted me one time because there was network glitch on one server. We hadn't actually started migrating virtual machines over to it yet, but they contacted me within ten minutes of the issue happening, as I was still trying to figure it out. I have not seen the problem since. The ProActive Premium Support was another factor that we evaluated when we made the decision to purchase this solution, to make everything easier with less work for us. View full review »
MarkMgr says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
IT Manager at a hospitality company with 51-200 employees
We just use it for the storage replication. We haven't really utilized any of the other StarWind functionality in it. View full review »
Director of Technology at FAFCO, INC.
Without question, the support. StarWind has been a valuable technology partner for us from the beginning. On the rare occasion when we have had a problem, or have simply needed to do an upgrade, they have provided first-rate support. Anyone who has dealt with common off-shore support understands the frustration in dealing with incompetent and difficult to communicate with support staff. This is not so with StarWind, as their support staff is comprised of true experts who can also communicate clearly. For highly technical products this is essential. The best part about their tech support though, is that you probably won't need it much! On the technical side, the performance has been excellent. I have never found a reason to regret not going with a traditional SAN. The configuration is so much simpler, with fewer points of failure to worry about. Integration with Microsoft clustering has been perfect, allowing us to leverage our investment in MS server licensing to the fullest. Updates to server hardware are now painless and done during working hours with zero stress. We had a RAID failure a few months back, and nobody in the building even noticed and there was no after hours time used for repair. It's the best! View full review »
Tamer Embaby says in a Red Hat Ceph Storage review
Unix Solutions Manager at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
Data redundancy, since it can survive failures (disks/servers). We didn’t lose our data or have a service interruption during server/disk failures. View full review »
Ivailo Nikolov says in a StorPool review
Built-in redundancy for both storage nodes and network gives us peace of mind in case of a hardware failure, be it a storage node or a network component. The speed of the storage solution also allows us to provide service to applications that are very I/O intensive. View full review »
reviewer1237494 says in a HPE StoreVirtual review
HPE Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
HPE StoreVirtual is very easy to use from the management console. The interface is very good. This solution is very easy to deploy. The performance is very good. View full review »
reviewer1237392 says in a HPE StoreVirtual review
Senior Storage Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Catalyst handling. The software is perfect. View full review »
reviewer1249170 says in an IBM Spectrum Scale review
Senior Expert Solution Architect at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
GPFS monitoring is the best feature. The performance is very good and so is the scalability. The NFS CL solution is impressive because if you have a power loss for any reason from the consumer host, the system switches seamlessly to the next available node in this cluster. This happens without any interruption in the data stream, reading or writing. When the system is coming back from the maintenance or the reboot cycle, the system switches automatically back to the initial host. This is very good and very friendly. I have never seen this before when comparing to other solutions such as NetApp, and Dell EMC Unity. NetApp is also very good for NFS solutions. View full review »
reviewer1253973 says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Deputy Director at a government with 11-50 employees
It is fast and easy to deploy to StarWind SAN for someone who is not even a professional. The most valuable features are: * Multipath I/O over iSCSI and Ethernet; * Use of standard ethernet switches for storage networking; * High availability-cluster (active-active), in a configuration of two or more nodes; * When using new (warranty) servers, you can forget about the storage service for several years. The users will not even notice the failure of two servers out of three; * Caching storage using RAM and SSD media; * Fast synchronization in case of minor network failures. View full review »
reviewer1253883 says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Sr. Network Engineer at a software R&D company with 201-500 employees
The fault-tolerant volume has been wonderful and provides peace of mind. We have experienced multiple hardware failures at one site and the fault-tolerant volume worked exactly as expected with zero downtime. I really appreciate how easy it is to use the software and set up a fault-tolerant volume. View full review »
Owner at Data Barn
I have burned a lot of time in the past configuring stuff like this myself, so the ability to pay a little bit of extra money to have something like this delivered, where all of the failovers are already configured, and all of the converged storage is already configured, and it's really just a blank slate to start building Hyper-V workloads on, is valuable. The fact that it's preconfigured and that there is a high level of support, so that I don't need to hire someone in order to do all this, has been my favorite feature. Also, the hardware footprint is great. We've got two 2U servers which replaced four 2U servers. Granted, they were about three years old at that point, but we actually increased our processing capacity by about 50 percent while keeping our storage capacity about the same. We've actually been able to downgrade to a half rack from a full rack because we've gotten rid of some of our network equipment and some of our additional storage arrays. And the fact that that's all contained within 4Us of space is a complete 180 from the strategy we had before, which was four processing units and a few storage arrays. It's cut down on the amount of cabling we have to deal with by about 80 percent, so it's been a pretty big deal for the data center on the physical side of things. The improved performance has scaled pretty well with the cost. I wouldn't say that the cost of performance is significantly lower. The main benefit is the cost of configuration and ongoing support. We're probably not saving a significant amount on hardware costs, but if I'm saving some 50 percent of my troubleshooting and hardware support time, we're probably saving, as a rough ballpark figure, $10,000 a year. If I were to hire even a part-time person to take care of just the hardware stuff that I'm now not having to take care of, it would be well over $10,000 a year to have a hardware architect available. In addition, StarWind HCA has increased redundancy for us. Early on, just a couple of months into the tenancy, we had a pretty major hardware issue with one of the hosts, to the point where it was rebooting a few times a day. That was actually all Dell EMC's fault and had nothing to do with StarWind. Even with that host going up and down several times a day, there was only a little bit of inconvenience during the lag time when a live migration occurred from one server to the other, and we were up and running that entire time. We didn't incur any direct downtime over the course of a week-and-a-half where, literally, 50 percent of our processing units were going down three or four times a day. As frustrating as that experience was, it really helped strengthen my faith in StarWind solutions. View full review »
reviewer1199682 says in a Red Hat Gluster Storage review
System Administrator at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature of the product is that it's very easy to upgrade storage. View full review »
Data Center Technical Support Team Lead at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
The most valuable aspect of this product is unifying all of our storage in one pool that can be located on different machines easily. It is actually enhancing flexibility and scalability in the way we store data. View full review »
reviewer825243 says in a Red Hat Ceph Storage review
Data Storage Specialist at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The configuration of the solution and the user interface are both quite good. View full review »
reviewer1242105 says in a Scality review
Project Manager at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
I think it's the economic factor. This solution has the lowest cost for storage systems. View full review »
reviewer1244424 says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Director of Systems and Security at a health, wellness and fitness company with 11-50 employees
The support for two-node implementation was great. View full review »
aycayilmaz says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Computer Engineer at a translation and localization position with 201-500 employees
The most valuable feature of this solution is the support. They are excellent and you can learn a lot from the support team. We have benefited a lot from its fast integration. View full review »
reviewer1238652 says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
User at a tech services company
Using our own choice of HW allowed us to price our service to answer our customers' needs. The high availability made sure we never had downtime from it. Having twin nodes has made maintenance and upgrades easy. Support has always been great with issues and planning. View full review »
Interim CTO at Royal Koopmans
The most valuable feature is the high-availability. We have three nodes, and all data will be synched instantly through all the nodes. Even if we had a disaster where two nodes failed, containing dozens of critical machines, almost automatically, all the loads would be run on the remaining node. So it features high-availability and provides business continuity. They are the most important elements for me. It's also fine-tuned, so the performance is the second most valuable feature. It provides great performance. I've only seen I/O performance like this in solutions that are ten times more expensive than the StarWind solution. In the SMB market segment, you cannot sell Dell EMC-like solutions. Thus, StarWind would be the best solution with the best price for the performance that you receive. I only have three nodes, so the footprint is very small, yet I can provide all the IT services that the company requires, including a very demanding ERP system. It would fit in a half-rack if you put everything in one place. But of course, it's high-availability, so you have to spread it between locations. But the footprint is really small. In addition, we have full support from StarWind, 24/7. They know about issues in our environment before we know about them. They see, for instance, network errors before we do and what implementations we have. They send a message to us and our engineers respond with a local, physical check on what is happening. Although the environment of StarWind is great, the overall network environment of the company where I'm working is not so good. StarWind notices when there is something wrong in the network, an issue which might affect the performance or the availability of the StarWind solution. We instantly know whether our problem is in the network, before we actually know about it ourselves, by their sending us emails about the site being down or an error. View full review »
Abuu Almas says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
Director of Technical Sales at a engineering company with 11-50 employees
The most valuable features are easy installation, the appearance of the dashboard, the software runs as a native hypervisor component or in VM, and it does not require any deep storage and network administration or UNIX management skills. A typical system administrator with minimal experience in Hyper-V, VMware, or Windows can do VSAN configuration and maintain VSAN operations. View full review »
Darren Mullan says in a HPE StoreVirtual review
Infrastructure Team Leader at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature is Network RAID 10. We use SAN datastore replication for DR, along with VMware SRM. View full review »
IT Infrastructure Analyst at a retailer with 201-500 employees
We bought their ProActive Premium Support. That's why they email us when we have rebooted to patch, and they check with us that everything is okay. We've not really had any problems with it, so it has not really presented with any real-world benefits yet. Obviously there are benefits to it because it's monitored. We do monitor stuff onsite, but it's good to have backup. We're a small team so that is one of the major benefits of it. The software is great. It's very easy to understand. I've not delved into any of the command-line stuff, but there's no real need to script it. Since it went in, pretty much the only thing that I have needed to do is increase device image sizes, and that process is very straightforward. As part of the installation, the StarWind representative took me through it. We just migrate everything to the other server, put it into maintenance mode, increase the size, and commit. There really isn't any maintenance. It's fairly self-sufficient. View full review »
Nikos Chavenetidis says in a StarWind Virtual SAN review
System and Network Admin at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
High Availability is the best feature of product. You have redundancy of storage systems at a competitive price. All other storage solutions are very expensive and without redundancy and if you have it the price is very high. Additionally, the feature of asynchronous replication, both for on-site and off-site systems is very competitive. Also the support of LSFS file system is very good. View full review »
reviewer1217457 says in a StarWind Virtual Tape Library review
User at a software R&D company with 11-50 employees
StarWind VTL allowed us to back up to virtual tape that was created within Veeam and upload the tape to the cloud. This solution is easy to set up without having to have a lot of storage on-premises or change the backup solution that we already had in place, which saved us time and money. View full review »
IT Manager at a transportation company with 51-200 employees
The fact that it has eliminated a separate SAN has been really handy. We moved away from an older SAN and that's one of the reasons we got this. The synchronization has also worked really well. From a feature point of view, it does what it's supposed to do and that's the best you can hope for. The ProActive Premium Support feature has helped for sure. If there's an issue that we don't know about, we get an alert email. They are very proactive. Where it has created an even greater benefit for us is purely on support. If we have a problem, I can send an email and within an hour somebody's trying to set up a remote session with us. View full review »