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Solutiond87c says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We had a problem where customers were doing transactions in our system, pulling health records, and the system had to be shut down for maintenance. Unfortunately, we wouldn't know that the system was being shut down, and we would lose that information. Then, the customer would get upset. Using the F5, we were able to build rules to detect that the shutdown was occurring, then begin to route people elsewhere, so we didn't have any outages or downtime. This made customers a lot happier, and it made us a lot happier. View full review »
Director1e9d says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Director Public Sector at Smart Tronix Inc
We have found the consistency of the application always being the way it is supposed to be as its most valuable feature. View full review »
Rehan Ghayyur Khan says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Technical Product Manager at IIPL
It has so many features. First of all, it has a full proxy architecture, it has multiple modules. The best feature is the WAF, the web application firewall module. It also has cashing type capabilities. It has all kinds of load-balancing algorithms based on your IT requirements. So the WAF and load balancing. Both are core features of BIG-IP. In every environment, you have a Web application firewall, you have internet firewalls. Then, traffic comes into your datacenter so that you have datacenter firewalls. F5 has everything. It provides first-tier firewalling, for you application. And it provides server load-balancing, it provides optimization, and it provides a proxy feature, where your users cannot directly access your server. It acts as a fully proxy architecture. It has client-side and server-side connections, both, and they're separate. It also has an AVR feature: application, visibility, and recording. It's good for customers looking for what is actually happening in their network and where the latency is. If I'm using iDirect, the bank branch is connecting to my core banking application, but if the clients are finding that the application is slow, it has TCP LAN and WAN optimization features. It has has caching. View full review »
Rias_Majeed says in a SonicWall SMA SSL-VPN review
IT Consultant at Exceed NetSec Computer Trd LLC
The most valuable part of this solution is that it is faster than other security options when using remote connections both for us and for our clients. View full review »
Letsogile-Baloi says in a Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway review
It's a stable solution while it's running. We don't have to work on it a lot. There are not many bugs, so it's easy to use if you deploy successfully. You can be sure of an uninterrupted solution for quite a long time. Citrix is a good product. scales easily and works with azure and aws View full review »
MiguelRomero says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
Founder and CEO at Aerium Proyectos y Consultoría
The most valuable feature about this solution is that the client can connect from his house to the office. It does, however, take some time to configure. View full review »
reviewer900207 says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
ITC Administrator at a non-profit with 11-50 employees
Usability is the most important feature for me. The stability is really good and it is very important to usability. I think this product is number one for stability. At the end of the day, the speed depends on stability. Once the solution is stable that means the speed is also okay. But really it matters the base connection. View full review »
Maroun Abboud says in a Hillstone E-Series review
Data Department Manager at BTC Networks
The solution, in general, is great. There isn't one feature that stands out; holistically it's a very good solution. View full review »
AsgharHamidi says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
IT Network Engineer at Brunnel
The solution is very easy to work with. This is its most valuable feature. They also did a good job surrounding how you configure the devices. View full review »
reviewer1134090 says in a SonicWall SMA SSL-VPN review
General Consul of Japan with self employed
The most valuable feature of this solution is they have IT consultants that know SonicWall. View full review »
reviewer1109361 says in a SonicWall SMA SSL-VPN review
IT Manager at a healthcare company with 1-10 employees
This solution has many options for remote desktop and access. It is very effective for file sharing, or if I need the file servers to share specific folders. The performance is very good, as there is no delay. It is very easy to manage and make our environment secure. View full review »
Umit Akarsu says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
Presales Engineer at E-DATA TEKNOLOJİ
It is easy to create. I like to work with the CMD command line because it's easy and it doesn't take very long to configure. It works quickly compared to other solutions. View full review »
reviewer1090668 says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
Information Technology Manager at a real estate/law firm with 51-200 employees
I find each and every feature of this solution valuable. View full review »
HenriGeimer says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
Architect at Devoteam Belgium
The feature I find most valuable is the management portal. The one we're currently using is much more simple and with the IOS version 9, there is quite an improvement on the stability and the configuration of the solution itself. View full review »
reviewer1194972 says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
Solution Architect at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable features are that it's reliable, convenient, and easy. It always works if configured well. View full review »
Senior Specialist for IT Infrastructure Solutions at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
The unified gateway and the active gateway, particularly used for desktop load balancing for web servers are the most valuable. The solution easily integrates with other solutions. View full review »
Specsolarch57 says in a Symantec VIP Access Manager review
Specialist Solution Architect at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
Some of the features that are the most valuable are both the VPN and the interface. The VPN we are using is good and working quite well. We are in the process of using all of the server access with cloud access. View full review »
Citrix Pre Sales at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
All of the features are quite valuable, including the node balancing and gateway. View full review »
JohnTamakloe says in a Cisco SSL VPN review
Solutions Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The interface is user-friendly. View full review »
Solution Architect at vxnet.
I've found the security features like web application firewall, the tri-scale capability as well the portability. You can have the NetScaler platform in different formats, you can have it as regular physical appliance, virtual appliance, on a container, multi-tenant appliances, and even on bare metal. there are, of course, some minor diferences related to the platform the physical resources you're using, but the code and funtionality is basically the same. it gives you a lot of flexibility. View full review »
Security Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Most of our customers are using the load balancing feature and the verification feature is good as well, in my experience. View full review »
Oliver Rodrigues says in a Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway review
Senior Network Security Planning at Ooredoo Kuwait
The features that we have found most valuable are the web app support and VPN. View full review »
WalterShelver says in a Hillstone E-Series review
Managing Director at CableWeb
The Hillstone E-Series currently offers everything I need. View full review »
Sameer Quraishi says in a Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway review
Information Security Officer at Zamil
I cannot say that now because it's just been six months. Nonetheless, we haven't received any complaints or performance issues so far. View full review »
Girish Vyas says in a Pulse Connect Secure review
Architect - Cloud Serviced at a comms service provider with 11-50 employees
The most important feature is flexibility. All the features have served their purpose for us because it is so flexible. It can achieve every solution that you expect it to or can be integrated with other solutions. View full review »
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