Storage Management Features

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OpenSyst23a5 uses IBM Spectrum Control
Open Systems Architect at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have been able to take advantage of the new feature offered where we are able to create tickets and send snaps through the Storage Insights tool directly to support. This has really helped us save time. You do not have to call in, and all the questions that they ask, they have already been filled in when you go into the create ticket option. Previously, we did not have any visibility into our storage tickets, like we do with our tickets on the Power System side. With this tool, we can see old tickets with a description and PMR number, which is very helpful. View full review »
StorageE9f8c uses IBM Spectrum Control
Storage Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature is the ease of use. The ability to get into a storage device and look at whatever you are trying to look at as far as performance, then obtain the reports that you need to do your analytical work. View full review »
Randall Brower uses CA 1 Tape Management
Systems Administrator at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Tape Management is as vital to a shop as anything else. It has more features than I could name, but no other tape product is better. CA 1 Tape is a complete package that manages all of your tapes. Create/write/catalog, retention, delete. There are queries and reports, which are needed to know when/where/length keeping, etc., in order to track them or find out current status. Each of these functions is managed for every tape there is, one being required for the next. Each is a bit more involved than it may seem, but 100% necessary. Beyond these functions, each of them vital, are "fix" types of jobs. These are not a daily thing, but if anything is broken such as pointers, then we would need to get a copy of the pointers and follow them backward and forward to fix it/them. Literally everything about the product is great! Now that I think about it, CA 1 Tape did introduce, in 14.0, a new group of functions in CTS that could be used or not. We do not because we have other things in place. The messages/alerts it can watch for would be handy, we just haven’t set it up. View full review »
Abdellah Zarrafa uses CA 1 Tape Management
Mainframe Systems Engineer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Mainly, we use the product to manage the tapes. It's so stable that we only use the graphical interface of the virtual tapes. Sometimes we use it to review some files to see the status of our archives. Mainly, we use it for backup and restoring our data. View full review »
Teotonio Fontana uses EMC VPLEX
CEO with 11-50 employees
Storage virtualization and geographic resilience for Metro Sans, plus a great performance improvement. View full review »
SrAnalysd9de uses CA Allocate DASD Space and Placement
Sr. Analyst Technical Engrg at a individual & family service with 10,001+ employees
It stops ABENDs, space ABENDs from occurring. It stops B37 ABENDs from happening. It prevents programs from ABENDing on the system, it does an automatic extension. That’s the feature we like. View full review »
Gianfranco Lanza uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Responsabile Data Management DC Area Nord Ovest at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Performance monitoring of hundreds of switches and being able to see results in one dashboard. View full review »
Gary Yan uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Staff Engineer at Trend Micro Inc.
The product we use in our datacenter, and mostly I want to know about our datacenter's situation. In terms of the performance, before it was kind of is slow but now it is good. And the UI is good, after an upgrade, now it's a 7.3, I think. View full review »
Carter Beil uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage Admin at ZF
* The tracking of utilization of our storage systems. * Seeing the throughput. These are the most important metrics for having a working operating system and working storage system. View full review »
SystemsA3a53 uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Systems Administrator at a real estate/law firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
* Performance monitoring * Monitoring events happening within the cluster * Notifications we're receiving, mainly for monitoring View full review »
StorageAf5af uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage Administrator at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The data analytics for helping track down issues. View full review »
StorageE3ced uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage Engineer at Cerner
The fact that it gives us a way to report usage for the arrays that we have, issues that we have. View full review »
NasSystec1ae uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Nas System Administrator at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
* Reporting * The way it pulls the data * Performance analytics Everything for it is just amazing. View full review »
AllainFlores uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Engineer at TD
The analytics over it. The ability to connect to any type of storage device that I've got, then extract and report in a centralized manner on all my SAN infrastructure. View full review »
StorageA970f uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage Architect at US Navy
Being able to immediately look at my data. See the sizing, where I'm at on different virtual machines. Also, the most important thing, is IOPS. We have people - we support their applications - that are all the time complaining about slowness. So we can go in and say, "Oh, you need to moved over to this node or this node". OCI is perfect for that. OCI has grown a lot over the last few years and we didn't realize until a few weeks ago, when we had our workshop, how powerful it really is, that it can actually automate and move stuff around for you in some ways. The biggest thing though, is just being able to get a visual, overall view of your environment to see if this node is being hammered or if this storage is filling up really fast. Just being able see it at a glance, when I come in in the morning, I'm drinking my coffee and say, "Oh, this place is about to fill up I need to move this." That's key. That makes sure there are no "gotchas." In addition, I get emails - I guarantee I have emails right now from OCI - that say, "Hey, we had a node that got over subscribed." Then, "Oh, its cleared now," that kind of thing. That's really nice because I'm never surprised, in the middle of the night if I get a call, I can look down at my email and say, "Oh, yeah there's a reason you're calling me, because that node is down or we're having issues with that." View full review »
StorageE3499 uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage Engineer at a marketing services firm
Some of the most valuable ones are actually being able to pull statistics off of the devices within our enterprise and correlate them to predict trends which are happening. View full review »
it_user328083 uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
CIP System Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Performance monitoring. View full review »
SanAdmina6ef uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
San Administrator at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It's a good, single place to go to see the storage performance on all of our clusters. View full review »
StorageA8a75 uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage And Backup Tools Manager at a tech services company
Scalability: If you're from a large enterprise, it's easy for us to go into customer environments and pull the data out. It's very security-friendly. There's also the reporting suite, and the extensibility of that is fantastic. As well as we can replicate charge reports, so when you go from account to account it's always the same data. You're not looking at form A here, and form B there. We can actually have a standard set of reports globally. The one thing that NetApp has done a very good job of is keeping up with the current technology out there, not just with what they're doing, but with what the industry is doing. When we have had to deploy something very quickly, this was several years ago, EMC released a new product, and we were the first people to have a functioning chargeback report in the industry, because they actually brought developers in, wrote the code, and allowed us to produce it. This ended being in the product. View full review »
Jay Biles uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Senior Storage Engineer at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Performance data. View full review »
Ken S uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage Services Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The ability to collect data from every other manufacturer like NetApp, HPE 3PAR - all the different storage products. View full review »
SystemAdb621 uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
System Administrator at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
The ease of use, because we don't have much time to learn all the new things. View full review »
Eduardo Stephan uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Storage Analyst at BCCSS
It's not vendor lock-in so I can collect data from different vendors, which is important for us. We are collecting data from Brocade, HP, NetApp, and EMC. View full review »
Jb Mercer uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Technical Engineer at FBL Financial Group
The Performance Manager: Where we get performance statistics. It is about the best method we have right now that we have for monitoring our individual virtual machines. View full review »
Jonathan Pure uses NetApp OnCommand Insight
Lead Systems Administrator at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature of OCI is the ability to correlate a lot of different data sources together. It's very difficult to get a picture from just looking at the storage view. The fact that it allows you pull in your VMware information and the like, and see it all together, helps when you have an incident. You can correlate all that data together, and that's very valuable. View full review »

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