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Salman Chougle
Principal Architect with 1-10 employees
Which Storage is the latest and which one functions better and Why?
Mimmo RatiniBoth systems are good middle storage systems but the unity family is latest. The unity 400 is an hybrid flash where you can install classic HDD and SSD. So you can reduce costs and optimize your storage for your requirement. Some function (that will be available in 4Q17) are interest like : * support for inline compression, * deduplication * zero detect. Deduplication is an expensive cycle system and I suggest to use it with SSD. These function deduplication and zerodetect produce an hard reduction of user space and if you need to reduce it without lost performances I suggest an all-flash system and not an hybrid. Zerodetect can give benefits, for istance in VmWare enviroment, for istance when you inizialize a volume; or when you copy data from an old storage systems to this one. This systems can grow up 16 PB VNX family is an old architecture, but has good point for use it. Has a low cost, you can install some SSD. This system scale up to 0,5 PB Which is better storage system for you ? It depend where you use this storage system. In other words if this storage system is the core of your IT architecture and you are thinking : * that you need of high performances, * that it will grow in a couple of mounth, but you do not know when, * that on this system there is the virtual server workload So use Unity! If this storage system is one of more storage systems in your storage enviroment where you need to a lot of performances but it will not grow. Use VNX!
Quincy JohnsonUnity is newer. Go with newer of the 2 if these are your only options.
Albie Bokingkito Jr.Go for Unity. It’s the newest model and the base software is now better than VNX.

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