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What are the major differences between IBM Rational Quality Manager Contributor and  IBM Rational Quality Manager Quality Professional in the test management perspective.
Test Automation Specialist at a tech services company
I am evaluating Tosca as a automation tool to be used with our own existing framework, Selenium WebDriver.Please suggest all criteria that should be considered. Is it good to procure Tosca as a test automation tool?Please suggest all the limitations/disadvantages that may exist when using Tosca.
Test Automation Specialist at TestingXperts
Hi, What are the steps to integrate TOSCA with MTM/Visual Studio/ CI Tools?Regards Valla
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I've used TestComplete for just over 4 years and currently started to explore the use of TestArchitect for automation. One main observation I noticed is that TestArchitect uses keyword framework and not code to developed automation. This however, is useful for when we have to automate desktop applications with no easy access to objects (e.g. using images is the only way to automate the application!). Did anyone use TestArchitect as an alternative automation tool and may have few comments? Regards, Azeddin
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Can we make connectivity with Cloud using TOSCA?
Software Engineer at a tech vendor
Hi, I am using TestCase Template - Text Based - Max Length I have modified this test case to compare the record count of source and target. My source is a text file and target is SQL database. For target I am having a stored procedure which gives some rows of which i want to verify the record count. Issue: The stored procedure takes 5 mins to run because of which my test case is failing with error "Connection Time out". Can any one advice how to change the execution time?
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Tosca Testsuite 10.0 has the ability to execute scripts that are generated from QTP.   Does this mean Tosca Testsuite is providing an automated solution to migrate from any automation to Tosca Testsuite?  If yes, what needs to be done in order to migrate them (approx)?
Hans PlankenIt is possible to migrate automatically from QTP to TOSCA with a 90% hit rate. Tricentis offers this as a Service package

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