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Website and EComm at a local government
Reviewed VMware Player: It's enabled us to fire up speedy…
Reviewed VMware Horizon View: The ability to reliably virtualize…
User at a financial services firm
Reviewed VMware Horizon View: Good organization and integration…
Senior Consultant/Project Manager at a tech services company
Senior Site Infrastructure Engineer at Kurungsiku
Reviewed XenDesktop: Complete Virtual Desktop…
Technical Delivery Manager at a tech services company
Systems and Security Administrator at a government
Reviewed VMware Workstation: I like the ability to drag a VM to…
User at a tech services company
Reviewed VMware Workspace ONE: Ensures that your data is…
Technical Lead (Windows Desktops) / Senior IT Consultant at a university
Reviewed Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS): Allows our Cloudpaging applications…
Assistant Manager - IS Infrastructure at a insurance company
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