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Looking for a comparison between VMware vs. Ncomputing
Wernher EksteenI haven't personally worked with NComputing yet, but they do look promising. VMware is relatively good, but costly and a pain to manage in some cases. I will have a look at NComputing and provide a comparison to VMware Horizon View.
Andrew WoodBe more helpful to understand what you'd like to do rather than simply compare two products. nComputing have the Verde VDI solution with a brokering service, support for Windows & Linux and its own hypervisor based on KVM. It'll use RDP, SPICE or HTML5 for its display protocols. You've also support for a local desktop hypervisor with LEAF. I can't see support for NVIDIA GRID vGPU. Simple model for licensing. Doesn't appear to have support for application virtualization or physical device management. Haven't looked at v8; don't come across them much and where I have its been in a linux focused environment. VMware's Horizon View also delivers VDI on top of Vmware's ESX hypervisor. Lots of license models support but concurrent user and named user with different models (from linux through to enterprise) adding additional features. The Mirage allows management of standard PCS; ThinApp allows application virtualization. The Blast remote protocol feature set offers adaptive remote performance, touch and unifed comms intergration. They also have a daas offering. Have come across this solution more and it has some impressive new features (new cloning tech, better skype interegration for example)

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