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Senior Network Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Jan 31 2018
We have 30G internet traffics with more than 3000 subscribers. To control and manage their internet traffic, we need an intelligence traffic shaper device which has below features: Implement QoS, Traffic shaping or policing, per applications shaping, control and manage P2P Traffics, URL base shaping,...  What is the most useful platform for central shaping management?
User at a tech vendor
We are in need of an application/appliance based utility which has L7 intelligence and can do domain/application/IP/protocol based routing across WAN links. Say I have two ISP links and I want URL's like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube and a few other applications to get routed over ISP1, and the rest of the internet traffic to get routed through ISP2. It would be good if it has WAAS, traffic shaping and application based prioritization as well. Please help me with your recommendations based on features, cost, ease of deployment. Thanks!
Brian TonerIf it is really only about routing and dynamic WAN selection, I would go for Ipanema (owned by Infovista). By product is that it can do WAN Acceleration as well. Easy to deploy and provides very good Management Information on both Network and Application performance.

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