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We are in process of evaluating best scheduler tool for our client. Currently we are using ASG Zena. We find it complex to administer and no technical documents are available to self learn. I have gone through various articles and posts and seems like Control M, CA and Tidal are most widely used. Can you guys please share your experiences/thoughts which one would be the best choice? Thanks
William FryeYou do not have the right mix of comparison of products…we replace Control M all year at many sites so you are not looking at the leader in space and one that is modern and if compared you would never pick Control M
Kyle HarrisHi In terms of functionality, integration, learning curve and administration. BMC Control-M ticks all those boxes. It's easy to install, compatible with almost all OS's & DB's and has the ability to import\convert cron & other scheduling jobs into Control-M jobs. It also, by far, has the best visual representation of jobs than any other workload automation tool I've used. You can easily see all jobs across your estate and their dependencies at a glance. The knowledge-base is vast and I rarely have to make use of the vendor support. It really is a great piece of software.
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Hello Everyone, Could you please help me with the below query, I've been waiting a long time for an answer. I would like to know what can I use in control-M in order to stop the job execution on particular control-M agent in plan and run a specific job. Like I can use FENCE in TWS and can fence a particular agent above limit and stop the job execution and at the same time I can give higher priority than FENCE to a job and can start the execution of a job. Please leave suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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