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Micro Focus Fortify on Demand & OWASP Zap

Updated MAY 2021

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Micro Focus Fortify on Demand review

Fernando Carlos
Fernando Carlos
Project Manager at Everis
Great cost benefit with good stability and reduces exposure and remediation issues
We're just a customer and we offer consulting services. We are bringing up all the infrastructure inside GCP. It's not ready yet, and we're still implementing it. We're going to bring it up next week, probably, in terms of the infrastructure. We'll perform the SSC installation, install the controller and sensors. The most important thing a...
OWASP Zap review

Balaji Senthiappan
Balaji Senthiappan
Assistant Vice President at Hexaware Technologies Limited
Great at reporting vulnerabilities, helps with security, and reveals development...
I can't recall any features that are lacking. In my role as a service provider, I only go up to standards defined by somebody else. So far, this solution has met their standards. So far I've not come across a scenario where we had to do anything that's a major rework due to the fact that we didn't catch something soon enough in the queries...

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