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Micro Focus UFT One & Qualibrate

Updated SEPTEMBER 2021

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Micro Focus UFT One review

Chris Trimper
Chris Trimper
Test Automaton Architect at Independent Health
Testers have been able to free up their time: instead of doing mundane, repetitive...
The one thing that has been throwing us for a loop is that they have been changing labels, e.g., how marketing people like to flip-flop around five or six terms. So, there has been a lot of maintenance needed for that. So, the cool thing is that if the "Available Balance" label changed to some other term, then I would just have to go into...
Qualibrate review

Renee Kuijpers
Renee Kuijpers
Advisor Test management and coordination Concern Affairs Province of Noord-Holland at Provincie Noord-Holland
Enables us to test much more frequently and provide functional maintenance...
If you do a SAP regression test and you have to do it via manual testing, you need to organize a lot of people. The difference with automation testing is I can do it every day. What we have with SAP are the HR Support Packages, the service packages. We do them every half year, but if I want to check it, I can do it every day. That is a...

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