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MySQL & PostgreSQL

Updated JULY 2021

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MySQL review

Arief Gunawan
Arief Gunawan
Product manager at Metrodata Electronics Tbk PT
Has a simple and user-friendly installation
In terms of what could be improved, some of the features that Oracle has, MySQL also has. Like if a customer is looking for a high availability solution, a security solution, a monetary solution, they can have all that in an expensive product like Oracle but they can also have it when they're using MySQL. Every product has their own pros...
PostgreSQL review

Jason Tumusiime
Jason Tumusiime
Software Developer at a healthcare company with 1-10 employees
Can be clustered which allows for fault tolerance
The difficulty of the initial setup depends on the application you are deploying the code to. It can be integrated with Docker to enable automation of this process. I put PostgreSQL in a Docker container and then I just collect it. It just works wherever I deploy it. It takes less than three minutes. I use a continuous integration process....

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