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IT Central Station Announces Top Testing Tools
March 02 2015
IT Central Station is probably the closest that you can get to an actual Voice of the People as far as technology solutions are concerned....
5 Marketing Secrets That Will Help Your Resume Get Noticed
January 30 2015
... include links to your Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Reddit profiles and to industry-specific social media sites where you’re an active participant (e.g., IT Central Station for techies...
Energy company sees BI vendor as key in oil pipeline
January 27 2015
...In a posting on IT Central Station about Information Builders BI tools, Becker said the oil pipeline would be high risk. Any downtime could cost millions of dollars in lost revenues....
Dell has been named to IT Central Station's ‘Top 10 Most Popular APM - 2015 Edition'
January 17 2015
IT Central Station is a dynamic community site with reviews, recommendations, and other expert advice for technology buyers. Dell Foglight has been named to IT Central Station's ‘Top 10 Most Popular APM - 2015 Edition.'
Cloud Computing Advantages Accelerated in 2014
December 29 2014
Russell Rothstein, CEO of IT Central Station, a product review site for enterprise software, said cloud adoption continued to accelerate in 2014. "Over 90% of our community members that are in the buying process for enterprise software are evaluating SaaS-based solutions to replace existing on-premises applications," wrote Rothstein...
10 Practical Tips for Making APM a Success
December 29 2014
With every enterprise-grade software tool, there’s a right and a wrong way to use it...That’s why we’ve turned to IT Central Station, known as the “Yelp for IT software”, to help showcase APM best practices from real users of all APM products — not just AppDynamics. They took real reviews, from real users, and compiled an ebook highlighting how...
18 Tools to Ensure Performance During Cyber Monday and the Holiday Shopping Season
November 12 2014
Among the thousands of product reviews by real users on IT Central Station – aka the "Yelp for IT" – we find numerous cross-references between APM and testing tools. Our community of IT professionals evidently find that investment in testing tools is complimentary to APM...
APM Buyers Guide is Launched
September 15 2014
The APM Buyers Guide is a directory of the vendors and their product offerings in the Application Performance Management (APM) market, and includes reviews from IT Central Station...
Customer Reference Programs Miss 90% Of Customer Advocacy
June 20 2014
According to Bill Lee, "buyers are talking to each other, and third-party organizations – such as IT Central Station – are also being formed to help them do this.”
HK Wants to Expand Business Ties with "Start-up Nation"
May 30 2014
The group kicked off its global 2014 StartmeupHK Venture Programme competition which aims to help innovative ventures launch and develop their global businesses throughout Hong Kong. Last year’s competition received 384 entries from around the globe and IT Central Station was a finalist.
IT Central Station Brings You Unbiased Enterprise Tech Reviews
May 19 2014
IT Central Station has expanded into a dynamic, real-time platform that offers user information that is timely, objective, and relevant. It protects privacy in that users can either post anonymously to freely express their views or use their real names to promote their expertise...
Oui au logiciel libre… mais lequel choisir?
April 03 2014
Le nombre d’étoiles attribué à projet sur Github peut également motiver votre choix. Finalement, le réseau social IT Central Station vous propose des critiques pour certains logiciels...
7 free iPad business apps to get you started
March 27 2014
Review of Qlik from IT Central Station is included in a roundup of hot products by Network World.
APM Reviews: What Real Users are Saying on IT Central Station
March 19 2014
Reading reviews on IT Central Station are a valuable source to understand the challenges that other companies are facing today when managing application performance and choosing the right vendor to address their needs...
The Yelpification Of Enterprise Technology: 3 Ways To Thrive
March 03 2014
This is not your father’s enterprise tech market. Many people with roles in marketing and sales don’t see that the game is changing. But it is changing fast – peer opinions are replacing vendor marketing, industry experts, and the other traditional sources of influence...
The Yelpification of IT: Let the People Tell You What Tech You Need
December 19 2013
“It’s not just about five stars versus four stars,” says IT Central Station CEO Russell Rothstein. “It’s about having deep, rich content.” Rothstein’s outfit verifies that the people writing the reviews are real IT professionals, and none of the reviewers are paid for. Rothstein says IT Central Station minimizes negativity bias by providing very...
Rise Of The Interest-Based Network
November 27 2013
Sites like IT Central Station are attracting users due to their specific offerings that cater to interests, hobbies or professions. As “Facebook fatigue” sets in, Web and mobile users are turning to these niche networks for content that specifically appeals to them...
LoveMyTool Profiles "The Yelp for IT"
November 26 2013
Denny K Miu: Russ and I had worked together when I was the CEO of my last company. Recently he started IT Central Station and from what I can see, he is doing a great job serving our community much as what we try to do here at LoveMyTool. We wish him best of luck and encourage our readers to check out his site...
What Real Users Are Saying About BI
October 28 2013
IT Central Station's report “Business Intelligence Reviews from Real Users” shows what real users are saying about Microsoft, Tableau, QlikView, Microstrategy, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, OBIEE, SiSense, and more...
Network Monitoring Solution Customer Reviews
October 22 2013
Occasionally, Enterprise Networking Planet is proud to run guest posts from authors in the field. Today, Russell Rothstein, founder and CEO of IT Central Station, pulls together the highlights of some IT Central Station user reviews of network monitoring solutions...
B2B Social Marketing: All Decision-Makers Use Social for Work
October 15 2013
The two top types of communities aren’t branded as social networks, but do fulfill the function of allowing people to share information and network. Forrester Analyst Zachary Reiss-Davis gives as an example the independent site IT Central Station, which draws technology buyers...
October 15 2013
IT Central Station是一家国外网站,旨在通过真实用户的评论或反馈,来帮助企业选择所需的产品,其类似于Yelp、TripAdvisor。据悉,该网站会对评论进行严格的把关,以确保真实性。
Yammer vs. Jive vs. Chatter: Social Software Reviews from Real Users
October 10 2013
Buying social software can be confusing. Read what real users are saying about Chatter, SharePoint, Jive and Yammer. Here’s a roundup of the latest reviews of enterprise social software on IT Central Station...
Server Virtualization Customer Reviews: VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer and More
September 26 2013
On IT Central Station you can find reviews of the leading server virtualization solutions from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Oracle, Red Hat, IBM and more. All reviewers are validated with their LinkedIn profile to ensure that their posts are authentic...
Cloud Reviews from Real Customers: Azure, Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, Heroku and More
September 24 2013
Choosing the right PaaS cloud for your application can be a confusing process. There are literally dozens of cloud providers, large and small, that offer the basic set of services you need to run your app. IT Central Station helps enterprise tech users find the best service by offering hands-on reviews by real users of clouds (PaaS, IaaS) and...
Business Intelligence User Reviews: Microsoft, SAP, IBM and More
September 12 2013
...IT Central Station helps enterprise software buyers sort through all the help by offering hands-on reviews by real users...
IT Central Station Talks About APM Users and Product Reviews
August 27 2013
In APMdigest's exclusive interview, Russell Rothstein, Station Master and CEO of IT Central Station, and veteran of the APM industry, discusses APM product reviews on IT Central Station.
5 Ways CIOs Can Show Social Business Mettle
August 08 2013
"Define KPIs and success metrics for social enterprise platforms," recommends Russell Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of IT Central Station, a social network for enterprise technology professionals. "Social platforms such as...
In Business, Everybody Uses Social Networks
July 20 2013
For business purposes, the No. 1 and No. 2 communities aren’t specific public social networks but “niche” communities focused on specific objectives, such as IT Central Station...
New Forrester Report: The Social Media Habits of B2B Customers
July 18 2013
Forrester notes that the most popular social communities tend to be niche ones focused on specific objectives, such as IT Central Station, Cisco Communities or SAP Community Network...
Forrester Analyst Zachary Reiss-Davis on B2B Social Media
July 18 2013
Business technology buyers might visit IT Central Station to learn more about multiple competing technologies at once...
Crowdsourcing and Social B2B Marketing for CIOs
June 27 2013
IT Central Station is focused on the office of the CIO. CIOs buy lots of stuff - business applications, middleware, security solutions, databases, infrastructure, networking solutions, and more. Here are a few things I like about IT Central Station...
Finalists in MIT Competition Include CloudLock, Capriza, Zerto, and IT Central Station
April 30 2013
Four of the ten B2B (business to business) companies that reached the final stage of the MIT business school innovation contest are Capriza, CloudLock, IT Central Station, and Zerto...
IT Central Station Selected as Finalist for MIT Sloan CIO Symposium's Innovation Showcase
April 29 2013
"The IT procurement process is going social," said Christine Dover, Research Director of Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce at IDC. "IT Central Station is a disruptive, innovative platform at the forefront of this new social buying process, based on crowdsourcing, product reviews, and professional social networking."
Four Keys to Disruptive Innovation in the $3 Trillion Market for Enterprise Technology
April 29 2013
Visit the IT Central Station website and you’ll see something happening beyond the obvious presentation of user reviews of software and hardware products. You’ll see disruptive innovation. It’s the dream of software startups and even established companies, but efforts to upend market leaders don’t always pan out. So why is it succeeding here? I...
Crowdsourcing Enterprise Technology Reviews
January 31 2013
By tapping into the knowledge of the crowd, a potential customer can make better decisions about products and services -- this is one of the oldest and most widespread uses of crowdsourcing.
Are you purchasing the right software?
January 23 2013
IT Central Station is very easy to use and allows you to follow the product you are looking for, so that you can receive email alerts each time a new review is added plus it also gives you the opportunity to contact the reviewer/user directly. All too often people end up buying a product and then having that awful ‘regret buy’ feeling which can...
Vertical Social Networks Focus Interactions
January 10 2013
...IT Central Station user Eric Dirst, senior VP and CIO of educational services provider DeVry, appreciates the opportunity to connect with his professional peers, as well as the validation the site provides. "The biggest thing is there needs to be some governance," said Dirst. "It's hard to instill any governance around Facebook or Twitter or...
IT Executives Tap Wisdom of the Crowd
January 02 2013
By Clint Boulton, Wall St. Journal Reporter A new type of cloud service is emerging which allows CIOs to solicit information or services from other community members. Startups working in this space are raising funding from venture capitalists that view the Web as a platform to more efficiently exchange goods, services and information between...
IT Central Station is One of the Top 3 Highlights for B2B Tech Social Marketing in 2012
December 21 2012
By Kim Celestre, Senior Analyst at Forrester Professional social networks have great influence on technology decision-makers, who tap into the expertise and feedback from peers. For example, IT Central Station, the “Yelp For The Enterprises,” was launched in the fall to provide CIO’s with a place to read and contribute reviews on technology...
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