Accedian Skylight Review

It permits me to quickly identify the source of performance slowdowns, saving precious time analyzing.

Valuable Features

The Performance feature is the one I use the most because it permits me to quickly identify the source of performance slowdowns.

Improvements to My Organization

Performance Vision saves time diagnosing performance problems. It also anticipates where investment is needed by pointing to the infrastructure limitations.

Room for Improvement

The licensing of the virtual pollers is problematic because they are attached to the physical ESX on which they are installed. An ESX fleet can quickly become overloaded with data so we do not see everything all the time. It still lacks integration with a RADIUS server so we have to do without creating local accounts.

Use of Solution

I have worked with the SecurActive solution for six to seven years (first as NSS then Performance Vision).

Deployment Issues

No, the deployment is very simple.

Stability Issues

Not to date. It does it’s job.

Scalability Issues

We have not had big changes with our system in recent months.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

It is very good. We have had quick access to developers in case of problems.

Technical Support:

It is very good. We have had quick access to developers in case of problems.

Previous Solutions


Initial Setup

The initial configuration is very simple. There is a little information you need to understand to render the solution operational, only the time it takes to receive traffic, but it still requires a good mastery of the infrastructure to customize the product and analyzse the data.

Implementation Team

The product was implemented with the aid of SecurActive who have a good level of expertise with the solution.


It is difficult to evaluate, but what is certain is that the solution saves precious time in analyzing our slowness problems.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I do not know the cost of installation as it was installed on my arrival. The cost using it is difficult to determine as the product mainly saves time. You do need to keep up to date with the product, approximately half an hour per month.

Other Solutions Considered


Other Advice

It is important to customize the product so that the data that is provided is relevant.

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