Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms Review

Powerful UI/UX, BPM, Output, WEC, Multi-Devices, Digital Experince/Markeing

Adobe LiveCycle ES4

- Powerful users interface options; Dynamic/Static PDF, Flash, and HTML5
- Mobile Data Capture (virtually all mobile devices)
- The most scalable Intelligent e-Forms platform in the market today (good solution for front-ending your e-services)
- Great documents processing and assembly capabilities (for billing, statements, stocks reports, etc...)
- Integrated security components (digital signature, electronic signature, and rights management)
- Integrated DAM and WCM repositories
- Desktop, Web, and Mobile workspace
- Offline capabilities; PDF intelligent forms and Adobe AIR
- Wide range of integration capabilities using standard interface options (FTP, Shared Folders, Web Services, API, SMTP, etc...)
- Powerful, super fast, scalable high-end data integration and media streaming platform using Adobe LC DS (Data Services).
- Seamless integration with AEM (Adobe Web Experience Manager check it here:
- With experience, complex implementations (customers' wishlist) could be delivered in few weeks compared to many months.

- J2EE platform (it's plus for many and negative for many .Net customers)
- Human centric workflow designer is not for day-to-day changes...(i.e., something like ERP systems, you do not play with it every other day)
- High-end platform and requires deep and long knowledge to maximize the utilization of the platform
- Because there are many ways to do one particular business requirement, it might be a negative point for non-experienced solution provider (could drive the project delay)
- Customer need to make sure that upgrade of forms processes are maintained version by version [see below]

We have used Adobe LC in many of our projects, some times the whole suite components as solution (e.g., e-Services, Customer Engagement, Multichannel Data Capture) and sometimes only one or two components from the LC suite (e.g., BPMS, Forms, Output, or RM). We have used it to fornt-end Oracle Suite, SAP ERP, and even mainframe applications.

The overall experience was excellent, one or two upgrade projects were specially troublesome because of upgrade from 2 or 3 versions to the latest one.

You can find good point products in vertical areas such as BPMS, Forms, Output, etc... However, I could not find one technology provider provide so many features and drive innovative solutions (horizontally) as I have experienced in LC ES + AEM.

Disclaimer: My company has a business relationship with Adobe.


Our company has been working on couple of LC ES4 upgrade projects and opportunities in the past few far so good.

Especially, if you have a sized projects related to mobile-based data capture processes (virtually any device), large scale enterprise forms offline/online & inside-outside the firewalls, and/or secure documents/forms processing...

you'll get good stuff out of this platform...Enjoy :)


**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user3663 (Owner with 51-200 employees)

LiveCycle ES4 is here; Dynamic secure PDF, HTML, Flash, Mobile , online and offline and a lot of server-side capabilities ... what else you can ask :-)

Google "Adobe LiveCycle ES4" or check:

Have a great workflowing :-)

author avatarit_user4401 (Developer at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees)

I used in the past LiveCycle Forms and LiveCycle Data Services. LiveCycle Forms was very useful because it allowed me to create and deploy a PDF and a SWF file for use them with Adobe Reader and web browsers. From LiveCycle Data Services I used the features for messaging, data management and PDF creation. I enjoyed using LiveCycle because of the improved user interface but I did not like their support center and help menu.