Adobe Experience Manager Review
​CRXDE really allows you to browse static content data and change it on demand.

Valuable Features

This product has a lot of valuable features.

  • CRXDE that really allows you to browse static content data and change it on demand at runtime. From the business perspective consider this feature as the online DB viewer.
  • General framework architecture – a group of instances (authors) where content is co-authored and a group of separated instances (publishers) via which content is available on the Internet.
  • Publication – you just press Activate on a page and then your changes are sent to all publish instances, so complete and clear separation of what is to be published and what is actually published.
  • App SideKick – a blue window that allows you easily to drag and drop components on the page.
  • Content Finder - you activate it via #cf in your url. It is the left blue window on the page that allows you to drag and drop DAM assets. Actually, this is the part of CQ that connects your pages with DAM.
  • Admin console given by Apache Felix.
  • JCR – place to put static content available via CRXDE for users.
  • Mod_disp – special module for WWW servers.

Room for Improvement

  • JCR access – lack of transaction from development perspective
  • Memory leaks - problems related to OSGi and bundles management
  • Lack of support for InteliJ and NetBeans when it comes to IDEs
  • Very protected documentation with very limited number of solutions available on stackoverflow.
  • Sometimes developer did not know why some files were still being cached by dispatcher. This Mod_disp is just very much black-box-like solution.

From the business perspective:

Pages were very related to each other when it comes to behind the scenes JavaScript dependencies and their internal structure design. Content managers were not able to understand why they had to publish some extra related pages to the one just they wanted to publish. It is a problem of transitive JavaScript dependencies. This approach generated a lot of frustration. Actually, in my opinion, the concept of JCR should be hidden from content managers.

Stability Issues

Memory leaks - yes that really impacts overall stability. Actually, it is the problem of zombie OSGi services.

Scalability Issues

No - it is better than ATG, Magnolia, etc. It is a first-in-class product.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Very very poor.

Previous Solutions

Yes - Magnolia and Joomla, Liferay, etc. I switched my working places and it was just the main product used in the department.

Initial Setup

Setup of localhost dev. environment. Very complex. Actually you cannot start development alone. Somebody must introduce to the concept of Sling and JCR etc. Very, very hard intro.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

CQ is very expensive. The licensing model is not clear.

Other Advice

CQ is expensive but the worth money. If you are looking for a free or cheap equivalent use Magnolia CMS. Very similar in the general design idea.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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