ExtremeCloud IQ Review

Easy web interface for general system maintenance makes the product a joy to work with despite the some software bugs

Valuable Features

The automatic PPSK is a great feature that a lot of clients use. For me personally I find the easy web interface for general system maintenance makes the product a joy to work with.

Room for Improvement

There are some minor bugs in parts of the software which can cause some issues from time to time, but it's like any other piece of software. These are often quickly fixed in updates and patches which are easy to deploy but better detail in the release notes would be useful from my point of view supporting the product.

Use of Solution

Approximately 2.5 years as an end user, and 18 months looking after it from a technical standpoint.

Deployment Issues

No - plenty of deployments done easily. Just ensure for HMOL deployments the firewall ports are open!

Stability Issues

Once the system is up and running not had any stability issues.

Scalability Issues

Nope the system scales very easily, just add AP's and licenses and off you go.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Aerohive support are very responsive albeit sometimes takes a bit of time to filter through the intial layer 1 of support.

Initial Setup

Very simple to deploy initially - There's a Wizard to generate a basic SSID and get connected. More in depth configuration can then be done easily once basic connectivity has been established.

Implementation Team

In house implementation.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: Partner
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