Aerohive Networks Review

A better UI is needed as it's more complex than other vendor's interfaces.

Valuable Features

The possibility to use a web cloud interface to manage the customer's wireless network.

Improvements to My Organization

It allows you to provide a fast customer service. If a customer asks me to make a change on his wireless LAN I can modify it through cloud management. I don't need to connect to his network via a VPN.

Room for Improvement

A better user interface is needed as it's more complex than other vendor's interfaces.

Use of Solution

2 years.

Deployment Issues

During my first project I asked my vendor to help me to implement some specific features of my customer's wireless LAN. If someone doesn't explain to you how the interface works, you can spend a lot of time working with it without obtaining a good result.

Stability Issues

None encountered.

Scalability Issues

I have never had a scalability issue yet.

Customer Service and Technical Support

AeroHive provide very good technical support with user guides and technical documentation.

Previous Solutions

Cisco and HP were used previously, and we decided to switch because we were attracted to AeroHive's cloud management.

Initial Setup

You have to know how the network works and how the interface works. If you follow a course you can create a wireless network in an hour or less.

Implementation Team

In-house, we design the network using a planning tool and we follow the entire project step by step.

Other Solutions Considered

We used to implement wireless networks using traditional Access Points when our vendor proposed this product to us. Therefore, we weren't interested in finding another solution.

Other Advice

I would advise you to take a good course that is organised by an AeroHive vendor.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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